Laughter is Brain Fun

This is FLUFFY! 

If you do not know who Fluffy is, it’s time you did!

I love to Laugh! Deep belly (hurting)  laughter or long giggles, even short giggles will do; the need to Laugh. I love the sounds of laughter, because Laughter often indicates someone is Happy!

Having a serious life means, I am a rather serious person. In order to balance a serious life and career, in conversations, I’m known for my one-liner-pop-out-of- no-where jokes;  people crack up.

Where I find all this Happiness?………  I watch TedTalks, FLUFFY (!!) read Darwin awards, or simply sit outside in a shady Denver cafe watching people’s behavior. Watching humans is a thoroughly entertaining hoot!

Most comedians who are really funny, like Fluffy!!! George Carlin !! talk about human activity!

Having a sense of humor makes life much easier.  Take a risk, be a little silly!

Let’s get some Dopamine going! What is Dopamine? (Here – read, you might fit in one of these categories or simply be a person who enjoys laughter)

To start this little serious humor series. Here is James Veitch who has given several stellar TedTalks, this one has rated over 20 million hits!! (Don’t forget to rate it).

If you did not laugh, you have a serious humor problem.  But if you are alive and giggling – filling your brain with a healthy dose of Dopamine, you might want to check out Fluffy!!

Get to the laughter!

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A Guardian Voice for earth!


About the Author:Dragon Slayer of *Myths*™ MicheleElys is a Writer – Keynote Speaker. Innovative Behavioral Solutions; Founder of CNBR [cognitive neural behavior rewiring].© ►Invite MicheleElys to speak at your next forum. ► Keynote engagements ► Have questions? Book a consult MicheleElys [anonymously] email, ► Connect with her onLinkedIn, © MicheleElys All Rights Reserved


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