Adaptation ~ Change

Fear is lacking the desire to adapt to different circumstances and willingness to change!

Glancing around at our bodies and Earth we are in constant motion and change, including sleep and hibernation.

Take Earth during the winter or cold season. All goes to the deepness of the ground and regenerates. Moisture seeps to through the earth and delivers nutrients throughout the cold season while every morsel of life is in hibernation, same with many animals and marine life. Hibernation is a form of sleep that nurtures all living creatures including vegetation.

All motion is a resilient harmony for the survival of life!!

The Hummingbird flitters above the potential sting of a bee. There is no fear rather cooperation.

Cooperation and Collaboration is the opposing force of Fear. 

We must Adapt to all seasons: meaning we adapt to all flights of life as this Hummingbird drinks water above Honey Bees.

When we adapt, we fear less or not at all. In the moment of adaptation there is a melding and our senses find commonality.

There is no “Stuck,” where humans have forgotten to follow their energy and creativity movement instinctually. The brain must be engaged! Livened up with life. Even during periods grief, our body and mind are deeply transforming.

“Often we must pivot in finding a solution, here we find a renewed side of ourselves.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant” Einstein. 


During spring we clear out all the old mulch, blown over dead debris of fallen leaves and small shoots begin to rise – adapting to each rock, other plants, a ladybug might appear – there is change and all is adapting to the insect world, the winged pollen transferences, birds who sing while their droppings fertilize the soil, all Adapting, there is no fear – all collaborating in growth and harmony.

What is more essential in adaptation and change is the continuation of life. As each human generation is born, changing the scope and nevo inventions for our existence, hopefully for the betterment of mankind. Nature takes on a larger roll in life in continual change by giving life, changing environments each year, bringing birth and renewal to all that lives in regenerational fabrics where the human eye may not focused.

It is time to understand the Earth and all that lives upon and inside the Earth is alive, filled with wonders most have never seen. The power in each living creature’s life augments the ability for life to continue upon this Earth.

Thereby, humans change according to environment and environment is dependant upon humans to respect and acknowledge the elements of regenerational processing genesis. 

Change is more than natural and occuring every millisecond as we breathe, but what is more important to realize how much Adaptation in our world and of its importance will be the key to keeping us alive.

Adaptation and Change, as both flood our lives, remember that nature is continually changing and so are we, in continual natural order, to live out our lives.

Take a moment to watch this beautiful very short film [section 3:14] and short TedTalk, on the natural evolution and importance of Adaptation and Change. Possibly allowing ourselves, eagerly awaiting each newer step with confidence, a conscious change of life.

Adaptation & Change Regenerates Life

Change is nature’s harmony in the evolution of life. Change creates and is the Fabricator of Dreams.




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  1. By the way, I have also discussed Change (as well as many other matters) in the concluding section of my special post at

    You are welcome to join the conversations there and offer your insights and views.

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    1. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you for joining up. I have taken a hiatus for a time and will be returning to writing and marketing my speaking once again.
      Sometimes we find, a time away is for reflection, this is when I found there lies one road in front of me and I have a paint brush.
      Be Well my good writer friend MicheleElys

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  2. Hi MicheleElys,

    Of course I like this article!

    As for the central message of your article:

    Adaptation & Change Regenerates Life

    Change is nature’s harmony in the evolution of life.

    If Change is indeed Nature’s harmony, then Adaptation is Nature’s melody in the evolution of life.

    And I would like to resonate with the spirit of your article with mine at

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    1. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you SoundEagle, I am honored and humbled by your replies

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    2. MicheleElys says:

      “”And I would like to resonate with the spirit of your article with mine”” I do not understand what you are asking here in your comment. Please clarify. Thank you MicheleElys

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      1. Hello Michele,

        There is no question being asked in the comment. I meant that I would like to echo the ethos, character, quality and essence of your article with mine at

        Happy May to you!


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