Learn To Listen!! People Need To Be Heard

Turn off the cell phone, close the computer, sit with a new or old friend, face to face and Listen to Each Other.

We open our Hearts and Connect when we Listen.

When we listen to others we expand our horizons. Promotes the heart and compassion to be present.

Loneliness comes from disconnections! We have lost the art of listening and Time Management no longer includes people as a priority.

Those injured with TBIs suffer gravely! Everyone leaves the injured person, for their abilities to function and communicate has radically changed. Misinterpretations run the gamut. Listening is an integral part the of healing; take the time to be quiet, observe, ask a question, wait for the answer. A TBI person lives in anguish, attempting to relate their needs and explain how arduous life is. They need you to Listen.

Liven all senses, eyes, tactile sensations, tastes, and smells; the brain is charged with ideas and options, compassion flourishes.

When I write, I listen to music.

This is your Brain on Music


Imagine what will happen when you Listen to a person who needs to be heard.

Years ago I volunteered at Children’s hospital. This particular week an eight girl suffered burns over half her body. Being young – alone, without a mother visiting, she was despondent.

Slipping on sterilized booties and gown, the nurses warned me she was not eating. I entered the room finding a lonely child in need, slumped, sad and in pain. Sitting down I gave her an invitation. She came over without a word climbing onto my lap.

Noticing her head hanging low, I spoke softly – “are you hungry?” She nodded yes and began to eat as I fed her. We needed a quiet relationship of trust. Listening is Nurturing.

She tired quickly for her entire torso and arms had second and third degree burns. The daily therapies were excruciating and exhaustive. Asking if she wanted me to return, she nodded her head and fell to sleep as I helped her into bed.

Telling the nurses she ate, asking them for better food than a hot-dog, they stated  “Don’t get too attached.” In shock, I said, “Love and Caring is not an attachment nor is listening” as I walked away.

Rearranging my schedule some, I spent several days visiting and feeding my little burned victim. She sat on my lap with quiet smiles; Listening is simple comfort.

The Last visit I brought balloons and a stuff Bear, as I walked into the ward I found her empty room; my heart sank. Looking around the floor, I heard children laughing. Wandering towards the joyous sounds, I found my little 8 year old talking, playing and giggling with other children. Listening, helped her gain strength, abating infections.

She did not notice me as I set the Bear on the bed, tying the balloons as well. I left with a happy heart.

Listening is simple – yet miraculous moments admen our human condition.

Meet interesting people, get out of “Stuckwith the same group. Strangers often have a breadth of experienced knowledge that might entertain you.

Spending time with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries, expanding your horizons changes our view points, while adding to our life.

We are able to ameliorate the world’s crises, if we Listened more.

constant companion

Listen with your ears, eyes, tactile jesters, watching behaviors, social and body signals. We are losing touch being hooked to devices all the time.

Listening is a quiet compassion offering our hearts and minds, deepening our ability to relate to another human, increases wisdom; We are Limitless.

We Laugh and Weep Together When Listening

My first Rottweiler Seybrook’s was at the end of her life. She was a Children’s therapy dog and now 14.5 years of age, calling my vet we arranged a time for him to come to my home, I needed my neighbors to join me in silence watching with their hearts and eyes.

Gathering Emme my house-sister, and my neighbors who lived next door and across the street. Inviting others with Rotties and other dogs, we all shared in the moment of Seybrook’s passing.

My Victorian’s library was full of love and lots of tissue. They stood or sat quietly as Seybrook laid on her sheep skinned blanket.

The final drug was administered, Seybrook gently drifted away in my arms.

kissy face

We all listened, felt, watched the beauty of death after a long happy life. No words where uttered except:

Seybrook is gone!

Seybrook’s ashes sit in a canister along with all my dogs and cats until the time comes, we are to be scattered somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Sit with friends face to face and Listen. Hear the sound of their voice, watch their eyes, lean in with your body, mingle and feel the energy. Be part of their experience.

Listening Don’t and Do’s:

  • I have to answer this call, (while dinning)
  •  I want to be with you and feel our connection
  • I am too busy, another time
  • Let’s make time for each other
  • A new project at work that must get done
  • Meet me for dinner and talk to each other about this project
  • Life is too busy right now
  • I can arrange time for you
  • I have to work out, then get back to work and then there is the family
  • Hey, let’s take an hour and go for a hike with our dogs

Here is a link explaining what Leadership and Listening will lead to, engaging the brain, employees and success.

Our skin and body moves differently to the aspects of a conversation, we grow closer, gain understanding, increase in empathy, and awareness in our lives.

We offer our deeper selves when Listening to each other. We gain understanding, compassion, closeness – integral trust by Listening. 

March 2018 TBI awareness month, Please Listen to those who cannot speak easily who are on the edge of life.




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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Author ~Keynote Educator. Offering inspiration in Trauma Recovery and the benefits of Animal Instinctive Wisdom.

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