Human Emotions! Part I

I chose the feature photo due to our human enchantment of the Hummingbird. Our fascination in such a tiny creature, produces an array of emotions.

The astonishing ability to feel beauty!

The seemingly frailness of a Hummingbird strikes remarkable curiosity – wonderment – fascination and bewilderment when viewing Hummingbirds humming through our world.  

We are in awe with the art of nature, museums, ascetic buildings, soaring flights of eagles – viewing majestic mountains, all translated into a human emotional experience. Emotions are to be appreciated and developed with a healthy approach.

EMOTIONS  – explore them – accept them!

Emotions make the human unique,

Not mentally ill!


The very essence of humanity are the emotions we experience and reflect to the world and each other. A primary factor developing the human. Yet, why are we afraid to express our emotions? Often we keep them in the shadows then act out some obscure response which never fits the life we experience.

Emotions breathe in life and exploration begins!

The awkwardness of falling in love –  “The Falling Love Dance!” We trip and wabble in the beginnings, vulnerability at its peak, maybe – maybe not; emotions run the gamut, we taunt and tease our very nature, yet urging to touch each other.

Why all this expulsion of energy when attractions are strong? 

Falling in love is not that difficult!

Walking side by side down a street – searching for the pinky finger to touch, to grasp a hand adding a glancing smile, acquiescing to an emotional bond.

Emotions are a human need and must be expressed with each other and life, all of life! And, not always to another person’s liking. This indicates we have a great amount of life to understand and to learn from each other, if we are willing. 

Emotions are expressed differently by each person, via their lives lived, cultures experienced, and moral compass, family disposition and more.

Yet many insist on others to experience their emotions positively, not realistically.

Emotions may appear to be negative, yet they are only emotions from the human experience. All emotions are valid, it is the outward demonstration that cause the (appearance of) human problems, we are not taught how to communicate emotions. Worse we fear the judgement – by whom? Another human who must learn emotional displays! Those who do not know their own emotional selves! There are many erroneous components promulgated – insisting how to live being true to oneself – that in fact, banish our true selves; these childish ideals cause more harm – than good.

A quote I could never forgot: A true negative is more positive than a false positive. 

Many find it hard to express the array of human emotions, due to others short sighted perceptions and judgements of how we ought to feel. We all live inside a continuum of colorful emotions that can guide our choices in life. In short, stop classifying emotions, dive in and explore the nature of being human and learn how to express – so others can understand our legitimate self. 

This leads me to two emotions humans have a difficulty in feeling! Anger and anxiety – these are Change makers!! 

Changing racism to a learning factor and the natural beginnings of humans’ skin variation in our primary DNA. Many have changed the landscape of our world expanding differences. Thankfully these individuals were persistent with their visions: not ironically, most being people of “color” who were judged, imprisoned, some killed for their acumen.  Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, John F Kennedy,  Queen Elizabeth I, Helen of Troy, Hildegard, Hypatia! 

Anger and Anxiety played out for over 75 years changing the landscape for women: Women’s Suffrage, a 100 year odyssey! Fighting against many men and husbands, forced fed, beaten, some strangled, many died for the right to vote!

Anger changes medical systems and governing bodies out of frustration – anarchy rises, changing set patterns which do not work for a changing world created by human emotion and exploration. Built up anxiety, pressuring the frustration levels often lead to discoveries for the betterment of life. 

Animals have deep emotional value, as we cling to some degrees of hope, having animals in our lives brings abundance in acceptance. A dog greets his beloved guardian when coming home from work or an errand with glee and bouncing happiness – grabbing a toy to play = Joy!

Horses, contain intensified deep emotional memory, when stolen from their herd or a buddy of many years dies, the grief is heart rendering – and some die from devastating anguish. Fortunately, many conscientious individuals have developed a greater understanding of the depths animals and their emotions live by committing to save our Earthly wild life. Yet we humans have long transition back to trust in ourselves and each other.

Once, I had to send my two Arabians away to board back in Colorado as I dealt with my broken body. When reunited – my KlassicAmir hearing my voice – his screeches pierced through the air to my ears.  Running to him, I climbed up the outside of his trailer to see tears in his eyes. My eyes teared up and my heart ripped through my chest to see the depth of his emotions. Hence, I will never allowed him to leave my side again; we are bonded for life –  22 years and counting, all produced a deep deep intimate bond! It is called – Love!

Ponder for a moment, if you never experienced your emotions of love, friendship, anger, or inspiration; what would happen to your life – how could you live without expression? 

Emotions are part of life, they teach us how to be closer to others, live in community, have attachments, have the determination and discipline to change our lives, and when to leave any given situation that does not feel safe!

Emotions are our life’s indicator to joy – sorrow – love.

All emotions do not belong in the mental illness category! We are humans who are emotionally based creatures, as dolphins, elephants, whales, tigers and plant life, all subjected to monolithic varying degrees of life’s emotions. 

Life is healthier when we emote offering a simple act – Caring! 





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