Nikos Aryan I Love U Forever!

When a new dog is about enter our homes, especially a Rottweiler puppy of 114 pounds, we count on what is told to us with enthusiasm; then reality sets in.

When at the hotel, his full name came through a dream – Nikos Aryan, from the Greek and Sanskrit languages for “Great Noble/Honorable One.”

 This fits a Rottweiler
Remember Nikos is a puppy

Within a few days, all the truth is revealed. An untrained 114 pound Rottweiler puppy verses my 5’4″ physique; not my first go around with large dogs or horses. He takes almost the entire back area of my small SUV. That’s KEWL!!

Puppies may be more manageable – still a great deal of work in training.

At least Nikos is completely house trained and exceedingly loving! Yet, not in the least socialized with other animals.  Rottweilers, all socialization is a MUST DO! Beginning at birth, then further continued with the puppy’s new owner. Extremely important! I cannot emphasis loving training enough. Rottweilers are Huge and a Lot of Dog! They are bred from the Molossus breeds, 15 different Mastiffs, in particularly Cane Corso. BIG!

Conjure up more than poised fortitude!!! As the feature photo displays Nikos with another health worker, being his HUGE loving puppy self.

Falling in love is easy, it is composure and endurance with lots of praise at the right time, is the every moments’ diligence that is a must requirement. Especially the composure of our human emotions!

Dogs are all accepting, thereby training must also follow this behavior; not always easy for a human, but necessary.

Nikos is loving, fun and funny, adorable and learning. And thankfully I have had 24+ years with Rottweilers and almost an aggregate of 40 years training my other dogs, most all of service in some degree.

Albeit the drama of not being “other animal socialized” adoption and rescue still carries a most important need in our world. For it has been us humans who have allowed over breeding with the result of 65 million domesticated animals being euthanized, each year!!!

Our rehabilitation is moment to moment. Finding out, Drool is KEWL in the car, is due to his car sickness being a puppy, forming the fraught drooling occurrences. This will clear up. Rottweilers are known to have “clean mouths,” meaning not a Drool dog as seen in the movie Turner and Hooch, a Dogue de Bordeaux or other drooling Mastiffs.

When passer byers in cars look over, they verbally drool over Nikos, “He is so cute, look how big he is.” As I roll down the window and let the admirers know, Nikos is a puppy still! (smiling).

Yes, there are many upsides, when we eventually have our trained fun Rottweilers and other dogs. Taking over your bed, chair, couch, eating more food and chews than imagined.
Not in my home!!! No means No and Yes – is Yes!

Our dogs have complete Acceptance our human nature- and then there is the puppy breath we Love!

Taking the time to train your rescue dog is worth every moment of your effort. For in between the rough lunging moments of Nikos’ behavior – there is the warmth – love and all acceptance when looking into his big brown eyes as we stare at each other, caringly.

Plus, Nikos is teaching me a greater degree of tolerance, Redheads are not known for!!

At the four month mark, Nikos met his fate. A human terrified of Dogs.

My heart is shredded.

– before the authorities would come and egregiously kill him, I gave Nikos the most loving exit of life. His sweetness came in return with hugs and gentle kisses. I took him to the vets, although it took hours, we sat in the back of my little SUV and gently let him go.

Nikos Aryan last photo taken at Red Rocks




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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sharon says:

    The rescues are worth the extra work and you get there eventually. I am currently also trying to catch up on missing socialisation with a young rescue, a lovely dog, just has not had the best start in life. Nikos looks lovely, good luck with him.


    1. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you Sharon, And Nikos is a lovely sweetie – and in the endgame, the time we give is worth the life time we have them for. I know you will to this precious point as well. Stay in touch.

      Liked by 1 person

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