Finding Sanity ? 2021

2021 must be one of conscientious creativity and making the right choices!


Dedication is a must, finding our balance and exploring better choices, no longer encroaching our projections upon each other. 

Ethically, making decisions, how our own values affect those around us and globally.  This denotes some cogent reparation for a year gone so very wrong!!

New Years are always a continuation from the previous year, I operate more efficiently. The goals are either being worked on and have produced longer objectives, or finalized which create more ambitious goals. Back to the future!

A couple of ambitions we all must consider – taking care of our bodies and mental projections. These areas are primary when considering personal objectives.

I have more joint surgeries to finish healing my body from two horrific falls. Freedom from doctors and physical therapist is my quest! With purpose, staying in strong physical shape which is a tough delicate balance when injuries are dire. Dealing with the internal excruciating pain, and not allowing that pain to detour my life. Working muscles properly, a designed regimented diet, adding a stringent physical therapy schedule.

If our bodies are strong going into surgery, the recovery time lessens, so is the pain after surgery!

Given all the work and plans with two books in various degrees of editing and writing, my life hit a staggering submergence. 

I needed some time away from the city!!

This past year I was absorbed with a legal case which I DID WIN on my own! The physical ramifications of a horrific fall on cement and the pervasive global shut down – how do we live in spite of life??

In my gut all I could hear was – Go West – get us to the Rocky Mountains! As I called various townships – every place was booked, obviously this was on minds of many Coloradans; we love our fresh air. Although few restaurants were open, apparently many of us had hit the proverbial wall!! 

Time to get creative! The words Go West kept running through my guttural instincts!

Nikos Aryan, my now 3 month adopted/rescue Rottweiler jumped into the car, we drove “West!!” Finding ourselves in a wonderful small friendly town, Louisville. First time my Rottweiler – Nikos Aryan visited its quaintness. Most everyone has some kind of dog with no masks outside buildings!

Louisville is the type of town where no one needs a titanium lock for their bike. The bikes are parked on sides of buildings or fences, still waiting for the rider when finished eating or wandering around the township.

Life felt familiar and sane!! People are very friendly, Coloradans are noted for their amenability, yet some towns such as Louisville are more affable; many conversing outside in the Colorado sunshine with a bare slight breeze of Fresh Air, Masks only required in the buildings. Most everyone sat outside!!

We sat at a table at B.O.B.S. diner, Ahh fresh air! Delightful!

Contrary to my mode as a born vegetarian, Angus hamburger meat filled the air in a savory flavor; Nikos’ nose was over reacting – if he could only speak his thoughts! Worse, there were savory seasoned FRIES waffling through the air, I NEVER EAT FRIES!!! But, the aroma – breathing fresh air – ordering for both Nikos and myself, the fries were crispy with an incredible seasoning. Nikos gobbled his burger in seconds –  GULP!

I ate slowly giving more to Nikos, and later, well I paid for my sin! With a solid greasy cinder block captured my stomach; carrot juice fasting came visiting the next couple of days! Burgers for Nikos from hence forth, all he wants!

We walked through the calming town, face turned upward at the warming sun, Nikos donning his handsome black Service jacket  – some people came to pet him, Nikos is a sweetie and loves strangers’ attention. I proudly state; He is still a Puppy!! All 112 pounds of Rottweiler puppy!! This produces giggles leaving people wearing smiles as they walk on.

Time to head out towards the back roads – the Rocky Mountains are a never ending vista through each town. The serenity beckons!

We passed large city parks where everyone had at least one dog on lead, no masks, feeling normal again, breathing in fresh air, feeding my brain and body, Nikos and I are both wearing smiles.

The back road winds into long seascape away from the city clamor, passing rolling hills of farm land – each landscape adjoins to the panoramic Rocky Mountains. The tranquility experienced remove the city’s noise – dispersing city anxiety.

Dreaming of my past years, riding my beloved Arabians through arroyos, over rolling hills of farm lands, down through the valleys and up undulating hills. I was transported into serenity consumed by Rocky Mountains. 


Glancing up, I viewed a Great Eagle soaring. The Eagle soared higher and higher! Clutched in its talons, a good days’ meal – one huge snake. Most likely caught in a silent soaring dive.

My memories continued to dash in years gone by, when taking my family of three Rottweilers and a White Husky mix into the mountains. The off beat trails, and the many no trails we would take. The wildlife we encountered, walking silently with Deer and some Elk (not a suggestion, Elk are dangerous). The warning of a mountain lion, you are too close – back off.

All four dogs obeyed my commands as we wondered to the streams for a respite. My Rottweilers taking to the middle of the rushing river, lapping and bathing in the fresh clean waters swirling over their large muscular bodies. Moments of joyousness.

My past – where did it go – life became complicated!

Journeying down the undulating road, passing horse property after horse property, all the horse boarding ranches stated FULL! First time I had ever seen so many full, the reminder of our current curse. Life has become un-normal!

Joy lingers as I visit my beloved KlassicAmir, feeding him, brushing him down, ridding some mud.  Kissing his furry forehead – peering into his soft brown eyes – I am forever in Love!

My joy quietly passes leaving the foothills, behind are the Rocky Mountains no longer in view. The city highways and dangerous rushing traffic. The clamor and noise deafen my ears. Nikos’ head still breezing out the car window, tongue dangling and soon he pokes his large head onto my shoulder as I look in the rear view mirror, his eyes have also changed. 

It was peaceful, he cannot understand the faces beyond the mystifying masks, Nikos barks when people walk past our car. Nikos must see the human face to gauge the emotion. As we humans also asses when we encounter others, we read facial expressions continuously, understanding  conversation. 

Give me life, for this is death I see. The buildings and construction continues, as a sea of greyish green roofs -cookie cutter houses encroach on the beauty of rolling hills, foxes who once ran free, a place I rode my Arabian with my Husky running by my side.

Each February flocks of Blue Birds migrated for breeding – I no longer see this seasonal beauty when I ride my Arabian! 

We are back in the city, my mind begins to race, we must find a new home by the rolling hills and look each morning upon the graciousness of the Rocky Mountains, while evening offers the blazing sunsets.

Beauty dashed away,  the soaring eagles and hawks  once abound here, along with scampering rabbits, playful foxes and roving coyotes; we are a wildlife state, or we were! We humans have taken the landscape like molten lava, penetrating all life. 

New Year refreshed! Goals transferred seamlessly, books to finish editing and publish……..and a firm realization our human consumption must change. That change also includes augmenting life for individuals; supportive concession and recognition are a necessity.

We must impregnate a conscientious change in thinking, living with a different creative earnest role; not for only the human being, for all living creatures; the greatest of them Our Earth!!  

Featured image was a photo during Christmas morning in 2008, not in Colorado. I was so taken by the fiery landscape and early morning shadows. My Arabian horses were behind me, beckoning me for hay, being warmed by their blankets. I have seen many beautiful sunrises and sunsets from various countries, this Christmas morning, with camera in hand, I stole the moments forever to share in photos. 





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