Oppression!! Humans Re~Think!!

 We humans… what have we done?

Baboons — a mothers love ~ still legally hunted!!
Baboons — a mothers love ~ still legally hunted!!




I wish I were like a spider or an ant, always busying myself with better ideas of living a better life — cooperatively with each other. Both insects never stop, they gather together to help one another, especially ants, the most ingenious of all insects.

What about us humans! We war! We have civil unrest. We protest — we need to protest more and then Re-think!

Listen to each other — speak of what is necessary for our communities and worlds’ survival — what and how shall we change for all lives! For us and our Planets’ survival!

“Think about your life at this very moment.”


A spider spins a silken nest and when broken — without thought, re-spins again and contently waits for its meal. A simpler truth of life.


What have we humans done?

Time is wasting — we are out of time!

We cannot trust those whom we put in charge of our countries — why did we take such action? Our world collapses and we blame — point fingers at others.


When are we self-responsible?

Now is the time ~ there is no more time to war!

Children ~ beautifully constructed by shades of brown — fear daily, for their lives. They question, “Will I live to see my 18th birthday?”


Why are medical treatments even a nebulous question for every individual living on our Earth?


Life is the weaving of adaptation, the only guarantee is death. Which all to many of our people are focused on! Dreams — Joy ~ Life is our focus! As it has been in the past. Life is to be the focus upon ~ get out and live!

I am here to live — greatly! What is your choice?

We all have moments of tears, heartbreaks, then moving forward with or without help. Now, we must speak out and help each other.

Are we all bound for the 7th mass extinction on this beautiful planet — Earth?

As stewards of this Earth — we have done a LOUSY job. Time to take stock and Change!

Our animal Kingdom know instinctively!

Cane Corse — founder dog of the Rottweiler
Cane Corse — founder dog of the Rottweiler


This is Knowledge born to all of this Earth.

Time is not to be fear — rather — get moving and take up action — speak out — not hide in our homes and become prisoners from a News’ Casters ramblings!


Live — for Life’s Sake LIVE! This is serious!!

I could not write for weeks, instead, recorded on my phone every thought that came to me whilst driving. They are good articles, but I could not write them.

Re-Think ~ Time for a serious evaluation and change immediately life styles!

Think for yourself — learn about the reality of Life !

Think for yourself ~ you Must at this time ~ Think  ~ for your community ~ your family ~ everyone counts ~ We are viable lives at risk! Life is fleeting away from each moment you spend in your home fearing what is not truth!

Your life is depending upon your action — Do you Wish to LIVE? Or do you wish to DIE as a hostage in your home, alone (!!) wearing a mask!!


Think for yourself and others ~ life ~ all creatures are depending upon you!




What is really going on?




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