Kindness 2020: LIVE LiFe!

The beginning of this year I wrote; this will be a year of Kindness! And Kindness became to be the most important factor this year, in being a kindly conscious human dealing with the not so ordinary, blown out of proportions, human dignity and health! Along with thinking Wisely! Summon up the Kindness for everyone, including yourselves!

Break away from the News Media!!

Their job is to sensationalize minimal facts; they are not knowledgeable scientists; instead News Media is only reporting the Negative – for Rating monies!  Break away from TV, even negative social media, STOP & THINK – For yourself and your Life!

Are you giving yourself time to reflect with forward movement?

I am watching people, come out of their norms, and truly mark a difference. Some are connections through LinkedIn, some in person here in Colorado. We have had a major upset in our world, and, it is time for change – real change.

For many this has been a huge disconnect in logic and our human social requirements, which I listed in my previous article Living Life!”

  1. If you want a life you need to get up and LIVE ONE – CREATE IT – MOVE FORWARD – SIDEWAYS – OR TUMBLE-BuMp into something new, of YOU!

As Simon Sinek states, “START” and now is an impeccable time.

You might feel like a small Bunny. You are not insignificant.

2. Be the Lion of your life!!

There is no such thing as stuck. This has been a coined statement, captured as fear.

3. Let Go of such traps!

Turn your head and look around, all around. People are buzzing – going back to work. More are creating new genres of thought. They are the entrepreneurs, some Leaders in which ever industry or thought process.

We forget to ask others’ thoughts and ideas or even read in expanding ourselves, when critical dilemmas arise!

Alternative idea: Neil deGrasse Tyson YouTube for Mother’s Day.

Honoring his Mother, what a lady and out spoken with a resounding sense of humor – watch and be inspired.

4.  Most of all, be KIND! Many are still on an angsted string of apprehension dealing with patients, and at times are not tolerant. Those of us who are not under the gun of the “essential employee” must be more tolerant these day; we all do not say the proper words of comfort. Learn to “Let Go.” Be more effective for everyone.

5.  Remember the “Thank you Cards!” It makes a world of difference for cashiers on the grocery store line.

At this time, while there are no conventions or conferences for me to speak at, an idea hit.  Going with that spark, I have delved into a deeper neuroscience research project, combining 30 plus years of real-life stories; into a long awaited book. The Inspiration: reducing the stigma of mental illness in our personal lives, into – dignifying the human – what our brain does naturally.

I saw an opportunity to combine the knowledge of a brilliant neuroscientist, with the exact stories I had logged, for decades, sometime in the future. The future is here, now! New forms of thinking – opening to alternative methods.

Recently, another accomplished lady on LinkedIn [Jasmine Lomax] shared this article, about Brazil and their nevo thinking in design, to incorporate the magnificence of nature in new buildings.

Reading ingenious articles, spurs our own imagination, which often becomes a runaway-train, filled with new ideas or simply reaching out as some have been doing.

Through Biomimicry, Brazil Seeks Tech Innovations Inspired by Nature.”

6. Be more like a child, they can invent all kinds of games and entertainment from nothing, by going outside. Of if there is rain, kids get soooo dang inventive, we older people forget what positive energy feels like; it is ingenious and innovative, a word meaning, NEW!

Yes NEW! Fresh ideas, new people, new books or DVD’s to watch educational – positive and personal achievements of others, that have made significant differences, one man’s name comes to mind from LinkedIn –  [Hammed Kayode Alabi],  possibly the next Nelson Mandela. Best of all, these are encouraging ideas we can pass along to others.

7. When we think in terms of Recreating, Trauma events begin to dissipate. 

8. Time to Let Go ~ Be Innovative  ~ Become  a new Better You…..

I am on the go, recreating ~ Reinventing! Join me!




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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hammed Kayode Alabi says:

    Thank you MicheleElys for the great feature. You are always reminding us that the world would be better when we do not think of ourselves alone but others. Thank you for always shining the spotlight on me and my prayers right now is that we get to see someday and we can share a whole lot together. Thank you for everything.


    1. MicheleElys says:

      Hammed, you are a great leader in Africa. And yes, I will ask many to share their prayers your way. Is there a particular area you wished to be focused on. I will ask many to help. Thank you MicheleElys


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