Living Life!


If you want a relationship, get a Dog!


This  quote was stated from a movie “November Man.” The words were icing on a cake, so to speak, for what has been churning deep inside, during a world in crises.

Living Life, is to focus on LIFE! There is only one guarantee in life, just ONE guarantee! We are all going to die at some point, and we Grieve deeply!

In the interim, LIVEREALLY LIVE!

Focus on Living, and your Dreams, make them into Kind Goals. 

We are losing a precious involvement of life, “our sense of human reality,” during a skittish tense time in our world.

A bit of background: I live in Colorado, we are on the low side of deaths due to Covid-19. Colorado is noted to be the healthiest of states in the US. The few who have been sick, their ailment for the most part, was mild.

Not every state nor country is experiencing this degree of freedom. Yet, we are cautious in taking care of our bodies with proper food, exercise while evaluating individual needs with dire care.

We must make critical assessments, individually, for each city and country, and not implode our financial bases, leaving people to starve, stress more and worry about their jobs, worse not having a place to live… tossed out due to what reoccurs, continually in our world, “viral sickness.” Homelessness has become a mammoth issue in the US this last decade or less, we have lost a colossal part of our humanity.

We have had centuries of viruses, and we have lost millions to viral and bacterial deaths; with millions left grieving. This is sorrowful and this is Life!

* What Humans Need:

  1. Basic needs are food, drink and sleep, additionally….
  2. Mental and emotional needs and desires. To live a day-to-day basis is insufficient for humans
  3. We require – to transcend, transport, escape, we need meaning, understanding and explanation
  4. We need to see overall patterns in our lives of Hope, sense of a Future and Our Freedom (at least the illusion of freedom) to get beyond ourselves
  5. We cannot live only in a telescopes and microscopes and every-burgeoning technology
  6. We must have states of mind that allow us to travel to other worlds, transcend out of immediate surroundings
  7. We require detachment of sorts, as much as we need engagement in our lives
  8. We must relax the inhibitions that makes it easier to bond with one another and transports our consciousness of time and mortality easier to bear.
  9. Have a holiday from our inner and outer restrictions
  10. A sense of the “Here and Now” – The Beauty and Value of the world we live in.
  11. Last, we need Understanding instead of rejection through stressful times. See the Value in each person instead of the small mistakes (all mistakes are rather small in comparison to life)!

To state the obvious; I believe we have forgotten about our humanity and our needs in basic socialization and most of all Caring about each other. Being patient, for many are on a tight angst string and often we humans do “not say” the most appropriate words. Thinking twice upon this thought, most times, we humans do not say the most apropos words in uplifting each other. 

There are many who have been devoted, helping and aiding others. We must be grateful and say thank you! Finding a resounding quiet spark in our hearts, being supportive and considerate.

Did you send a “Thank You Card” to your grocery store – to ALL employees? Simple actions avail many to continue forward.

Did you tell a friend – I will be here when you get out of the hospital!

And personally, I am vigilant in asking people; “How are you doing? How are or is your family – is there something I might do?” Often the reply comes with a huge long Sigh!!

A release of pressure knowing someone took a moment to acknowledge they care!




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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Proud Pittie Parent says:

    Your opening quote is so true! Our dog has been a welcome relief to the boredom during these uncertain times.


    1. MicheleElys says:

      Dear Proud Pittie Parent
      It has been very uncertain times governed by politicians… Let’s stick with our dogs!!!
      thanks for you comment..
      If you are in need of a relationship, get a dog….. love and loyalty are certain


    2. MicheleElys says:

      Hi Proud, yes Rotties are a welcome relief in our lives. And most people can say that about any dog that joins their family.
      Just Rotties have had such a bad movie and TV or simply misunderstood for so long!! Time we all set the record straight HUGE LAP DOGS Thank you


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