A Dog’s Worth Is Love!

The Horrible and sad truth, each one of these dogs were euthanized !


There are more humans than dogs.

We have a Domesticated pet problem in our world and it is the human who has been neglectful! Please #Adopt4Life a dog, your best friend!

If a dog could share their story, they would speak of loyalty and acceptance, a longing for a forever home, to be by the side of a loving human.

A dog would tell you a story how they do not mind waiting until you get home from work and wag their tail so hard it will wag their Butts with sheer joy.

Please #Adopt your next dog, they forget the past and live with you and your life with love.

Dogs are great companions at work, they keep people smiling as they past a dog.

Dogs make people work more efficiently and bring joy to a simple walk, even during a snow storm. Dogs will remind any person how wonderful wallying in snow can be, it is a playful moment, a joyous moment, they beckon your enthusiasm.

How can we look into these eyes and not care?

One human did not care! This sweet dog froze to death!

There is always a slight adjustment time when a dog has been betrayed and left at some shelter or on a vacant street; give them a chance to love again, to Love you!

Dogs will keep you warm on a sofa watching the rain or snow. Dogs will comfort you when you are sad, and support you when you go for that job interview with confident eyes.

Dogs bring such comfort to all creature, large and small. Give a home, with an open heart, they will never betray you for one moment.  The price you pay is, you share a very special relationship. Open your doors to your next best friend, adopt a dog from any shelter.

Find your best friend – bring them into your home for loves sake

WednesDogDay means care enough to adopt and be loved for life




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