Dogs & Happiness

Life without dogs is miserable!!

Please consider adoption, for your health, happiness and for the Life of your dog!

Humans need dogs more than dogs need humans. The history of ALL dogs come from the wolf. How each dog morphed around the world is a wondrous adventure.

Everyone has their favorites, personally, I prefer working class dogs. They are smart, and of course loyal, playful, funny, protective, strong, the list is endless.

  1. Dogs get along with most everyone, different from the human animal species.
  2. We learn to be social through our, dogs – dog parks!
  3. We learn to be more caring, responsible and think outside the box – got to clean that pooo
  4. Dogs help us accept our agony and suffering with a calmer and trusting relationship while healing.
  5. Dogs are more adaptable, allowing us humans to view, we have the ability to change. This quality brings the wondrous course of adaptation via resilience, dogs are a great teacher in our lives.
  6. Many who have gone through Traumatic events have dogs for more than companionship, they are Therapeutic and Service, along with being our Sentries
  7. We learn to listen and have more patience – Dogs are great examples
  8. Concussions and TBI’s heal more quickly due to the trust factor in having a companion Dog

Please consider #Adoption or #Rescue of your next domesticate home pet or service animal.

And yes, I am still searching for my next Rottweiler to train to replace my last Service dog, Sädé. I am searching all over the continent, unfortunately many rescues will not allow an adoption outside their state, (some for logical reasons, others?? well human can be ornery). With 23 years experience training and loving Rottweilers – this is a time I am truly looking forward in sharing.

Please consider adoption, we have a huge over populations of domesticated animals. They will love you for their entire life, and not care if you do not take a shower everyday.



Enjoy, be as loyal and Love your next dog!!








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