Writer’s Time Away

Do writers (truly) take time away from writing?


Does the muse and Creative Genie disappear for a time?

NO! There is no turning off the creative brain, for anyone! Instead a time of gathering, introspection, which road to travel, or an influx of new ideas consuming a writer in a myriad of directions. e.g. Core Vidal or J D Salinger!

Are these seemingly rest times? If only the Creative Genie would allow such pleasantries in peaceful moments…!

Writers scribble notes, and record ideas during impossible moments when the Genie appears with a NOW! (literatim!!) As I started an E-Book on TBI recovery, and within two hours time had written 6 pages.

Putting aside the wondrous relaxed moment, in swoops a complete book, verbatim, while driving to a meeting! Or as we slumber in deep restful sleep! And in meetings, we hear one word, which sparks an entire scenario.

presented; every word and picture in one large swoop!

What the audience may not see, there is never a down time for a writer. To reference J.D. Salinger – the infamous only book published, “The Catcher in the Rye,” which continues to be read, voraciously. Mr. Salinger published a few articles and what is less known to public; Salinger wrote the rest of his life, never publishing another article or book.

These words are to assure all writers, particularly myself – for I have withdrawn for a time from public to be more public!

Writers must have times in the general public to enjoy life. A Walk, meeting Strangers, forming small intellectual groups and most necessary, having conversations. Fuels a writers broadening mind with ideas and words – words – words which paint a never ending visual for our readers.

On my cell phone, there are a myriad of subjects, spoken rapidly, oft times the phone does not spell out the correct words, which leaves me in a quandary, “What was the theme?” for only moments. The cellular contraption limits my allowance to record, especially when driving, I speak the visions while concentrating on traffic to a phone I cannot see, hoping it’s capacity to record as quickly as my thoughts spew forth.

This is similar to speaking to one’s hidden friend, whom no one else ever sees, as we gush forth the wonders of a new article, or part of a book.

Oh dear, those books!! As a trilogy sits unedited.

This is where I floundered!

I have read the first page to a few friends, watching their reactions. “Oh My, if my friends knowing me intimately, and react with such profountity; do I wish to proceed in the public domain at this time?

These are writers’ choices and yet Isaac Asimov published over 500 books, all fictional and wondrous reads.

Core Vidal, over 50 books published in his lifetime, first published novel ” Williwaw,” in 1946  at age 21.

A Prolific, Elegant, Acerbic Writer who wrote plays, television dramas and screenplays. Additionally, the unforgettable televised “Best of Enemies, William Buckley vs. Vidal; riveting repartee!

Creativeness never ceases. Look around this world, Nature is either blooming, feeding humans and animals. Artists are painting and sketching. Buildings are being built or torn down to build more. Gardens and public spaces are being constructed, beautifying the landscape, lending to large ponds where animals gather, ponds for geese to swim and take flight. A marvel in the present moment of viewing.

Take a walk through the endless lists of parks in your area. Visit the museums and view Creativity all around, from microscopic life, to monolithic towers. 

Creativity is endless

We writers offer you stories and facts. We often fuel the imaginations of children and adults. What might seem a break from the public, is naturally another moment acquiring another acquisition to come.

Yes, I am on one of these wondrous adventurous breaks!


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