A Walk!

Walking off a funk, petting dogs, and not minding new blisters on my toe. My socks are in storage. That is where my life became hung-up; in a storage unit.

Time for a huge change!

A nice lengthy walk, even with getting lost in the Colorado sunshine does wonders for any funk one might be in; which indeed was my emotional state.

Saying Hi to strangers, asking to pet their dogs. Everyone loves their dogs to be pet and say with a Smile! Ahhhhh! a wonderful moment, getting next to a dog, scratching their jowls and back, listening to their different voices. How I miss my Sädé, I miss having my dog!!

After having a spirited conversation with Matt on Friday, zooming out to my beloved horse, not enough time to take him to graze on the green grass, had another PT appointment, then off to TJoes for some much needed food.

Is this life? Busy busy busy and nothing truly accomplished for the long gains. This is not the life I had worked so hard for since I was 16 years of age! Where is the joy, one hour spirited conversation is not enough. 

No I am not grateful for losing 15+ years of a hard earned life; I was very successful – happily involved with my community – elevating those who had lesser opportunities, fundraising, volunteering my time for my community’s benefit, speaking in front of people inspiring them to live a better life, offering Paint-a-thons for the elderly, free tree programs for neighborhood beautification.  Yeah, we are done with this funk!

In my mind I see myself as a Samurai brandishing a sword, cutting those hideous ghastly years of injuries and fighting doctors due to their ignorance.

In mayhem, I slash those dreadful ghastly memories and injuries that cost me my life and home. I’m in charge and charge ahead is the call to action.

I want the me in me back with my dog!!

As I walked finding a park about a mile or so up the street, there sat a wonderful new modern house being built. Reminiscence of my desired finally home, not in the city, a ways out in horse land, close to the foothills. My dreams began and the Little Professor began to chime in; remember those dreams, remember who you are, remember your deep driving self, time to regain; Step it up!

Met Diane along the way, we stopped and spoke while introducing ourselves. Ahhh Colorado, people are friendly, working out. Young kids to 90 year old ladies and gents, all outside walking, jogging, biking and with dogs!

Riding bikes on a lovely fall Colorado day, while talking myself out of a funk.

Two young little girls passed by on bikes and then here came mom who left me giggling. He pants and top left a huge gape of her body, portraying a Butt Crack! I thought only plumbers did that! Nope parents also show their Butt Crack (!!) 


Walking more, I heard children playing in their backyard, young sister and brother tossing a ball. “Your brother throws a good ball, may I take a photo of your playhouse?”

 Thinking some parent truly love children. As I left, the little girl said “Thank you!”

How nice, a well mannered grateful child. Refreshing!


As I walked on, examining what are the two major contributors to my funk? Change them; “write your plan. NOPE, write up the seminars and present them to the corporations! And get moved to my own place, no more storage. No more excuses!

Self Talk: Be what I’m made of, for I made myself. Mingle again, that was your life’s love. I am ready, I healed myself, and yes, it took a damn long time and now it’s over! No looking back.

A black cat was enjoying a sunny window, reminding me of my Sammie Kewl Kat; he loved life, no matter where we live.

I miss Sammie Kewl Kat!!

Walking further the signs of fall were everywhere. Neighbors cleaning,  taking care of their curbsides, of course I must compliment her.

My doggy friends are off on their boats in the mountain lakes with all three dogs. They worked hard and they take time to enjoy life.

Lesson learned & Action taken:

  1. Enjoy the outdoors – walk and breathe the fresh air
  2. Get off the computer and become socialized with other humans – self-guided neuroplasticity for Happiness!
  3. We make our own lives – no matter the position we are in – We can change, working towards our deep desires through our learned skills
  4. Enjoy the face to face conversations again, humans require the chemistry of interaction with each other in Person!
  5. A good Life takes work – the more we dream the more we are going to work – It’s worth the effort
  6. Bring your Samurai sword on your walk, brandishing a funk -it’s really enjoyable! 
  7. Along the way – Pets some dogs!
  8. Smile and say Hi to Strangers – everyone returns a Smile!

Immediately I looked up to another huge tree, the colours of green where fading. All the leave’s energies returns to nurture the their roots for winter till springtime, where nature begins another life cycle.


Yes, life had a long rough life cycle! That’s it, it was a Was!

It is time to return, to inspire, to educate all the work and findings I have for others to recover from trauma, no time or experience to be wasted.


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