Are You Open to Life



How many different music – entertainment – fairs – style of clothing – pottery and dishware have you had in your life?

  • Divergence!

When out at friends’ party, does anyone have the same outfit on?

  • Deviation!

And how diverse are your thoughts from all the people you meet?

  • Opportunity!

We revel when we see people with profound body dysmorphia succeed or hear of a person’s exceptional survival against all odds.

Most people are surviving these days against all odds. There are almost 8 billion people on this small planet. And many are seeking a career or job to sustain themselves. Are you one of the crowd or are you standing out, being your unique self, skilled and talented?

We love seeing exceptional talent such as Lion Whispers, Horse Whispers, Rhino Whispers, and they are no different from the rest of the population. These people found a way to communicate without fear or harm.

We humans love seeing differences, except when it gets to close to our lives. Women gossip about each other. Men leaders do not allow progression in their companies (generalized). The entire globe of job hunters with major talent are seeking jobs, and yet we still do not change to include “Diversity” – taking a chance on the unknown.

“”The Unknown is Discovery and Opportunity combined”
  • Distinction!

We clamour to have uniqueness, we clamour to be different, we admire great works of art. BUT! Did we accomplish these talents and skills the acceptable way?

  • Limitation!

We want to reach for the sky and beyond and yet, our fellow comrades and and potentially new friends; we immediately judge – do they fit our criteria?

Do they have a degree to be speaking or writing what they have to say or know?

Every subject, every invention, every building, every style of clothing came from a mind of creativity; it was not in a classroom through a curriculum.

Solutions to medical ailments came often by mistakes – they were unknown cures in our world, these cures were not taught. This is the curious mind at work – inventing – problem resolution – creation – asking questions of the unknown and following an unknown detour in the road.

Every therapeutic modal came from a person studying behavior; an idea flashed, they tried a different technique. It worked – and they furthered their curious course.

None was taught in schools before the first invention or first revolutionary idea that changed the course of life for many.

The Spanish flu killed 50 million people before medical teams researched, tested and possibly found a cure. These panaceas were not founded nor taught in our universities when first discovered. Purely by chance, curiosity, asking could this possibly work. Small Pox left scars if it did not kill a person, the panacea was the pox itself.

  • Be Open to new Ventures of Wisdom!

We did not know space travel, and yet men have walked on the moon. We have probes on Mars and Hubble circling the universes, sending photos to expand our minds of what could be.


My best friend is a married man, he is Japanese and Chinese and he is 10 inches taller than me; I trust him implicitly to handle all my affairs once I die, including my DNR and instructions. He is brilliant, we laugh and have long discussions and grow.

Is there one word for Friendship that has no boundaries except support and growth?

People use to warn me when having three Rottweilers, they lived in fear when I found another starving dog and brought them in to be taken care of, feed, vet care and my Rotties were always accepting. They accepted my birds, my cats who came and left. I did not know there were natural enemies in life except what was in a human’s angry heart.

Once my first Rottweiler captured one of my small Lavender finches who had flown outside into the backyard. As Seybrook came in the dinning room with her mouth slightly parted, I asked her what did she have, she sat and allowed me to take a perfectly healthy tiny bird from her mouth and return him to his cage. I had forgotten the backdoor was open, it was a daily ritual to allow the finches to fly through the house, enjoy the Fica tree and other plants then return to their cage for water and seed later as I closed up for the evening.

  • Trusting
  • Unique Design

And what of Art? There is fabric art, food art, monolithic canvas paintings, miniature paintings, furniture, garden art and much more.

Is the beauty of an animal part of your art world?

Are you open to Life?


We teach “Diversity and Inclusion” in school curriculum these days. Instead, walk amongst local people, travel and stay a month in different countries, eat with the locals, learn their languages, walk with them to the open markets, taste their food with a smile. Smiles open new relationships and we expand culturally. This is not taught in a classroom.

The world is our classroom, with fresh air to breath. No electricity or gas required.

We all say we want to be ourselves, each person is Unique.

Maine Coon Jeff Jett
Do you have the courage to be the one and only you?



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