Your Car Will Suffocate Your Dog!

The heat of a car can suffocate in a matter of minutes. The dog’s retinas of this feature photo were bleeding due to car heat. It is PAINFUL and a KILLER!

Today, I was going in to get my hair trimmed. As I parked next to a car, there was a Husky panting. It is 95 degrees outside and the temperature is climbing beyond 100 degree in that car, while the Husky sits panting by the cracked sunny window.

I went from store to store, finally a restaurant where I yell at the entrance for everyone’s attention.

 “Does anyone have a Husky locked in your car? The Husky is panting and dying!

A woman approached me with some food and said, “Even for five minutes?”

I was incensed at her ignorance. “YES, you are killing your dog right now and I am going out to break your window and call the police.”

She giggled, “Lady this is serious and obviously you do not care about your dog dying a horrible death.” She became anger, and returned to the restaurant.

I was ready to photograph the license plate and began to call the police, getting poised to smash one of her car windows.

She returned, and I said, “Your dog is dying of heat stroke, it is an abdominal death, you are abusive. Turn the air conditioning on immediately and get your dog some water.” I demanded as others’ watched on.  She continued to giggle.

I wish I had smashed the window, this would have alerted the police and my hair cutter would have come out in support with some of the clients.

Dogs cannot sweat, their body temperatures escalate in a matter or seconds.

Once loved now dead Pit Bull suffering massive blood clotting as a result of severe heat stroke. His tongue swelled choking him. Blood was everywhere on the seat of

the car with cracked windows.

He was slumped in the back seat filled with blood. Rigor Mortis sets in, their tongue swells and begins to choke a dog, retina of the eyes bleed and they suffocate from heat. This dog did not deserve the suffering he died from!

A dog will claw to get out of a slightly open window, this raises their body temperature, there will be saliva everywhere, until their blood vessels begin to break and their bodies begin to suffer in horrific pain, bleeding will come from their orifices, eyes, tongues swells, slowly your dog will suffocate from the heat that has risen in a car with the windows open.

This chart shows the exacerbating degrees from 0 to 10 minutes, how quickly your dog will suffer an abominable death because of an errand, take-out food, due to your selfishness!!

And here is your dog when you return thoughtlessly. You will be convicted of animal abuse, but the sight of your dogs blood, the sounds of their lungs collapsing will linger the rest of your life.

This past week here  in Colorado, two children suffocated to death being forgotten in a car by their mother.  Also another incident, a dog died horribly as well, left in a car.

This dog did live thanks to the prompt and swift actions of police.

Here are a few execrable features of what your dog will experience:


  • Direct thermal injury damages the lining of the kidney tubules.
  • Decreased blood flow to the kidneys, as well as micro clot formation, may further damage the kidneys.
  • These factors, along with the production of toxins in other damaged tissues, may lead to renal failure, which is associated with a worse prognosis.


  • Elevation of liver enzymes occurs in the majority of patients presenting with heatstroke.
  • Hypoglycemia may also occur either due to liver damage or increased use of glucose in hyperthermic patients.

GI Tract

  • This damage results in blood loss through bloody vomit, bloody diarrhea, gastric ulceration, and can lead to potential sloughing of the GI tract lining itself

If you love your dog, leave them at home, or at least, have two sets of keys, leave the air conditioning running for your dog’s safety for a few moments.

at all cost do not leave you dog/s or children to die in your car!

There are many people such as myself who will smash your car windows to save Dogs and Children. What to do immediately: Get air into the car! Check to see if the dog is still alive. Call local authorities, with location and car plate number and type of car. Take cool tepid water, drizzling over the head and body. If the dogs is able to take water, dribble little bits slowly into their mouth and dribble with your hands some water over their head, eyes and nose to lower temperature.

Don’t be selfish your errand can wait. Come back to your loving dog, Alive!



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