Rewire for Success

rewiring means; we must think differently!

This is not as difficult as it sounds. A contemplation action in a physical action world, might seem contrary to what is necessary. However to rewire is to quiet the body and mind, adapting to different modals.

We must have resilience for each outcome, and not make assumptions how the outcome ought to be, rather, take a new road towards the finish line. A new beginning!

Changing our perspectives from the inside out and outside in.

An evolving new view causing a new action.

Rewiring is: you think differently and perceive yourself in a different action, being more of yourself.

Life is a continuation of experiences, built upon each other. This is where we build our skills and hone the talents we are born with, sometimes discovering them.

The platitudes of “Think Positively” are more destructive than constructive. Understanding, this is a response action, changing our thought processes and the way we see ourselves from the inside out.

For instance, I personally take time alone, away from people, especially those who think they know me. It is time to change and others are resistant to that change. They want the same person they count on, it’s comfortable. 

This is Innovation time. Innovative ideas precipitate creativity, deep inside as a seedling wakes to Springtime.

I might go in with an idea, such as publishing my long awaited trilogy; what will this involve? I lived it, I  wrote it, now it requires editing – oh dreads. Imperative point being, I live what I wrote!

And the doubtful mind comes in saying “how many ways could this go wrong?” Kick that doubtful mind in the butt. We are conjuring new ways in living!

Coach, Jim Fyfe, stated to Susan Cain when practicing her TedTalks; “Just Tell The Truth.”

The same with employment: we want a position with a company, what will it involve to reach out, connect with that company, get into an interview. Or, meet a person within said company, have a new friendly connection, potentially an alternative door.

Have faith in yourself that you are capable in taking action. What comes; you will know to acclimate and persevere. 

Changing the mode, contemplating on an intuitive level, as Bertrand Russell attributed a great amount of thinking time, to how, intuition works within the human.

Is it cellular, does intuition come from feeling or the brain, how does it work? And if we develop a reliance upon our intuition, what are the percentages of positive results?

This latter question is, where humans foible; we want a guarantee instead of, a rewiring and different perspective.

Old habitual comfortable thinking dies hard. Time for new perspectives and there are billions of options.

First, contemplation in seeking that different road, finding a successful outcome, could mean, we find a different place of employment or new career.

Courage to be adaptable! That is rewiring for success. And, a monolithic push in being another internal self yet to be discovered. 

In an ever evolving world, new devices, A.I., other planets to potential live our lives out. Driverless cars, there are still wrecks. Humans are continually inventing what might be a better than before; that is our nature. Everyone is creative!

What I learned in a time of forced change which was extremely traumatic.

  • I was not a failure: instead I discovered what so many medical people viewed as impossible
  • I had to believe in myself
  • Courage to be the new founded person from deep within myself (this was hard)
  • Take action, completely different road of thinking
  • Know the seedling emerging from deep inside has paramount merit
  • Adapt – Resilience – and more Adaption (this was easy I was a military child)
  • Letting go process: not give way to naysayers, time constraints and urgencies of life
  • Last: Trust my own process and honor what others were already seeing in me. We are often blind to our own progress

Literally, my entire brain had rewired, and I did not trust what others saw in me in my own transition. Their words could not convince me, I had to rewire my own thinking, to see my own success. It was my own belief that had to change and accept, my own paramount actions and discoveries. Self Trust!

Humans tend to fail at this juncture, seeing themselves, after a hard time, remaking their reality work in a new venue of life. There was no more contemplation, it is time to take action, in a new reality, that is born from the depths of our own being.

Change your thinking and perception of who you are on the outside, go inside and discover more of what and who you are and bring out a more complete version, with courage and conviction.

See expanded horizons of yourself and outside yourself.



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