Hope to Courage

Come to me softly and gently with kindness, Dear Monday

As we wake, I looked high and low to find hope.

Come to me softly and gently dear Monday. PassingSmiles opens my heart, kindness fills a vacuum. Returning smiles gently as I stroll, I might find courage along the way. Come to me softly and gently with kindness, Dear Monday as I travel through kindness which gave me hope to find courage. 

I had no idea what was in store for this Monday, it was a Monday with a simple list, with no morning Monday coffee in the cupboard. An opportunity is at hand to change the norm.

Telling myself, the cooling rains come in the afternoon, perfect time to write. Change my schedule in traveling to my beloved Arabian horse, finding the deep silence of love and respect; but first My Coffee!!

Drown the street, stopping at a local coffee and gas with everything else store, I walked to the counter, pulling out my dollar, the cashier whispered words; looking up, “Please repeat I could not hear.” Once again she said, “I like your red curly hair, you can have the coffee.” Still in a bit of shock, my curly red hair affects whether I pay?? Again the young lady giggled stating, “I like your red hair and the curls the coffee is free.” 

“My goodness, (giggles), “”you started my Monday off with a huge smile, compliments and coffee, Thank you!!” The gentleman behind me was giggling at my shocked demeanor and entire discourse. These simple jesters offered him a brighter day as well. I request with my dollar in hand, “at least allow me to buy a Colorado lottery, you just may have started a wonderful week for me, at least this mornings’ beginning is spectacular, Thank You!!!”

While driving to care for my horse, I see a car in front of me with a woman dancing in her seat to some upbeat music. I watched her for miles and thought, when was the last time I danced in my car with such unabandoned joy?

Joy to the Jive, snapping her fingers, bouncing her body, bobbing her head brought more than smiles, it brought memories.

Joyful memories of NYC many decades long past. The Sun Cresting through the building, starting a new day. The thrill of energy, watching the sun rising through the tall buildings, as the baron streets were soon to be a maze of hustle and bustle with people filling their days of busyness.

Bring your kindness & a smile

When driving off to my horse, scheduling the course to clean his stall, set out four days of food, then to bathing. He dries in the sunshine as we walk together over fresh green grass, I watch him graze with delight. Reflecting on his beauty and our relationship of twenty years, all comprised of Love and courage built from trust! How I long to be with him everyday.

My thoughts travel to my cherished Sädé, who trusted me as she died. We had a long life together, a close relationship. In those final moments of death, there was a giving up and an allowance to accept life leaving me forever.

Does Hope Built Courage when Kindness is the backdrop?

And is kindness shone through caring for strangers part of courage? Do we allow ourselves to be courageous with strangers when receiving kindness?

A fellow humanitarian wrote me this compliment: “The healthier one always reaches out first for reconciliation. Thank you for being healthy enough and courageous enough.”

What do we each have to embellish other’s lives and does this produce more hope and courage to succeed in our goals and dreams?

Later a phone call was arranged: Life hits hard for many these days, I have had my fair share of cataclysmic adversities over this past decade. The gentleman spoke of severe hardships, critical life crisis. Traumatic survival mode in the U.S. has become a disparaging criteria for millions! “Choose the most important task first I stated; finding a safe place to stay with your wife, son and cat.” We spoke for some time, when ending, “I am offering my time freely to help you through this chaos.” (There was a lingering  moment of silence).

Often in life, we must have people offering hope – building courage to face the Harshest moments, even though we have done our best.

As I traveled through my day, I found Hope. 

The Hope increased while contemplating two major goals in my life.

And yet my courage stammers! 

Did I believe the experiences and studies of my life would offer the same Hope and Courage I have  employed and given in life? Was all that I am about to give, of true benefit? 

I have a non fiction Trilogy to edited and be published; truly the stories are salacious, more humorously licentious! Was this the time – does time matter?

In nature time lives naturally – why not in our human nature?

What is holding me back, Courage?

 an Eagle their first flight 




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