All of Nature cycles each year including the Antarctic and North Poles naturally;Transformation.

For Humans, we are comprised of two completely different cells that conjoin together, become an embryo, grow within a body, once born our bodies develop naturally.

But something happens in the Transformation, we are taught Fear, Not to Listen to Natural Instincts, and an erroneous notion we only have potentially 6 senses!! Absolutely incorrect neurologically. 

Transformation is natural, then why as adults must we make conscious decision to Transform our lives we wish to live?

Last year starting with a Blood Moon, surely my entire being was sputtering and spurting every which direction and not at my wishes, while Transformation took hold. I heard a wonderful phrase, “Of course you have problems, you are Evolving!

Taking a deep breath, glancing over the past 15 years, putting them to rest and behold I saw a blossoming transfiguration deep within and monumental change in thinking and concepts to be accomplished, follow by – a strong instinctual bellow, “Watch Nature and live as you have live through Instincts.” Transformative energy never ceases as long as we are willing to accept the natural evolution of life; this was not going to be an easy year!

As adults this seems to become more difficult for the wants and needs in life are different in each culture, every different background, exposure, education and our own predisposition we are born with – oft times different from the very genetics that produced our particular DNA. We have a single particle cell which causes us to be “unique.” In our world, Unique is desirable “in the long haul,” nonetheless we fail to embrace a divergent development in teaching and learning of our world for each unique individual is vastly different; Savants, Geniuses, Blindness, Deafness and many more. 

Willful Transformation with Conscious Intent takes more thought and precision. 

While nature goes through cycles, from birth through death, we humans seem to be discordant to change. Many humans fear Death and Change, whilst these two factors are a Guarantee!  When observing nature and its natural storms, the rains unleash the nutrients in the soil around all roots, as every living particle of life and plant thrives.

How do we as the Bipedal Human make Transformation easier?  I traveled deep through thought and worked for the entire year and came to a simple conclusion; “trust your Instincts; return to the world, with what you have lived and studied, and hear this ~  you are enough in, who you are and who you will grow to be! 

Ah-Ha, several secrets in this phrased arose as I took a deeper dive into the knowledge of Self.  “I will never cease to learn for being curiously attentive – learning is life’s course. As a compassionate humanitarian, with a loving gentleness and fierceness if necessary in developing the future visions of life giving to others.” This was the simple yet life long quest.

Was this the simple dream all along? YES! And it took decades of work, learning, questioning, reading, and LISTENING! Worth the life spent and delivered at each intersection. All the transformation from the past has lead to a life of Transfiguration with Purpose. 

We all have the same abilities which expresses differently in each life. Quit trying to be like others. It is our Uniqueness that gives pause and attention by others in learning the panoramic screen of life. Appreciate your individual Beauty and Knowledge!

Decades ago I sat with Buddhist Monks learning “Quiet Mind Meditation.”  One day in meditation my mind was Quiet. I was so elated my mind started, “We reach Quiet mind, Wow, What an experience, We are Quiet!” “No you are not in Quiet Mind – Quiet means Quiet.” This realization brought a long giggle and a recognition of how fickle and transitional our human lives are, it was a passing moment of Quiet and then Thinking which was no longer Quiet.

There was the realization of a life long practice in being human which was not failure only recognition which leads to a choice, “what or which direction do we choose?”

There are no perfectly right answers, only Exploration and Change!

We can talk about ceasing the judgments and critical thinking. The maltreatment of Homeless or Refugees, Ageism in the corporate world, Sexism in all directions, ill supporting of our womanhood. Changing our governing bodies, making our countries supportive to all who abide. Changing our way of living in discarding trash which pollutes the oceans killing life.

Be that as it may, until we make a firm choice, Transformational action will only take a course of the energy it receives. We have much to mitigate on this planet in order to live dependently on Earth, work with nature, trust your instincts and Evolve!



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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Author ~Keynote Educator. Offering inspiration in Trauma Recovery and the benefits of Animal Instinctive Wisdom.

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