I wish I could write when my brain is half asleep and filled with wondrous ideas and explanations, with every example worded perfectly accompanied by exquisite photos. Alas, I am human and subject to the humbleness of “Regrets.”

Regrets are indeed a great life lesson for they never leave our side, they are a constant reminder of loss in some fashion.

“Not taking the chance on an opportunity, speaking out when necessary rather guarding our faltering ego – Not noticing how a person has been a staunch Champion, take a moment to express

boundless Gratitude – Being guarded when wishing to fall in love, that person passes us by – Busying ourselves with work,

forgetting the priceless years of our growing children – Speaking at more functions, delivering what wisdom came harshly. – Meeting as many strangers in person, forming new innovative connections – A choice which seem to have failed, yet knowing the Choice was correct, try it again.”

We Dread the Regrets that might happen, yet we do not see what we have missed due to our own fears, our busyness, often times we are too tunnel focused and forget, there is a huge world around us and it is time to welcome more into our lives and live!!

I have One Regret, that I did not see the immensity of what a Regret does bring; Humility! And allow the regret to move through my body, mind and life as a Phoenix in rebirth, more often. 

I have loved deeply one man and, that love continue to an Arabian horse for now 20 years. 

In my lifetime there have been tens of thousands of people I have met on three continents from the time I was a toddler. I have met strangers and gone to their beautiful homes, some had elevators, some gave me wine, some spoke to me of their life’s wonders, some fed me, and some abused me. Still I found my way home.

Is there a regret that might be current, Yes, and it is out of my hands. I regret not giving my dying service dog Sädé our own peaceful final home, while she takes her leave from this Earth. Her life was hard being a Service dog for the last 13.5 years, she deserves better! The costs of medical surgeries left me in a long impoverished circumstance, the long journey out and back is exhaustive and bitter. Regaining the once beautiful life I had may not be in her time. 

This has kept me humble for not always the choice emerges as a positive, yet the choice was the wisest.

Take a chance, say what needs to be said or response to the flurry; albeit difficult, there might be loss or might be a gain. Live with a conscious mind and eye with all that you do in life. Greet each person as if they are priceless, for they are, possibly for a lifetime.

This new year, I am walking with all new friends, in person! With each meeting I see how much time my healing took and there is regret, yet the time was ordained. The Eagle will soar once again.

Will there be regret in all our lives, absolutely. They are not to cripple one’s life rather to make us stronger in seeing alternatives. Will there be Regret at our bedside of death – welcome each one and in a seconds’ moment, transform yourself to the wisdom lived, leave in your deserved peace. For we all have human moments in life, the Regret is a teacher of Humility. 

Live and die with the strength of Humble Honor and this my Dear One will be your crown and glory.



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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Author ~Keynote Educator. Offering inspiration in Trauma Recovery and the benefits of Animal Instinctive Wisdom.

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  1. MicheleElys, you’ve certainly placed a new perspective of regrets into my existence. The idea that one should welcome regrets within the sphere of humbleness is profound. I would agree too, that any life which held no regrets was an empty life. I know I’m who I am because of my life’s experiences. Yet I do pause from time to time and wonder ‘what if?’ Choices I’ve made… were they really the right ones? Thanks for expanding my perspective.

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    1. MicheleElys says:

      Dear Michael,
      Honestly it was a surprise to my own process of writing when delving into the depths, then a wellspring gushed up and found an affirmative acquiescence being the transformative nature. Thank you for always bringing further life to the subjects offered. Thank you

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    2. MicheleElys says:

      Pardon my remiss, I have been deep in personal renovations on The Final Road. Yes, there is much to life we see in a state of fear and yet there is alternative opportunities in release and viewing a new panoramic world with no fear and to welcome what we have put asunder in our lives; “Regret is a major opportunity.”
      As most dread the Homeless venue, I met a woman name Peace long ago. She chose to live homeless and travel no matter where life and each person took her for the rest of her wise life. She wrote two books and I met her twice while I was very young. She had no fear
      As I glanced over the horizon of my last 15 years of medical impoverishment and now coming back to life, there were many “Regrets” many out of my control. In the end, all was in my control.
      Healing from 19 TBIs and concussion I did myself, my control. Letting go of all that was stolen, there are other treasures to be found.
      Each regret blossomed into a new opportunity I had the power to change and renew my life.
      Even finding the one man I have ever loved, he died a few years back, and had a happy life prior to his death albeit arduous.
      Instead, I lived my life in love with an Arabian, there was sorrow in the beginning, yet taking that regret and turning it into 20 years of love, compassion, learning and opening to other parts of life, “Regret was my phoenix of life.” Thank you my friend, for commenting, for each comment gives others a moment to move forward in letting go and allowance of new opportunities. Warming MicheleElys

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