Don’t Quit! Wisdom from a Kid

 Time to quit the boring complaints, and laugh at ourselves without embarrassment. Brighter futures are self-made!


Life never loses its humor when a “KID’s” knowledge usurps most adults in “common sense.”

Snap UP with some laughter at ourselves. I had to admit this month, It’s time for new directions in many areas of my life. Having a little scare yesterday,  my Arabian horse was  under the weather, acting peculiar with a fever. An emergency call to a new vet! KlassicAmir (my horse) was back to his spirited self in less than 5 hours! While I, took several weeks to implore change??

Time to laugh it off and get back to the adventure of life!

A Pep Talk from Kid President, observing our supposedly “Knowledgeable Adult Selves could be Boring!” Time to Shed that skin and look in different directions.

Yes, we imbue our lives with our own ideas of how to unravel life.  Do what a kid might do! Run in the rain stomping in puddles, skip in the sunshine, take your dog out and run around crazy, think of doing something completely out of character.

Later, back to resolving what directions to travel in life with a giggle. You know those things we adults deal with! The boss, being the boss – finding work, family dramas, partners…..

We need a Pep Talk!

Being instinctively Awesome, comes naturally to Kids and Animals. When a piece of life does not work, they turn their attention into wonderment. Adopting this natural skill could lead to adventurous moments wearing a smile. Smiles are infectious!



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