Beauty in Chaos

Colorado Annual Thunderstorms

Today the Solar eclipse occurred around the world, it was a Big Happening! And at the cafe where I was working, people all got up, invited others “The Eclipse is happening now.”

People shared their protective eye wear, some were taking pictures and it really was a fun big deal!

The Sun and Moon had a conversion. The colors were wondrous and how fun being around lots of Happy Strangers Sharing!

The sounds of happy people. Laughter echos from my neighbors. It is wonderful even during computer malfunctions, laughter, happy strangers makes life (just) Better!

Ideas flow, creativeness seems more prevalent ascending from its depths. Computers and cells produce chaotic moments, yet around laughter, nothing seems as bad when we are alone.

Saturday before last, was Colorado’s Cyclist race. And as kismet would have a whimsical opportunity, the entire procession happened in front of the barn where my Arabian horse lives. Sädé, my Blue Heeler dog and my KlassicAmir along with the three other resident horse’s eagerly watched in amazement.

I shot my first video, a YOUTube, it’s Silly!

As I went about my horsey chores, mucking up after the horses, cleaning and brushing KlassicAmir, the air began to change. This is Colorado, there is Sunshine, rain, hail, we are noted for our Thunderstorms with 5000 plus strikes of lightning, all magnificent heavenly streaks, and our occasional snow blizzards. August brings heat and thunderstorms in a flash.

The breeze became more than a brush of cooler air. Suddenly, I was running around the side of the barn to shut the upper side of the srudy dutch door and lock from inside. I felt a few large drops of rain. Sädé and I heard the rumble from the onslaught of the darkening clouds. Sädé, ran into the barn finding a safe place around the stacks of hay, with wide blinking brown eyes.

All four horses did something I never saw before, they all stepped outside of their stalls where they are able to see the storm and feel the blustery wind, the barns’ overhang protected them.

The tormenting flies became still and once again Chaos visited!

A torrential rain with sheets of water came pouring down. The blusterous force of the water on the barn roof was exhilarating, except for my Sädé.

The wind blew from the north and a pounding course of weather barreled in with hail, pummeling the barn roof and my car.

I ran the length of the barn, sliding the huge barn doors apart – grabbing the car door handle, rammed my left leg right into the metal.

Not noticing the leg damage, backed my car under the easement, preventing the sheets of hail from breaking all the windows.

The car now safe, it was Sädé fearful look when I saw terror in her eyes, not just from the thundering hail; but but but Mom, are you leaving me alone?? Precious little girl, a quick hug and pat relieved her terrified frights as she adjourned back to the bales of hay for safety.

The rain and hail would not quit, this was a prolonged storm. The sky was blackened with menacing clouds. I wondered about the cyclists, did they continue in their race? Found out later, they do!

For reasons incomprehensible to me, I found the cacophonous sounds comforting. Searching for a large bucket, picking up a big blue plastic bucket, walking through my Arabians’ stall, to the outside under the overhang, I sat beside him.

Some rain sprayed into our area, enough to sooth my face with a comforting chill from the August heat as I watched all four horses stand silently still.



Chaos was beautiful!


Twenty some minutes later the hail subsided, leaving the streets covered in white and green. The leaves from the trees were shredded, the hail covering the black asphalt in white ice.

KlassicAmir was first to return to his dinner, hay and grain and time for me to finish my duties.

The orange tabby and tortoiseshell cats sitting on top of the hay, with Sädé benefit all snuggled comfortably quiet.

Then there was a Loud HUSH!

It was the hush that took me away as I sat – all was quiet………………..

The rains spurted their gushing flows through gutters onto the rocks down to the pasture.

A beautiful aroma consumed the air from the freshly soaked earth. Listening to all four horses breathing deeply as they re-entered their stalls. KlassicAmir grazing at his hay, I sat once again with Sädé by my side on the blue bucket.



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