Being Oddly Normal – Inspires People!

First: What is Normal?

Leonard Nimoy, the infamous Spock on Star Trek was told by Gene Roddenberry, “be different than everybody else. Star Trek was a huge success for the uniqueness in cast, and its visionary Gene Roddenberry.

We are completely ourselves, being human, with Quirks!


BLEND OUT with Your Quirks!

What brought TBI’s to the forefront of human awareness, has been the extenuating circumstances of Sports and our Soldiers coming home from war. It was about time we paid attention to our Brains!

BIAC, here in Colorado, has many resources available to those with TBIs. Liz Gerdeman , MA (writes below) / Director of Professional Programs / 

Liz recently published and spoke about TBIs & CTE. Educate yourself! Don’t be shy, know many are standing alongside you, offering knowledgeable help for your Brain Dysfunction.

Astounding figures, over 10 million people, around the globe are affected by TBIs on an annual basis; this is mind boggling! (Pun intended!) What the human spirit requires are the many who have experienced the horrors of TBIs and are able to articulate in layman’s language the recovery process. Teaching each other how to maneuver through the steps of recovery. Most important how to recognize the onset of TBIs and its causes!

How does this relate to being Oddly Normal in having a Traumatic Brain Injury or Brain Dysfunctions: a functioning person will experience a flow of normalcy, whether that be in the public genre or private with family and friends for hours or days, even at work. Then suddenly, with great anguish, the Quirks hit and TBI people become “Panicked, Inarticulate, Fumbling, Failing Discombobulated – Raging at times, Awkward Individuals. Welcome to Human Nature!

Damn frustrating quirks!

This is normal!! The Brain has not completely recovered and recovery takes time, often longer than any of us expect! Hope is, remembering recovery is Probable!

These moments are severely frustrating for the injured individual, and shocking for whomever might be present witnessing such behavior. Those whom are not injured often want to help – most times their actions do not help!! And we are a species who have lost our natural instincts in listening and observation of behavior due to ego!!

Yes, you are going walk into door jams, say the wrong words or forget immediately what you intended to say. Lose your thought process in a conversation or veer off into an entirely different unexpected subject, and forget to make the subject of your Quirks Funny!!!

Drop things, forget to pick up your child or spouse or friend, or maybe, you forgot to eat that day. Have Panic attacks and shake. Brain Pain!! Your brain might feel like a Squashed Melon, or Scrambled Eggs while you are in the middle of a conversation, worse walking into work. Or you may not be able to work for a number of years. Homelessness is a heinous part of TBIs. Wake up at odd hours, have nightmares and feel DAMN SCARED and ALONE! Want to Kill Yourself!! Immense Frustration and anger at the loss of the life you once had!

It’s Damn hard with others not understanding, feeling as if you are being judged; you are! We humans have the most difficult time understanding differences. However, we do indulge and succeed in our distinctions!

Turn away, walk a different direction and leave that moment behind. Let yourself cry, shake, tremble – it’s all part of being normal with a brain injury.

There are many of us who have recovered from TBIs and we are taking to the public stages – hospitals – TEDTalks; lending a compassionate ear in understanding, giving hope, where there was none! We are educators, landscapers, lawyers, doctors, cashiers, singers, IT & programmers. We are people, normal people who have the hideous memories and had to overcome all mentioned here and more. We are people who want everyone to know, the judgements did not take us down, they stung like a bee stinger! People hurt us, but they did not destroy our depths! Instead we give HOPE!

Here is a list of books that might help, if you have a person who might read to you, or you have retained your reading comprehension. Loss of reading comprehension is normal, there are ways to correct this dysfunctions!

Tupac Shakur, in his brilliant – unfortunately short life and career was different and reveled in his uniqueness! Tupac knew and astutely states  (my theory in) Blend Out! Tupac knew what success was, it is the uniqueness we all bring, in our own individual selves.

I do not know if either Tupac or Nimoy had head injuries, BUT (!!) they were distinct in their individuality!!

Success is measured in what a person leaves behind, the footprint, your uncommon qualities. Brain injuries are agonizing to live with, and yet, under all that torment and misery is a wondrous person, militant to emerge. Let that person Live! 



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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery model for Trauma/TBI Improvement, Recovery to maintenance, Need a Consult? Connect with MicheleElys email LinkedIn, 

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