Perceptions: Share & Augment Your World

Love me or hate me, both are in my favor. If you love me, I will always be in your heart. If you hate me, I will always be in your mind. William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s statement profoundly reflects the human experience of perception.

I could fill pages with quotes from everyday wo/man to esteem philosophers, inspiring the ability to expand or contract our perceptions that are filtered through our own personal lenses.

This is where our behavior, relationships and trust values come into play in our lives.

Do we Invite In or do we Repel the very Ideals we Seek?

Here are some simple questions we can ask ourselves involving the following:

  • Friends/Family
  • Work
  • Volunteer
  • Outdoor activities
  • Arts and social affairs
  1. How do you see yourself in relation with the world around you?
  2. How do you see yourself in relationship with the people in your life?
  3. Do some areas of your perception need augmenting or elimination?
  4. Are you feeling confident in moving forward in a boarder spectrum of life?
  5. What is the broaden trajectory?

The first place we all can start is: how do we benefit the world at large? Whether it be our work, relationships and goals setting. Do those goal benefit more than the department and those who you work with?

Taking this a bit further, we impact the world through moments in conversation, bringing new people into our world establishing new goals through new relationships. How far reaching are these precious moments in conversation? What prosperity has your energy generated?

The challenge for individual perspectives as we look outward from the self, most times the self is in need. In need of a new beginning, reward, support or some degree of personal augmentation or connection.

There is a larger scope to measure; what do we see in the long term that had to be accomplished in the now?

These connections we seek, are they serving a broader view which connects the individuals in an original conversation. Sharing the stream of conversation, augmenting many whom we might never meet, for the original connections will continue to reach and inspire other thoughts – actions and conversations through daily activity.

Our world stands at a crucial edge. A fulcrum point so imperative, we must begin to see our actions benefit in a global sense as well as our individual lives.

In the unknown is where we find discoveries.

We all have skills that have developed from our personal stories, these have the potential to impact a portion of our world. And as stated in the beginning of a perception; what are we willing to let go of and what are we willing to change listening to another person’s statement in which to build upon? Allowing ideas to fervently take on their own lives and spread, uplifting each person to inspire more action.

In my life, inspiration comes from the most common and ordinary moments and ordinary people. A stranger standing in a grocery store line, where time offers an opportunity to have a conversation. Those conversations have been most auspicious and revealing! How their life’s evolution unfolded, traumatic or loving events changed their perceptions in relationship to the world, having to adapt and move forward.

Strength begins with unwavering resilience, not brittle aggression. Seth Godin

Opening our perceptions embracing Differences brings all of us together. We expand in life. With each expansion, our brains perceive a different outlook with resilience ready to adapt to more knowledge, gaining wisdom, increasing our individual lives.

This is what Karma truly represents. Karma is not punitive, its very existence is a statement of augmentation or contraction in our world.

The connecting hands along life’s path are invaluable.

Formulate a new trajectory and share it each day opening new perceptions, with the willingness to embrace all sides.

Yours is an acquaintanceship that touches the heart! Angie Teo shared this feeling of our short relationship which continues to inspire and bewilder me. The bewilderment promotes my perception to see another view point.

Greet each day with a willingness to have a new view in life, a small particle of difference, allowing your instincts to guide you.

It’s about perception: eloquently stated in a different format TedTalks presents Jude Kelly!

This is dedicated to Michael Sales a friend and TedX speaker.



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