Change Your Perceptions Implores Willingness

There is a sense of Freedom experienced in our lives when we change our perceptions, for it is out of our own choosing.”


I’m Stuck! Ever hear or say these words? Stuck is a feeling we experience when we do not see “Newness or our desires and goals being achieved. Our very nature lives in a continual changing environment. Were all the changes decided by you or were you along for the ride?

First steps in Changing Perceptions: Awareness and Willingness to embrace new ideas, differences and allowance to expand.

To live freely, we must learn to “Look and Listen” to our own instincts and others who have different perspectives.

Listening to our own instincts that something is not working, we need change. And, when we enter into a conversation, a dialogue with another person or group, we actively Listen and Share, with our ears, eyes and feeling senses.

The brain has many spontaneous senses and responses and is quick to develop new neural pathways. This is where Change is promoted and begins development. Your willingness to enter into differences, accept and incorporate new developments, new venues, new outlooks changes the [seemingly] “Stuck position.”

Awareness is a key factor to the actions we take leading to new results. Taking charge of our thoughts directing ourselves to the outcome of our choosing.

Change is as easy as sharing. Sharing adds a benefit from different positions held and experienced by another person. Not everyone will be your best friend, but Everyone has a different perspective to offer. Willingness to listen and hear, absorb that difference, incorporate a slight aspect changes your perspective. This changes the brain’s behavior. The small steps equate to quantum leaps.

  1. Listen to new people and other ideas
  2. Build Awareness where change can be incorporated
  3. Take small steps for success leading to larger outcomes
  4. List out the goals and ask, are they reasonable
  5. Be willing to change

Finally, look back over a week or month and list the changes you have made or others you may have affected and have lent support to in discussion. Maybe something you read had a profound increase in your life which you were not aware of. These moments develop confidence in viewing your own forward motion.

Build new ideas cognitively into your life. You will see your perspectives have changed and possibly the people you speak with will change as well. You will begin to adjust to changing environments, trust yourself more and develop more confidence. This promotes continual motion from the brain, for you are feeding new life into your body and mind, which will in turn trigger more responses from the brain to seek expanded perceptions.



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