Choice! Drama or Happiness

Every morning I wake to love and happiness. My cat Simsai, opens his eye, leans towards me and begins to purr. My dogs Sädé comes over excited to begin the day with playful happiness. Happiness Choice!

The previous evening, I watched an action movie Jason Bourne, it’s entertainment. Thrilling – excitable – energizing creative juices to flow through my brain, byway of Choice and knowing this is fiction.

Music is cathartic when writing, My Choice; “The Last of The Mohicans.

There are other dramas in life which occur daily, where we choose to not pay attention. We continuously make Choices and excuses, either out of ignorance (which is Choice) or denying reality with such phrases as – “Boys will be Boys.”

Outside the balconies of my apartment is an expansive Prairie Dog village living amicably; a congenial family community. The Huge Complex is committed in protecting the animal village.

I began to study their simple concordant life style: their social compatibility is of face to face communication. A complex language of sounds and behavior, instinctively adaptable; each family in their separate (very clean) burrows.

On Friday three teenage boys where walking by, each picking up stones and deliberately throwing the stones to harm the Dogs. Immediately, I rose from reading, and stated “Do not throw stones or harm the dogs, you respect and leave the dogs alone!” They snickered and moseyed along their way.

Ten minutes later, the boys passed again, the tallest checking to see if I was on the balcony which they could not see. As they passed, thinking they were out my eye’s view, the youngest picked up some stones and with more vigilance, threw the stones directly at the Prairie Dogs, sending them scattering to their burrows alerting their community. The middle aged boy followed the action. I watched the boys, noting where they lived. What I found abhorrent was, a later action by the youngest boy.

The Prairie Dogs are safe, nestled deep in the ground by the evening’s sunset.

As the boys returned to play in the area, which is common playground for the children. The youngest, with vehemence and red faced rage, pummeled one borough with stones and boulders. This purposeful display of violent rage for a 10 year old is a huge signal to me, “the boy has extreme problems already displaying overt violence against the vulnerable!

These aggressive behaviors of violence are addressable, by a parent, or school counselor who must be informed or aware; unfortunately the majority are not. The egregious dismantling of life with predatory results, through many studies seem to be on the lower percentile stated by Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D NYS.

As I watched Sue Klebolds’ heart breaking TedTalks, a mother whose remorse, anguish and blaming herself for not being a more attentive mother, did not see the horror in her son’s behavior. Dylan committed suicide after taking part in killing 13 people and himself at Columbine school in Colorado

It is heart breaking and yet very enlightening. We simply cannot always see what some people hide very well. We here in Colorado have moved on, for Sue Klebold the despair haunts her still after 18 years.

Here are two personal stories in being Altruistic rather than Violent:

When I was a little girl (small in stature) about 5 years old, I saw several boys tormenting a cornered cat, throwing rocks. Running over, standing in the middle to protect the cat, I Roared, stop that! Then I performed an incredible act, I charge them! They ran away yelling at me. The boys running away surprised me! Turning to the cat, instinctively crouching downward, giving the cat a safe position to leave. Trusting Choice.

The same happened about a year later with a Large Dog behind a chained linked fence. Once again Boys taunting the dog. The dog’s mouth was frothing, jumping and barking in it’s own defense. Again, I placed myself between the boys and against the fence and Roared Stop! My eyes bulged! As the boys ran away, I turned to the dog, crouched down to allow the dog to calm and trust. Choice, instinctive response.

My continued experiences with all animals have been on a phenomenal side of trust through instinctual behavior here in the Rocky Mountains and other places I have lived. Adventuring Choice!

Exploring the natural world of animals, I found tranquility and compatibility through intrinsic communication and innate behavior. Having met face to face within 15 feet, a couple of wild grey wolves; immediately searching for my camera our eyes were fixated upon each other. I was enamoured, the wolves being undaunted, turned and continued their purposeful mission. I have walked with Elk in wooded areas, entering yards with unknown dogs some Pit Bulls, and a plethora of stories, some a bit foolish, yet never being harmed.

The Choice is living in harmlessness and acceptance; the animals impulse is to trust.

Where did humans go terribly wrong? For we are of animal nature.

Many of us scientists, are attempting to understand the violent nature through neuroscience and genetics. I do believe this can be traced through the limbic system, but this does not resolve the problem of violence, yet!

Abigail Marsh: Why some people are more altruistic than others

The brain changes through behavior, this has been proven. Choice!

I know personally the phenomena of the brains’ ability to fully recover from multiple serious TBIs and a horrific childhood. It was my Choice!

A Choice to have a better life, supportive friends, trusting relationships, even better jobs. A conscious Choice in not watching TV or listening to vulgar news; it’s purpose is to be deplorable, depicting humans as violent.

We are not! The majority of the populous, in many countries have chosen cooperative societies and conscientious life styles.

This conscientious choice is available to everyone. Less Drama, more Trust leads to more Happiness.



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