LinkedIn Is Not A Dating Site!!


LinkedIn, a Business Professional site which has been plague by unwanted advancements after a simple “connection request,” to many Lady Members. Sexual Harassment comes in all forms. Worse women’s home addresses have been discovered which resulted in Stalking and law suits.

It took us Ladies several years to have LinkedIn to implement a “Block” button, it is still not easily found.

How old is the picture in your profile?” Or any other comment about a woman’s appearance, is a mild form of sexual harassment that will escalate and has!

LinkedIn is NOT a Dating Site!

I am of the educated confidence to neither be lecture to, or told what to do. Nor do I appreciate any other fallacious advancement regarding my appearances.

We ladies have joined LinkedIn as a professional collective. Adding educated wisdom and experience to benefit a professional Business forum.

LinkedIn, is not a dating site nor a chance for a one night stand! Know your rights!

What’s New Pussy Cat by Tom Jones was an insult to us refined professional ladies.


Here is this weeks thus far HIT ON

James Zubin: Consultant geologist at safety kleen

His comment: You look beautiful, can i ask how recent is the picture you have on your profile?? I hope we can be friends??

James is now being blocked after covertly asking if I might want “Funding for my business” after making more comments about my appearances. This is highly inappropriate. His view is he is “only complimenting me,” when I clearly stated “respect my privacy, I’m not interested!” Reporting to LinkedIn, well the mild nature of his transgressions and him not reading my words as spoken, well is not severe enough to warrant further action. Nonetheless when men are relentless over a photograph, which is a concern!

While this is rather mild in comparison to other queries: If you hit on me on LinkedIn, with any suggestive (inquiry) to lascivious verbiage regarding my appearances, this is where you will land – EXPOSED!

My life is involved with serious research and findings, for those who suffer from TBI or other Trauma events. My studies and findings are geared for – Recovery and Solutions from Trauma!

We have brought greatness to this world from Hypatia 280BC to Queen Elizabeth the 1st, and forward.

We women keep our bodies and brains healthy, this is wisdom, being part of the adult world. Our appearances are not an invitation. You may find many of us Ladies enjoy many forms of Martial Arts for decades, as a form of discipline.

Be a Gentleman! Ask your mother the appropriateness of what you might be requesting. Or adopt the idea, Don’t ask!

Comments such as: Hey Beautiful, or What’s Up Pretty Woman, You’re drop dead Sexy Gorgeous, these overtures are not welcomed.

Our posted photos and videos are not displayed in Penthouse, Playboy or Victoria Secret. This is LinkedIn a Business Professional site.

All Women are to be appreciated for who they are and what they bring to this world, it’s called, R E S P E C T!

We women are: Specialists with Authority. A plethora of Artists, Film Makers or Actors. We Ladies are Emancipated Authors of all subjects. Erudite Political Office members or Armed Force Commanders. SoloPreneurs and Entrepreneurs, Ted-X associates, Nobel Laureates, professional Keynote Speakers making decisions for the betterment of world. We speak on subjects to augment our world and humanity.

Remember, Women’s Suffragettes, Ratified on August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granted American women the right to vote.

The world has changed. We Ladies are not chattel to be own, we purchase our own homes, pay cash for our cars. We Vote and speak our own minds, and we say NO to lurid comments!

Treat us with respect or you are going to hear about your behavior online with your name exposed. Do not mistreat us Ladies! We will not tolerate boyish teenager behavior.

Whether our picture is one of Black or White, Coloured or Artistic. Whether we have jeans on while mucking up after our horses, or raising children for a prosperous world. You treat us with respect!

A Tame Woman Never Makes History © MicheleElys

We may wear stilettos heels while donning a beautiful silk gown to attend a White Tie Event. An Event we most likely spent many a volunteered hour helping a charity cause. Be careful of your intentions.

I am a daughter of a Military Officer and Commander, he is also an elected Politician, I was born a de facto republican, this does not state my political views, this does state: “I am my Fathers’ Daughter!”

I was brought up to respect and honor others, to treat everyone with the greatest regard. Wonder-lust men you had better do the same!

This is a Work Place Professional Site.

Dedicated to Behavioral Solutions for the betterment of life. ©

only those who know

About the Author: Dragon Slayer of Myths™ MicheleElys is a Writer – Keynote Speaker. Innovative Behavioral Solutions & TBI Trauma Recovery. Founder of CNBR [cognitive neural behavior rewiring].

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