The Deceptiveness Of Traumatic Brain Injuries

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TBI is a Personal mission!! A subject I have dedicated my life to, in educating others.

Do I appear to be seriously injured to you?

I was!

In all the photos on Google/online, including those with my Arabian horses, you might have seen over the past decade, I was horribly injured.

A result of a slip and fall on black ice and asphalt which broke my body.  I emulated “Humpty Dumpty” for 13 years; that fall stole my life and my brain.

I am not a Victim of life’s circumstance! Instead I am a Winner on a Mission!

Beyond the physical (painful) surgeries I would face over a 10 year period, the impact caused a serious TBI. Which in the forth coming years would increase to a total of eleven (11) TBIs.

The physical injuries, in the long run became the lesser of evils over those 13 years. Joint surgeries are extremely painful, worse than child birth!

The Traumatic Brain Injuries knocked me to my knees and buried my face in a quagmire of multiple misfitted systems; there was no stone un-turned in this ugly story.

The for-profit insurance game. Next, for-profit lawyers! It’s a non-winning loss which implodes on itself. Recovery time was more than daunting anguish. The dysfunction on my part was mind-boggling, for I could not make my brain work.

I sat in front of a dark computer screen, it was not turned on, my brain could not manage telling my hand to turn the computer on!

The concussive symptoms ran the gamut!

The wiring in my brain was twisted into unraveling knots and coils to the point I could not formulate a simple congruent sentence.

Jumping forward (for this is not the book I am writing on these excruciating tormenting years), I did fully recover over time

The recovery was up to me to study the associated TBI dysfunctional behavior.

A daunting venture, filled with anguish, suffering, and SHAME!

First, my lawyers told me, “You are being a difficult patient.” You bet I was so called difficult! My life was ripped away! Finding medical professionals who did not have the equivalent knowledge as I did (or more), being misdiagnosed, medical professionals writing erroneous notes regarding our meetings, the stories written did not correspond to the facts. You bet I set the record straight, while firing the medical personnel. I also ended the lawyer relationship rather early in my case, since there would be a subjugation. Meaning lawyers will make their nice bundle and the patient, well you are %$*#@ on your own.

I had two great surgeons that put my Humpty Dumpty body back together again. Several fantastic physical therapists along with an aggregate of several Brainspotting therapists. During these years, I did see over three dozen doctors and therapists, with only a dozen who helped me regain the person who I knew prior to that horrible day.

When offered drugs to heal my broken twisted noodle brain; the immediate response from my Redheaded mouth was: Are you NUTS? The brain does not heal on drugs. Remember the commercial? “Drugs, see that egg on Drugs getting Fried in the pan!”

This does not denote medical personnel and lawyers are bad and lacking intelligence or proficiency. Many are dedicated in seeing others recover!

You have every right to be in control of your medical recovery! This comes with a cutting two edge sword.

1. We need help to recover and for the most part, people do not know what they need. Many do not have family or friends who might be of assistance.

2. We need wise medical staff that are patient, empathetic and knowledgeable!

Just Sade


My best friend and constant companion, was and is my Service dog Sädé.

When entering a required Homeland security search; I announce, I am bionic! Sädé is summoned to the nearest smiling guard, she immediately sits, watches and waits.

The guard statements resounds, “What happened to you” is now rather humorous. My reply is always the same: “it’s a long story.”

TBIs are Deceptive in appearance! TBIs are not visible, and this causes a great amount of Shame for the person who is injured. There is no controlling the brain’s malfunctions once there is a damaging impact. The wiring is askew which requires REST, and Therapy to Recover!

The loss is monumental! And there is a death of self which must be dealt with; this is Trauma event. There is a duality. The original person now afflicted with a TBI lives inside, while not able to function on the outside.

The trick is, making that person who is deeply hidden inside, function once again on the outside in their life.

I did completely recover my body’s functions to ride my Arabian horses and more.K warmth in 14 degreesI had several life skills allowing my recovery more probable. My specialty was Trauma Recovery, and I was always a problem resolution person. My Arabian horses and Sädé helped me want to stay alive.

The recovery was more than an arresting aggravation.

Everyone desires their brain to heal! It’s called “Evolution.” The brain evolves. The brain is trainable! You will regain more than yourself; you will be free from the torment!

It takes GRIT. The Faltering means you pick yourself up, develops confidence in one’s self. Be determined to start again and again. Your courage will fail you, that internal GRIT will be your best friend.

There is Hope for Hope is Tangible.

Yes, TBIs are very personal!



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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery model for Trauma/TBI Improvement, Recovery to maintenance, Need a Consult? Connect with MicheleElys email LinkedIn, 

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  1. MicheleElys says:

    Zorozoo, I am not sure what your question is. You may speak in your own language we have Google Translator on this page.
    BTW name is MicheleElys ;D Thank you for reading my work.


  2. Great to have known you through my old friend David F Leopold!

    Such an inspiring write up. It is your own experience makes it all the more great.

    Reminds me of one of the sayings of my spiritual Guru – Sadhguru.

    He says that every time we look at a clock to check the time we should give ourselves a BIG Smile and be thankful that we are still ALIVE! Because every minute someone somewhere dies.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you for your quote from Guru-Sadhguru. Self gratitude is important when we do achieve what many tell us is impossible! Life is very short for all the accomplishments some of us wish to achieve. It is very short!! Thank you again MicheleElys


    2. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you Vivekananda, so delighted you stopped by, please continue and do share your brilliance with us
      Cheers MicheleElys


    3. MicheleElys says:

      Dear Vivekananda,
      I wrote a reply to long ago and I do not see it. So Thank YOU now!! I have had a few major glitches with WP and I hope you will be around in coming months when I will continue writing more on TBI Recovery, after more formal neurosciences studies. Thank you, albeit late and second time around. Sincerely, MicheleElys


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