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Self Preservation – This means YOU! Yes, you Entrepreneurs! And, everyone else with your cell phones that require a  surgical removal!

We all need R E S T! In today’s life sty­le, rest comes at a premium for we have lost the ability to know what rest is.


I have learned to LISTEN, over this last decade, as I recovered from extensive trauma to my body and brain from an egregious slip on black ice, “if I do not rest while my body and brain are still healing the results are dire.”

please no more explanationsWhen we hit our own wall of exhaustion, we have gone too far. The brain shuts down, the body will shut down in some form or another. Many catch colds or a variation of flu strains being passed around by other exhaustees!

And why do some never come down with these “common ailments?” It’s the way their brain and bodies are programed and fed. We shut down(!) in different ways. Here are some examples.

What to recognize and learn from:

cute rottie puppy

  1. Learn how your mind and body have had enough
  2. Recognize when both sides of your brain are not in sync.
  3. Snapping at the dog?? YOU ARE STRESSED – time out! The dog does not deserve this.
  4. Solitude – Quiet ??? Where?? You ask, well you need to learn to rest – you are overdue!
  5. Pushing to resolve problems; instead you become irritated and frustrated with yourself
  6. Eating bad food or not eating at all
  7. Fatigue – this is when your brain shuts down

A little lesson on the brain – many of you know this, here is a reminder.

The brain uses 25% of your daily energy. Let me break this where are my wordsdown for you, this means: 25% of caloric intake, 25% of your brain thought power, 25% of your emotional kindness/energy, 25% of your creativity, 25% of your common sense (does “how uncommon common sense is” ring a bell)? The brain takes 25% of all of you every day.

Are you exhausted just reading this information?

How are you feeding yourself? Do you eat healthy? Do you eat Monsanto foods? If the latter is true, your body will break down faster and you are the type that will have the colds and flues.

tree leopard


What to do, easy simple steps:




  1. Read some positive material, books, articles, nice emails!!!
  2. Stay quiet and if at all possible, alone time!
  3. Turn that TV OFF!!
  4. Winter time, great time to light that wood stove and gaze out a window
  5. Find some sunshine, bundle up and breathe fresh air.
  6. Meditate, watch yourself breathe, better yet – watch the breathing of your dog that you just snapped at.
  7. Get out in Nature, walk quietly

All this is called reflection time. What does this do for you? Allows you to be a nicer person to be around! Your mind will recognize the opportunities that were passing you by, while being STRESSED! Your subconscious has resolved those problems as you slept that night. nuzzling horsesYou SMILE! Ideas begin to flow, your body feels the motion from inside – no 4 cups of coffee needed – or a rush to Starbucks for the triple espresso.

Take the break! R E S T ….wHAT it means to you and me!

Simplistic Brain facts: you have been working while resting (!) allowing  the brain a fresh start in the morning, as the body does daily. The amyloids flush through the brain while sleeping, leaving the brain to become re-activatedLearningMemorybrain. Your creativity will communicates with the frontal cortex, all four lobes  organize and resolve problems, lend to more creativity, reasoning, ability to see opportunities, allows the Limpid centers, such as the  Hippocampus to engage without the stress responders being overloaded. The fatigue you experience reduces and you will less likely snap at your dog or friend or family member.

Being an entrepreneur is difficult to let go and  to admit: “I have hit my own wall and my brain has shut down.” All I am able to produced today is this simple blog, about R E S T. Knowing later, the late blog I am currently researching,  “A Legacy of Women” is almost done. The research will continue for another three – four months. The two books will become more productive in writing, if I pay attention and R E S T. I and WE have this one life to live, this time around, make it worth living every moment! This includes rest!

a Sade cute look


My dog Sadë smiles more readily; she is hilarious! Look at her cute face.  The energy will restore itself, the body will not crash, and those problems; in a flash there will be some resolution streaming from the subconscious.


Give yourself a break and re-learn to R E S T ! You will appreciate your life much more and others will appreciate having the new you around for their comfort as well. As my friend Jane Anderson states: Attitude to Gratitude! ;D