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canopy of life

Transforming our limitations begins with an Idea, which ignites our Inspiration. The next automatic response is born, internal Passion blazes as the sun rises each day.

Following the stream of these three causations, fires internal fortitude – searching around the interior depths, beginning the transformation. We see in our sights limitation of self and know intrinsically there is change knocking on our door. Time to fly once again, beyond what is known into the unknown spheres of life. Reaching – sometimes scared of our own dreams.

What happens when we go beyond our limitations? We create a wondrous new universe within ourselves on many levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, all senses livened.

The brain generates change, forming new clusters of positive neuronets. This all feeds the mind with new formats in thoughts, ideas, promoting our need to reach out to others for more.be light

The body physically sparks at the cellular structure, firing new energy through the blood stream, pumping the heart, filling the brain with new thoughts. Revived blood cells courses down through one’s entire body; regeneration.

The process commences on many levels beginning with: ideas, inspiration passion.

The physical body feels a potent change and bolsters. Standing straighter, stronger, willingness to move, energy fires filled with new vibrant life. The experience is – alive! Oft times a physical sensation of being scared in determination.

This exacerbates the next level in process, our emotions: self-esteem surges, new confidence finds a provenance. Curiosity is spawn, facial expression begin to change, and the eyes spark dilating the pupils. Sounds of ideas generate throughout all our senses.

An announcement is made, the fortitude soldiers deep inside us awaken. It is time for a piece of limitation to change and become a honed skill, a quality, a bastion of time adding to our stalwart of confidence. A new formula to offer to the world.

given lifeAuthentic power rises its body, we hear the roar of intuition speaking to us.

Grabbing a piece of paper, the computer, something to write the moment’s vision or thought. Sometimes backing off, questioning the modicum sparked moment; turning then to scale a mountain.

We know these moments well. The deep seeded feeling of inertia, nevertheless the block in limitations has reached its time. Now to perform and go where our dreams are reaching. Change is about to take place with Limitation rattling its doors.

Leap and let your wings spread, for faith in one’s self is a monolithic journey. The urge has overcome the frighten persona. It is time! We are at the edge of our comfort zone.

phoenixFeel the beat of a different drummer, the song is rising in you. You are the Phoenix rising from the ashes. You have come to face a piece that has held you back.

Emotionally down trodden, physically your shoulders have slump from time to time. The brain was asleep. Dreams were forging during the night, pushing into a new realm, reaching into unknown territories. Deep inside, the intuition is quietly speaking unknown words.

Instincts are calling – they are familiar voices –we know this time, new life is on the horizon and so are the challenges. The challenges that take limitation to new heights.

Yes we CAN are the words we must confirm.

Here is an excellent talk by Carol Dweck: The Power of Believing That you Can Improve. TedTalks.com

Limitations. Disabilities, impairments, afflictions, drawbacks, incompetency, weakness, infirmity. We have lots of words for our limitations.

Now at our crossroads once again, time speaks through the winds of change “it is time, come take my invisible hand and journey once again.”

We cry: “it is so hard and scary. It is the unknown – will I make it this time?” What will come from the unknown?

The wind says “have faith in yourself, time to fly once again. Your wings have grown longer without you noticing. You have come to this edge of life and you are now ready. Leap and spread your wings. It is time.”

Being human is terrifying and thrilling when facing our limitations.

Utilizing some people as examples, some, you may have heard of. First the more obvious in our lives; athletes. Often times an athlete begins as a young child, as it did with Tiger Woods. tiger not happyHis war cry, “it never rains.”

The body must endure hours of sweat, burning muscles, no break to achieve perfection and still traverse. The mental capacity to win, and never give in, is embolden in every thought, every cell. The training time is never ending. He has pushed his golfing skills and then reaching a peak, seeing a limitation where no one else could imagine a fault, Tiger reached further to improve. For passion allows no limitations.

The mind is a constant fine honed razors edge, and that razor cuts deeply at times. Winning is the constant goal. What we do not see is how the winning is crafted and why. This is our intrinsic nature and differs from person to person.

I never watched golf until Tiger Woods came onto the golf course. Although I was from a golfing family, my intrinsic nature was to be with the gentle power of horses.

tiger happyAs our humanity dictates we have failing moments. The passion regales, beyond the gossip, beyond the public scrutiny all posturing to drag us down. The resilience speaks, “don’t give in or give up.” With poise, Tiger walked onto the golf course, built-up power in his body that spoke “I Can and I Will. This is my life and what I live for.”

Look at the determination in the eyes, there is no defeat – only Fire!


Per TedTalks: https://www.ted.com/talks/majora_carter_s_tale_of_urban_renewal#t-208098

Majora Carter, a visionary in 1998 found an abandoned puppy at what she thought was another illegal South Bronx dump site. Majora kept the puppy and continued what would be a local economic development movement across the USA. She Majora Carterredefined the field of environmental equality.

Being given only $10,000.00 seed fund donation, realizing the donors had no concept of the monolithic project that laid ahead. Seated in this small region of South Bronx where: City waste, Back Waste, Sewage Treatment Plant, Sewage Pettetizing Plant, 4 Electrical Plants, 60,000 diesel trucks arriving weekly in the area. South Bronx was one of the worst radio to parks to people in NYC. Where the recommendation stood at 2.5 acres per 1000 people, South Bronx had 0.5 acres per 1000 people.

Majora Carter’s vision to transform urban renewal through an environmental lens. The South Bronx native draws a direct connection between ecological, economic and social degradation. Hence her motto: “Green the ghetto!”

With her inspired ideas and fierce persistence, Carter managed to bring the South Bronx its first open-waterfront park in 60 years, Hunts Point Riverside Park. Then she scored $1.25 million in federal funds for a greenway along the South Bronx waterfront, bringing the neighborhood open space, pedestrian and bike paths, and space for mixed-use economic development.

I have known the winds of change and how their gusts feel all my life.dream punch There have been endless storms tossing me into deep frightening whirlpools of the emotional ocean and then spat me out, breaking my body on the landing. Breathless, bleeding, friendless with only my dog and horse by my side gazing at me with their soft believing eyes of trust.

While I did not battle the public or giant waste dump corporations, I had a broken body and brain. Those debilitating limitations were overcome, my spirit had to fly continuously until change became my best friend. And yet as I write I find some restrictions of mind, internal thoughts: can I deliver more than my best to inspire?

We must feel our future, live the vision albeit not clear, drag our limbs, find the fortitude inside and reach – jump – then fly. Reaching out in seemingly empty air for the bright canopy of life.

face of deathEradicating ourselves from the “stench of the death bog “that humanity has created over centuries. The naysayers of life; those whom are consumed with jealousy – greed – insecurities of all kinds. Limited mind sets, lacking integrity, abashed in the dramas and collusions of life. We all must face the demons and how they show their apparitions.

No matter the position you hold in the corporate world, entrepreneurial lifestyle, relationships; when change has been knocking at your interior door – that knocking will never cease.

For it was you who asked to be reminded, to come and reach beyond “the limitation.” Yes, you, yourself, the power of your fire, the spirit you have grown from birth. And here is passion reaching – pulling – beckoning – shimmering in front of you once again.

The predisposed spirit would never relinquish. Live the reckoning, live the aspirations, live Authentically.

Life hangs in the balance and infinite possibilities are available during the years we have. At this moment prod another limiting thought, another limiting sadness of loss, another moment where we find an excuse to not walk the dog, breath fresh air, connect with a stranger – ” limitation turn to regrets; change up your brain. We have limited time on this planet, this life is only one you have at this moment.

hands of light

You, as you know yourself now, will die. Your body will die. Do not waste another moment – listen – stand up – step out – hold yourself high and say “Yes, I am here to be who I am and live who I am to become. The time will come for you to rest and then, the winds will blow again, asking: “it is time – another limitation must be met, to live beyond your dreams.”

MicheleElys is an Inspirational Life Storyteller, TBI & Trauma-recovery Specialist, Author/Blogger, Life Adventurer. Her trademark motto Change your thinking, Change your life,™ I help people, who have had devastating life circumstances get out of their victim box. Her current projects include constructing and editing two nonfiction books (Brilliance Disrupted and Sammie Kewl Kat) and her blog: “ Wrong Things Gone Right.”   http://about.me/micheleelys https://micheleelys.wordpress.com/ http://goo.gl/iTWLTN