The Common Cold and Flu: What?

magic of a snowy night

What? Common? Why common, does everyone get Flus and Colds? No! There are areas of the globe where people never get sick.

Our bodies have the most prodigious ability to fight off bacteria and viruses naturally, and completely heal. Then renewing its self every seven years. We are supernatural machines.

This past week, I have had my second Cold since 1994! And it was misery, in that I was cranky, my body is not miserable, I am cranky for I know exactly how and why my cold came on. Observing my actions, course of events and a dose of stupidity on my part.

I was eating unhealthy food, thereby allowing my healthy body to weaken, around many coughing and sneezing strangers. Lacking some of the usual exercise which my body counts on, and working myself to exhaustion. Refusing to rest when necessary. BAM (!!) a tiny soreness developed on the left side of my throat and travel ever so slightly. A COLD was born.

I have not had the flu since my early twenties. When discovering after having a flu shot – I got the flu, the flu shot does not work for everyone. That year would be my last flu episode, as well as for the flu shot. This is my body,I take care of it, for it is the only body I will be given in this life. I can recount four other times in the last twenty seven years, where I consigned myself from the public due to some virus, or bronchial condition; twice in my thirties and twice in my forties. Additionally in 2000, I caught an upper bronchial virus as well as in 2011.

Therefore, having my first cold since 1994 is a shock, first question I ask is: what did I do wrong?  Gaining some perspective of what we accept in mindful or denial behaviors.

While I am not a medical doctor,  my expertise is in observing human behavior, then reasoning the how’s and why’s, coming to legitimate conclusions of human convention.

If one gives any degree of thought to such an illogical statement – that we are convincing ourselves in mass millions, to be seasonally sick, at some given time every year – that is weird and illogical, and yet millions have come to accept such statements to be fact. Subjecting our bodies to seasonal sickness, is perverse!

The next condition in how we humans are obliterating our bodies, by way of the – antibiotic. Many take antibiotics as regular use, without awareness of the debilitating cost to a human body. We are over “Antibiotic-ING” our bodies, passing along a faulty genetic strain to our human descendants which is reaching a calamitous precipices.

We ALL must learn how to take care of ourselves and there are some simple viable ways and means in doing so.

Here are some elementary of how to stay healthy:

1. Diet!! Eat “real food.” Staying away from sugars and processed food!!
(Sidebar!!) Yes, that Chocolate Ganache Raspberry Tort with Mint Leaf Icing on top sounds incredible. You want to stay healthy, have that delight once or twice a year only!

2. Masks!! As in China and other countries, concerned citizens wear a mask in public. Most people are very grateful and understand you are not wishing to spread the germs. Thank you!

3. REST!! The body has broken down, immune system could not fight off the germ, time to rest and get lots of it. People around you will be very grateful, they will not endure your crankiness. ;D4. Exercise: Getting outside, breathing deeply, keeping the muscles toned, socialization are essentials for humans. Walk the dog – ride the horse, attend a Meet-Up other than your job.

5. Video Conferencing!! Entrepreneurs canceling a meeting? We all know about video conferencing. Make this your healthy practice. G+ HOA and many more, not missing a beat of information.

6. Please do not go to your hair stylist and expose everyone for vanity sake.

These simple lifestyles stop the spread of such common ailments. Apathy has developed “the common flu and cold, phrase. Influenza is dangerous and has killed thousands of people “Spanish flu killed over 50,000 million people!

Diet: 70% of our immune tissue is in gut. Stay away from processed “Monsanto” foods. This means everything in a can, rolled in a sausage appearance of a white meatloaf is processed. If it did not come off a tree or out of the ground, or caught out of the ocean, DON’T EAT IT. Including meats. Check to see what your grocer carries, if meats are chemically induced: e.g. chicken, beef, pork, lamb, you may wish to stay away from these products. This does not mean you must go Organic. Many healthy foods are not organic, they are naturally grown without chemical intervention.
Replacements for sweets:
Turbinado is a sugar made from Beets, Stevia, Honey (of all kinds). Once your body changes to natural foods, you will cease craving the sugar and processed food. An orange or mango is going to look delectably delicious. Here is a simple Delicious treat, avocado mouuse: Blend 3 avocados, with mango or pineapple, a small cup of coconut bases vanilla yogurt. This is smooth, delicious, semi sweet, not fat, full of nutrient and you can have it with salad, chips or alone as it comes chilled. Lovely snack or meal!!

Antibiotics: are a global obsession and causing harm. We have a crisis in taking all too many antibiotics, they are depleting our very immune systems which naturally fights disease, lowering the body’s defense system. Strong immune systems are those who do not get sick. There are herbs for healing – and, the old fashion non-chemical Chicken soup with lemongrass and ginger, will knock out a cold or flu. Why, it is loaded with natural antibiotics and antioxidants and it tastes – feels great.

Fresh Air: Open the windows instead of the fake air fresheners – they only mask odors and odors are germs.

I have had a very mild cold for the last week, a good reminder to stick to what I know in living a healthy life. There are many great immune boosters at your local health store. Best cure:
1. Get rest
2. Wear a mask if you must go out
3. Stay warm, drink fresh squeezed orange, tangerine, lemon, any citrus juice
4. Get some great videos (you are not going to want to read quantum physics)



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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sharonna Jan Bailey says:

    Thank you so much for being an inspiration to people! I enjoy reading all your articles. I hope you get over your sickness & May God Bless in your life! You really deserve it. That’s a beautiful photo of you & your horse! How is the weather in Colorado? I’ve never been there but I know it’s pretty! Tennessee is finally getting rid of all this snow but my husky is upset because the snow is gone! Take Care & I wish you the best of luck always!


    1. MicheleElys says:

      Sharonna, First Thank You!!! Always nice hearing from you.
      Colorado has all the seasons. It gets cold and the snow falls and then in a day or two all the snow is melted except the mountains.
      We have beautiful blue skies, with fresh air that fills one’s lungs with energy and healing. Colorado also has the large and small cities, the mountain towns, over 300 Sunny days a year and (!!) it is an entrepreneurial state. The mountains are majestic and inspiring. The storms are remembered, always. The people are healthy, mostly very well educated and friendly. And LOTS of GREAT restaurants with top chefs – fit for any gourmand from around the world.
      The state is kept clean, although oil is drilled and there are wind energy farms, we do our best to protect the wild life. And wildlife is abundant here.
      I have been in the presence of mountain lions who issued a warning and walked away with my dogs unharmed. Two grey wolves with piercing amber years as they walked onto the mission after connecting gracefully. Eagle, a myriad of eagles everywhere.
      I have walked with elk, white tail deer and antelope and met some rattlers along the way. After living on 3 continents, Colorado is my home!
      I wish you a loving life in Tennessee and that your Husky finds some snow to play in and be happy, both of you to be joy-filled.
      Thank you… ;D MicheleElys


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