Get the Tutorial,

Forget the below! Mom just really SCREWED up her blog again!!! I farted and left the room to go outside while she figures this out!

Finally I got to go play; Mom found some kind of Tutorial and is organizing the blog. Well, she is learning and it is looking better.



I got to play,,,,, see that ball, that is my ball and it bounces all over the place. It’s hard to catch, but I got it! I did! I got the ball.

Mom keep a huge basket of toys for me along side my soft bed. Sometimes I get on the furniture, but it’s not Mom’s we are staying at someone’s house cuz Mom wants to move all of us, you know those big big dogs – that when I zoom around their feet (when Mom is getting the wheel barrel of hay) I nip at. If I get caught, OH Man am I in trouble!!

Here is a picture of those huge dogs, they do not bark or OOUU OOUU as I do, this makes everyone in class laugh (we go to and I get to go everywhere) cuz they think I am suppose to just bark instead of talk, dang humans, they have different languages – so do dogs! They do not know how to catch a purple Frisbee. Image Oh back to those really big dogs, they whinny and knickers and some other stuff I really can’t repeat, they fart too. I mean really big long farts when Mom is brushing them. And they can’t catch purple Frisbees – but they do run really fast and kick up more dust.

Mom never tells them to leave the room; well they are not in a room they live outside. I wish I could be outside like them.  Hmmm, maybe not then I can’t get on that chair and sleep.

These guys get brushed and fed grass, long grass and some kind of grain. Then Mom puts a saddle on them and go away for several hours, a long time, and they all come back really sweaty!! You should see their faces when Mom pulls out the water hose to give them a bath. She squirts the hose in their faces and their entire bodies. Sometimes they do a dance, just stepping side to side, not very talented. Haha OOOUUU OOOUUU

I don’t need a constant lead or a head gear, it’s called a halter. I have a collar with special phone numbers.

Well it’s time for a nap, this was exhausting. I don’t know how Mom can write for hours and hours then she gets on a treadmill and runs! Keep telling her, we can go to the park – not when it rains, I am afraid of storms.

Hey she just looked over at me, maybe it’s time she is getting off the computer and I get some attention. OOOUU OOOUUU

You see, I am more special, I have a job! My title is “Service DogImageI get to go into restaurants, Galleries, in grocery stores, to classes where if the grown~ups and kids ask my Mom, “can we pet your dog?” I get to play, roll on the floor and OOOUUU OOOOOUUUU. See here I am talking to the camera. OOOUUU OOOOUUU!!

Well that is my story, Mom is working as always (for 10 hours and more) on the computer; her fingers fly over that keypad. I hope she is getting this web stuff figured out. She was almost in tears the other day thinking she lost some writing. Don’t know why all this is important. It’s more fun when she goes to the café and work, I get to see lots of people and eat the food that falls on the floor. I really think people toss me samples without Mom seeing it – or does she, she does smile then moves me under the table.

Well it’s fun being with Mom, my first two years were not so great. Those people kept me in a cage most of the time, Dr. Labonde told Mom my teeth were worn down from me gnawing on the bars. Mom puts me in a cage and in the morning I get to jump on her bed to wake her up, she smiles and says “good morning my baby girl!” We get to meet lots of people and travel, I am told we are going back to Colorado, guess she is looking for some place for us to stay for a few days. I even get my own blankets in the car and sit in front for long trips, this makes me grin as I watch the trains and other dogs in cars we pass. I guess Mom’s car is faster, but it’s smaller for sure.

Life is good with this Mom; she smiles at me and gives me treats, and some days when I stay in a house she brings me new toy.

OOOUUU OOUU time to go play! Thanks for helping her if you sent her a note of “get a tutorial” and learn computers are easier than MacroMedia.
Oooouuuuooooouuu a new Toy!!!!
Sweet Sadë


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  1. Storm K says:

    Sweet Sade, has a great out look on life because she found a mom, that loves her as family and as a dog. And family includes all that mom considers to be family, she is very excepting and protect of her family, just because she is family.


    1. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you Storm. Sweet Sade is a very special canine!!! Not often does one go to the humane society, find a very special personal dog to be trained as a Service dog; she is very special and I am so honored.

      Thanks again Storm, glad you are enjoying the reads.

      Have two more to post (first finishing editing) Hope you enjoy them. Tata for now


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