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Everyone is so awesome on WordPress. My mom needs a good tutorial please!

And now she actually deleted her introduction and a new article, can’t find it in the trash! YIKES

Today she trashed the entire Posts, Archives & RSS column. (Fart) going out to play and leave her to figure this out. She was great on MacroMedia. Is this easier? She is good with hard stuff (fart, dang horse poops!)

OOOOOwwwooooffffhelp her!

Worse she deleted an entire Category while attempting to merge the same two categories. She has more writing to catch up with. Ode to Wiyaka’ska needs to be re-written. I think she needs Xannax!! Well she sat down today and started to figure it all out. Mom rewrote the story, append it to the front page, this only took 1/2 a day to figure out and we are on a role.

All she knows is to write stories about people, but worse she deleted her own front page! OY VEY (with an Aussie accent!!)

Wrong Things Gone Right is now missing and WordPress does not seem to have the original backup. WOOFFF how can a brilliant Mom screw up like this, she is worse than my FARTS!! after eating some junk found in the Dog Park!!

Well it’s time to go run and nip at the Arabians’ ankles, Mom does not like that I do this. Maybe I will be good today, cuz she lost her primary page and I think she was about to cry! She said WordPress says it doesn’t anymore and she can’t find even a draft copy. Wow – wonder why she writes on computers. Her HP computer crashed and that one does not work for her movies (last night) and now she deleted without knowing her first page of Wrong Things Gone Right.

Hey, Woof woof, maybe someone saved a copy of what she wrote, cuz she had a stupid attack and did save the Word.com on the computer. Dumb – and she says she trained me to be the service dog. Yeah right, who keeps who calm?

Well my name is Sadë, and you can help her, I would really appreciate, cuz maybe she will remember to feed me dinner and forget I already had lots of treats 3 times today. We went to class, Shakespeare. I don’t know what the deal is with this dude, he talked funny, but all the people there seem to really get a kick out of it, especially those who studied psycho-babble! Analysis analysis, really I would rather be running in the park, chasing a bunny rabbit or two. I know I will never catch them, that is not the point, its the RUNNING!!

Off to the Arabians…………woooofff woooo ooooo