Working Furiously & Feverously on 3 Articles…..

ImageHi Everyone!

I am sorry, time has gotten the best of me, but I do have THREE biggies to publish.

One is about abuse in the homeless genre and community, the power and misuse there in, by directors and other workers.

Lack of communication and threatening individuals and child abuse. As I stated with the last article, there is more to come! It might be good, that my desire is to leave New Mexico!! And there are a couple nice short and long stories. As always, true to life – warming your heart and making you smile.

One wondrous story about …… TaDA!!!!!Image

Sammie Kewl Kat, the life of and survival to become a great Kewl Kat.

An incredible story, better, he is still alive.

Next, a  story  about a dog and two owners; guaranteed to be a kleenix/puffs moment. Sometimes life will throw great curves to be enjoyed and then there are other egregious humans that shake our heads.

Either way, I am here to rock your senses about online dating, institutional negligence, use of power and the wonders of nature.

Stay tuned and again my apologies for being a wee bit behind in publishing.



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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Writer/ Keynote Speaker/Educator/ Neuro behaviorist/ Social Architect. Educating Innovative Solutions for Human & Animal wellness in servitude. Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery modal for Trauma/TBI Improvement to Recovery and maintenance for post concussive syndromes, PTSD and Transient Amnesia.

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