Heart Break

I thought I found him!!! At the last minute the truth was revealed.
He was on major pain medication for arthritis and hip dysplasia. Along with a broken heart that his only owner, a lady, had recently died of cancer.

I love my Rottweilers dearly. A breed of high intelligence, loyalty, LOVE, powerful (this is A LOT OF DOG!)

Definitely not the dog so many movies and TV shows have displayed, with an abomination viciousness. Rottweilers are gentle with children, great service and comfort dogs, due to their muscular size, their hearts are larger than their average weight of approximately 100 pounds (give a few under or over).

When I read the meds and spoke with my vet, my heart RENTED!!

Getting prepared to drive a round trip of over 2400 miles to pick him up. Hearing the news, the rescuer has given him to another woman first, then he was returned – stating “He is too much dog for me.

The Cane Corso was a direct descendant of the Rottweiler, both dearly

loved and LARGE!

Yes!!! Rottweilers, even the 80 pound Rottie are a LOT OF DOG!

They come with a 3000 year plus history, bred through the ancient Molossian hound, a breed of large dog in the ancient kingdom of Molossis, in the region of Epiru. Molossus Mastiffs, which are 15 varieties, some extinct.

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