The Gift Of Four Legged Angels By Upalparna

Upalparna writes from India of her Devoted Love for Dogs!

She teaches us continually the Loyalties and Love from our Four Legged Ambassadors, the richness of life:  An Emissary of Acceptance! In Upalparna’s words…..


Let me start from yesterday.

I walked down a lane, once visited regularly.

A lane that led to the previous publication house, I worked for 9 years.

Nostalgia sets in every time I visit there.

As I stepped closer to office, I stopped to have chai tea at our favourite tea shop.

I felt a nibbling on my toe, and turned back, with a startle to see what it was. My eyes landed on Oscar, a 50 day old baby Labrador. Love at first sight; my Valentine was fulfilled.

That’s what happens when I befriend our four legged best friends.

For the next few minutes and hours, Oscar was roaming from one lap to another, including mine.

Oscar was abandoned on the footpath when he was only a few days old. His eyes were yet to open then.

The owner of the tea shop found him in a corner. A goods shop close by, adopted Oscar. They realized that the little lab had a disability on the left back leg. They did not hesitate for a minute to adopt Oscar.

When I asked them about how he reached there, I was told this incident. Oscar was abandoned on a dark cold night by his original owner for the disability, and left to die. However, the cruelty of the owner did not win and Oscar was blessed to find a home. Or, I would say the family who adopted Oscar, were blessed to find a bundle of joy.”

Whitish in colour, Oscar stayed in my arms for several uncountable minutes. I fell in love with him instantly.

This was yesterday, but my love story with dogs started from as early as I was only about 4 years old. On a rainy day in kindergarten, I was found missing from the preschool I went to, very close to my paternal house.

My parents were informed and there was panic all over. I was told that they found me at the backyard of the school premises, cuddling stray dog babies, covering them up my skirt to shield them from the rain. I hardly remembered anything about that incident. However, I had a very vague memory about that.

The love story never finished ever. All through, we had strays all over our house, time and again.


After my marriage, the love story with these loyal beings continued to the new place I started staying in. Finally, my husband adopted a black Labrador, already 1.5 years old then. A friend of him was leaving India and contemplating on handing over ‘Buddy’ to a dog crèche. My husband bought him home as a surprise.

Buddy left us in 2014, a bit earlier than expected. We lost our first baby! The sudden death of Buddy will haunt me forever.

However, we instantly adopted Mishka – a golden retriever & Mojo, a black Labrador. They are 4 plus years old now.

Strays all around continue to share a never ending love story with me


Take me or leave me. Writer, communicator, traveler, gypsy, listener, dreamer, photographer, motivator. There’s more to me; I run and hide and play and fall, Twist and Turn inside and out. Life is the way it is. I am the way I am. Born of a simple middle class background,  raised in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I am hopeful my country and my city will grow out of the shadows, a hindrance in its development. To know more about me, visit meEmail , BlogspotLinkedIn  ©All copyrights Reserved by Upalparna Dey

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