The Remarkable Dog!!

How many times have you heard someone say: Dogs are Loyal to the end, I miss his warm Eyes – I love Puppy Breath – My dog loved me unconditionally, that is all I have ever felt from my boy! 

 My dog accepts me for who I am – I am damaged goods; she loves and comforts me when I’m having panic attacks.

My dog never Yells at me like my Mom does!!

I love coming home every night; their tails are waggling their butts, their smile is welcoming after a hard day of work. 

Do we wish humans could occasionally greet us with such amatory love?

Over the last century we humans have created out of our anger and greed, violence in breed of dogs. Once known for centuries as “The Nanny dog” the loving Pit Bull.  In the past decade or so, in many areas we have Pit Bull bans. Could we ban some humans as well?

Most all Pit Bulls I have known, are more loving than many humans I have met!

Dogs are set up in steel caged pits to kill each other. Is this the same mentality of those who travel to other continents to shoot large game animals, hang their heads upon their home walls and say, “Isn’t he grand, see how large that Buffalo was, I shot him myself.”

Was the Buffalo not beautiful grazing with its herd on open grassland?

Those who violently abuse dogs, might receive a 2 year volunteer sentence, or lesser remunerated  sentencing, after all, “It was only a dog they set on fire!” Why don’t we ban these people?

Dogs must have shots and licenses to prove their validity of life; maybe it could be the other way around, have humans have varying licenses, after all there are less humans than dogs in this world. 

 We all require a soft touch, a soft eye while listening to our ordeals, smiles with others in person over tea and coffee, sharing moments past and dreams of our future. A dog will guarantee love no matter the place or if there be tea and biscuits. [a nice YouTube to watch]

Each of us will grow older and we will die, that is a given. During the years of life, I want to share a greater portion with my dogs, my Arabian horses, my cats whose tummy comforts my head with it’s purring and rhythmic breathing. The birds whose beautiful song wakes me at sun up and my Sädé by my side.

My Umbrella Cockatoo Socrates would come down from his huge cage, nibble at my Rottweilers’ tail, then stepped back with his crown feathers perked. My Rottweiler with her sleepy eyes might say, “this game again,” and went back to sleep, only to have Socrates, continue this play for an hour.

My first Rottweiler, Seybrook Von Tavish (yeah me and names), if she found a kitten, or abandoned puppies, any animal baby, Seybrook would come into her milk and nurse feed, there were no prejudices.

Dogs have a rich history all beginning with the wolf. And what have we given in return? We humans hunted the wolf to almost extinction.  Must we have cattle or sheep for ranch profit only? Can we not share this earth with other creatures?

Cattle are slaughtered with opprobrium violence for their meat and hide, is that why we killed the wolves?

In Yellowstone Park there is a continual monitoring of the wolves. They brought back a natural balance through their hunting of other game, thereby the grasslands are not over grazed.

Their song in the night is beautifully haunting, singing of life and gatherings their packs. The wolf leaders – alpha as they are called, always run the back line to ward off any potential danger. Do we have human leaders who care this much?

They care for their Pups and school them for life. Wolves have an extended loving family and take care of their elderly. And for this they were almost killed to extinction?

We now have wolf sanctuaries to protect a few of wolf species. Is this how we shall govern what wildlife we deem fit to live? Or in concret Zoo cages?

When will a human be as loving as our dogs and have united families as the wolves?

Facts: Each year, approximately 1.5 million sheltered animals are euthanized, about 670,000 are dogs. And yet we still allow Puppy Mills and 1.2 million puppies are born daily.  around our globe.

Will they find a home, a store, or a shelter? Facts: Approximately 3.9  million companion dogs enter animal shelters nationwide every year.  Will they be euthanized because we do not have affordable spay and neutering?

Evidence show, roughly 40% of house holds relinquish their dogs – some are taken to shelters, some are taken to forests where they cannot survive. Horrifyingly, too many dogs are chained to a yard and in winter not given shelter nor liquid water.  A homeless person never relinquishes their dog or cat or bird; it’s family. Yet they are not allowed to adopt!

And what about those adoption fees? An average income family with two children cannot afford these fees, but would give a dog or two a great home.  And those questions adoption centers insist on asking. I lied on my application for my Sädé, the expectations were so rigid. In two weeks of training Sädé became a registered service dog, now 13 years later I went back to tell the adoption center the truth, of how I had to lie on my application and here is my Sädé a registered Service dog.  As the few humans stood stunned, one young woman said, “thank you for adopting from us and giving another dog a loving chance.”

I wondered why my words were not poignant enough to sink into their hearts or minds

Some areas force surrender of these dog and euthanize without permission.  Last years news [2018],  a homeless woman in the UK had a Pit Bull. The Pit Bull was her only family, the only being who didn’t care if they were homeless, the Pit Bull was her protection. We make life impossible for people who have fallen on hard times! Why??? And then kill the dog, What did this accomplish except more heartbreatk??

Dogs give their entire lives, filled with love, loyalty and complete acceptance. Do we humans give half as much?

In The end: Give your Dog a wonderful life and be with your dog in their final moments!

Enjoy what I share in Knowledge with everyone. Thank you for Donating through PayPal!!

Sitting down with a new friend she asked about horse therapy for children. Honestly, one does not need to have had loss or anxiety to require Hippo Therapy; horses give their earnest heart wherever necessary.  It is of history, Socrates spoke highly of Hippo Therapy.  Equines are a loving relationship, just as dogs are.

 How many humans do we see walking into hospitals to visit other dying humans?

Stories of service, comfort, saving lives, all behavior and instincts animal offer. Photos are highly recommended. I do use first names and the animal/s names. Send any animal story to, 500 to 900 words. If chosen to be included in this years book, you will be notified. 

He lives in New Mexico will your help join us? Thank you

My Next Service Dog and Educator!

All my Service dogs  have worked along side with me, educating others the instinctual comfort, emotional support and service animals are to humans. Also, this saves many domesticated animal lives! Most service animals are from rescues and humane societies.


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Dedicated to My Loving Sädé!

8/15/2007 to 3/18/2019

In Loving Memory of my Devoted Service Dog



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