Killing Earth!

We are the only creatures who live upon this Earth that destroy the very planet essential for our survival!

There is no planet “B”

Humans will suffer later ~Marine life laments & bleeds the scourge of our disrespectful plastic waste NOW

Do We have 5 years!      NO!!

IN our oceans, the marine life cannot differentiate between floating plastic objects or food. Jelly fish float in the ocean are similar to plastic floating bags. Colors do not show in water currents! This entrapped seal has succumb to a deadly trap from our human unconscionable lack of proper plastic disposal. One of 1000’s which are killed each year, from starvation and ruptured bladders, due to human plastic consumption and waste, this Seal’s life was saved.

Mountains Trash we call Landfills


Here is one of 1000’s of oceans sides where millions of tons of plastic debris is dumped, causing a death threat to all marine life.

We thought the ocean could contain our garbage, it Can NOT!

Horrifying facts – OUR SHORE LINES! In the US alone, every year, we produce 63 billion gallons of oil to supply the US with plastic water bottles; 90% are used once, and tossed away.

According to the Container Recycling Institute, 100 billion plastic beverage bottles were sold in the U.S. in 2014, approximately 315 bottles per person. Only 21 per cent are recycled.  

There is no more room for our human trash! WE will not have a planet to live upon if we continue to abuse our earth!!  A Human “Careless Epidemic!”

A MOUNTAIN of Plastic Trash! The front loader on this mountain of plastic is barely visible, Operating Weight, 34,678.7 lbs, minute in comparison to the visible plastics it attempts to move daily, and WHERE to?

  • Annually, approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. More than one million bags are used every minute. With and average “working life” of 15 minutes
  • Over the last ten years we have produced more plastic than during the entire last century. There is now More plastic than plankton existing in our Oceans and sea, our marine life are being tortured to death! 
  • A research from the last 2 decades reveals 100’s of cetaceans, including 80 odd species of whales, dolphins & porpoises are being sickened, dying excruciating painful death by marine litter.



Worse the poison continues from our daily products: Plankton and Larval fish now eat mircoplastics! Microbeads as used in “facial scrubs, toothpaste & cosmetics, which have become significant source of the ocean mircoplastics.

  • Over the last ten years we have produced more plastic than during the entire last century .
  • There is now more plastic than plankton existing in our Oceans and sea, our marine life are being tortured to death! 
  • A research literature from the last 2 decades reveals 100’s of cetaceans, including 80 odd species of whales, dolphins & porpoises are being sickened and dying excruciating painful death by marine litter.

Bryde Whale, ….were you one of its Killers?Large dwelling mammals, such as Whales feed by sucking up whatever is in their path, taking in, 100’s of gallons of water, they express the water through their gills, nourishing themselves on krill and tiny fish. They do not have the ability to identify the difference between krill or microplastic or human garbage

We are Killing Earth and all Living Creatures! Our Human Pestiferous!

Baking in hot sun on rock is slow persecution!

Do you love Beauty of our Oceans?

Or your Plastic Water Bottle more?

Is Convenience more Important?

Or a Planet to Live Upon for a life time with clean air?

Turtles eat Jellyfish and seaweed.


Is it Plastic or Jellyfish?

How are they to know the difference?


Where is the next meal or next excruciating death?



Consumption of Plastic is Deadly!

Do we offer Freedom to live freely in their own natural habitat?

We human must be Deliberate in action saving our Marine life, and become Meticulous Stewards for our Oceans & Sea life!

This scuba diver has saved a large turtle caught in netting & plastic, will the turtle survive its life span of approx.. 150 some years or be caught in our growing polluted ocean once again. Their fate depends on us Humans! 




Fisherman’s Line & Netting?



We  are Killing the very Earth ~ which is  essential for our lives to breath the clean air? What colour was that air today as you traveled to work or play?

Lonely Whale

“Support a Healthy Ocean”

Killing Marine life is Killing Earth!

A Seal Pup almost drowning, screeches for their mother! This Pup was cut loose by divers!

A Sea Lion fought from drowning, strangled by fisher nets, screaming for life, moments from death after a long struggle. Divers set it free! For how long?

Last attempts to crawl its way onto the rocks! A Seal trapped by netting cutting its body while swimming for food.

Human Kindness always pays with a fulfilled heart!

Death is NOT CRUEL; It is the Days and Weeks – Hours before a Seal Succumbs to their FINAL END!

Least you forget the SUFFERED SPILLED blood! Netting cuts viciously into raw flesh with each move. A young seal succumbs after struggling from impacted stomach and final starvation. 

If an ANIMAL CRIES and we do not hear their bellows, are their CRIES WORTH caring for?

 Another Life caught in a lingering Deplorable death!

Devastated Habour Seal entangled in nylon flesh mangling netting, for months (?) The Seal was set free after given medical attention, For how long?


Stranded seal pup being strangled by fisher rope and twine, saved by divers.

Does it matter which creature dies?

Suffering needless harrowing deaths!

Does this matter to you?


These plastics are all recyclable!

A Dolphin & Turtle caught in Human plastic waste. Do you care enough to RECYCLE

GHOST NETS! a deadly trap for WHALES for they a blind nets
Rescuers untangle a Gray Whale from ghost net off the coast of California.

The Whale Shark will be scared for life. Will another death await?

The horrifying fate of a Penguin! When a necropsy was performed, the Penguins’ entire bloated stomach was filled with bits of hard plastic, undigested microplastics. It suffered a slow excruciating death.

Will you Recycle now? Will you Reuse now? Will you care enough to carry your own

bags. Lessen the plastic consumption! Do these lives mean enough to you now?

A Whale’s fluke severely mangled with netting, cork, barbs:  Divers work to free the whale from certain death.

Many people care about Marine life, be one of them!

Our Ocean is NOT our garbage disposal! It leads to Living Agony. 

This file photo taken on June 19, 2001 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows an endangered North Atlantic Right Whale Atlantic Ocean. / AFP PHOTO /Getty Images. Canadian officials on August 11, 2017 ordered cargo and cruise ships to reduce their speed in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in a bid to protect endangered whales. The move follows two months which saw an average of one North Atlantic right whale per week found dead in the shipping channel.

 We must STOP NOW!

The Kids are overjoyed with their captains’ caring heart

What will you do?  What is being done globally? Final note

June 7th & 8th Canada summit, as the host country, committed $100 million to fight plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, the Globe and Mail reports: Members attending the Quebec, Canada G7 summit, named: The G7 Ocean Plastics Charter was signed by representatives from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Britain, and the European Union, all of whom vowed to join the global fight against plastic waste..

India Will Ban All Single-Use Plastics by 2022 

Both the United States and Japan refrained from signing the charter, Shamefully The United States has announced its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, and reserves on the climate-related language in the Blueprint.”

The G7’s Ocean Plastics Charter is relatively uncontroversial in its demands, echoing what multinational companies and environmental groups have both recognized. And even though Donald Trump refused to sign the agreement, States, Cities, and companies across the US are fighting plastic pollution in many ways.

recycle reuse recreate
This is your earth ~ live here wisely




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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Olatunde Obasola says:

    MicheleElys thanks for this exposé and re-echoing the alarming and agonising plight of this helpless and vulnerable creatures who continue to suffer from the recklessness and irresponsibly of humans.

    Sadly, for decades we have failed to heed the warnings from Scientists and environmentalist on the adverse effects of human activities – fossil fuel consumption, industrialisation, uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources, destruction of forests and marine ecosystems.

    Our actions and inactions has spiral into various environmental issues. The frequency of natural disasters should call for a state of emergency.

    Ironically human survival is hinged on a safe environment and planet. Yet, President Trump’s backtracking on the Paris Agreement, and denial of the reality and danger posed by climate change. This buttresses the priority he places on economic gains and business’s interests. As against caring for the environment and the vulnerable peoples.

    Highlighting the astronomical rise in plastic consumption and the risks to plant and marine life – the need to reduce, reuse and recycle was the focal message of the World Environment Day :#Beat plastic waste.

    Talk is cheap, so we are taking action locally in Ibadan our operational base on plastic wastes and others wastes.

    In Ibadan, dumping of waste in streams, drains and water bodies still persists. The Bodija market is a major spot where waste is generated and a cumulated.

    Under the alliance: Access Development Assistance Africa,
    NEST – Nigeria Environmental Study Action Team, CESDEV – Center for Sustainable Development, NSDSN — Nigeria Sustainable Development Solutions Network and Crux of Africa Ltd, and Plant for the Planet, took the campaign to Bodija Market, Ibadan Nigeria.

    There are positive vibes emanating from our campaign, enlightenment and interactions with the market women and tradesmen. The secret is that we were able to establish a relation between ,’reduce, reuse and recycle, and sustainable livelihoods/prosperity.

    Taking this further we are proposing we proposing a private public civil society to implement a holistic waste management system for the market. Lessons learnt from this intervention would provide the basis for improvement and scaling up within the Bodija market and in other markets nationwide.

    All voices must be heard and all hands must be on deck to evolve a safe and peaceful planner.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. MicheleElys says:

      Thank you so much for a wonderful commentary on the Earth’s calamitous predicament!! And thank you for adding your links. the next article I will be following up with many concerned individuals who have sent links, and documentaries with a greater degree of research in what individuals can simply begin to help affect our Earth and particularly the oceans and seas in keeping our marine life alive, maybe in 5 years to be thriving once again.
      We must raise voices, we are too late and at egregious risk, and we must act in our communities and articles that reach the populous.
      Sincerely MicheleElys

      Liked by 1 person

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