“It is with great pleasure to feature a beautiful writer Upalparna! Her words dive deep into the hearts of everyone, touching forgotten recesses as to rise a Phoenix in tenderness. No matter what subject, its difficulty, Upalparna brings tenderness along with a different view of each subject related to life. In her words” MicheleElys

 rise out of the poison of your love
The venom I drink to my glory
Taking a sip from the glass of blood you offer me
Your love consuming me with poisonous Intoxication 
Putting me in a state of trance
Binding me in love-lost transition
The semi-conscious and complete unconscious
Rising out of my consciousness
I rise out of the poison to entwine me with…
My soul moves out of my physical presence – fading out into ξternity 
I am at peace now ~ with the rain falling upon my barren face   Arousing me with a deep embedded kiss hugging my scarred and burnt soul    I rise out of the poison of your love!
Hands: Beauty shared by Upalparna

“My hands have helped save lives. They’ve provided comfort and reassurance.They look good all dressed up or naked. They’ve applauded and offered peace. They’ve helped me express myself and they’ve fisted themselves in anger. They’ve been abused, cut, cracked and they’ve been pampered, kissed, and carried. Hugged myself when crumbled. Hugged you in love and friendship. I love my hands and the story they tell.” Author unknown



I Twist and Turn inside and out, I run and hide and play and fall.. Life is the way it is. I am the way I am. Take me or leave me. Writer, communicator, traveler, gypsy, listener, dreamer, photographer, motivator. There’s more to me. I come from a very simple middle class background, born and raised in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I am hopeful my country and my city will grow out of the shadows that acts as a hindrance in its development. To know more about me, visit me: Email , Blogspot, LinkedIn  ©All copyrights Reserved by Upalparna

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