The Slippery Slope of Negativity


Let me have my Happiness!

I was elated when given an unexpected act of kindness from Auto Zone employee.


My car’s air-conditioning was barely working. I called my nearest Auto Zone. The young gentleman told me to come in and to see only him.

He walked to my car and boosted the air conditioning, then said No Charge! Telling me canister of Freon was partially used sitting in the back room.

I was slack-jawed and ecstatic! While standing dumbstruck. That Auto Zone gets a great review on google and a new customer, who will send more customers to them.

I had to share my Happiness!!

Leaving a voice mail on a friends phone, a text message returned stating! “Yes good things will come your way. It’s time. Life is full of ups and downs!” AAARRRGGGHHHH

Stay away from Happiness Thieves [Stated by Arianna Huffington]

The slippery slop of negativity comes in many forms, most times as support!

It was not the moment to remind me of the Ups & Downs of Life! It is never a time to remind a person of those Detours in life. We have lived through them and now is the moment to be Happy!!!

The slippery slop of negativity is constant and we all need to rethink in choosing our words carefully when being supportive. Think Happy First, before you say anything!

These downers come in supportive phrase, in short conversation and simple statements that are often well meaning. What these well meaning statements do is, rob a person of their moment of happiness or grief.

Yes, rob us of our grief. When a death occurs, as I experienced recently, one of my Arabian horses suddenly died, I was extremely careful who I shared the news with, for my other living Arabian horse and I were grief stricken. We had to share our moments quietly together to allow our hearts to mend and move forward.

When encountering people who knew of my recent sadness, I employed the phrase: “Thank you for your kind words, I do not wish to talk about it, my heart is broken.”

Making one mistake in mentioning the death of my Arabian, immediately came, “Oh, I know how you feel, our horse just died, and….”

Once again, bowing my head, repeating – “My heart is broken could we not continue this conversation?”

Think before you speak! Are you being supportive? Or taking the proverbial slippery slope downward into a bog of stench and complaints? Statements can rob a person of their experience in healing. And finding their way back through wonderful memories.

If you hear a statement beginning with any of these words, politely excuse yourself, you have encountered a Happiness Thief.

“Remember how tough it was? I understand, my dog just died. Oh I know how difficult it is taking care of your parents for a long term at home; it is exhausting… I went through it for 10 year and……”

Yes, grief leads back to Happiness. When the heart mends, the mending is from the memories shared in life.

Ease into an influential supportive stance:

  1. Be Quiet and Listen! Most important, Listen, Shhhh Listen!
  2. Remember, Happiness comes in simple smiles, a kind gesture [Auto Zone Guy!]
  3. Think of a point when life transformed you, wait, then share a Wonderful Happy time that is relative to the conversation

Happiness is where we all wish to live, the transformational side of life.
We are seeking to uplift and change our moments in life. We are in the pursuit of Happiness, as stated in our Constitution. Ideas lead to expansion of our world and knowledge.

Together We Thrive in Augmenting our Life Moments.

Visionary Elon Musk enthrall us with his ideas. Elon Dreams resolutions!  We become fixated listening to his innovations and their magnitude in simplistic form.

Elon’s life is simple: “find an idea, turn it into billions of dollars and then go for broke with a new idea.”

Elon took Pay Pal and developed Space X. He saw our critical dependency on gasoline driven cars, which sparked the idea of Tesla Electric Cars. Seeing our planet, Earth, which is solely dependent for survival from our Sun for food, water, life, and created Solar City. No money down policy, while lowering you utility bills.

Elon Musk is Boring!!

As this story began, it was about Happiness Moment! Let’s all live our Happiness moments through offering a simple act of kindness to others.

Auto Zone employee made my day. Truly his simple act of kindness changed my entire month!!

Making positive choices to turn conversation around gracefully is not difficult once you see you have options. Others leave with brighter faces, an upbeat walk.

We can make a choice to be empathetic while seeing an alternative horizon. This is a great exercise of compassion for ourselves and others.



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