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My Mission – One Idea!

If you can imagine it, you can create it.

You create the image, you can live that idea!



There are approximately 7 billion people on this planet. If everyone thought of 1 (one) idea, an idea that would make their life better, change their life to be enjoyable or more loved – amplified. An idea of something they (you) have longed for or desired to have, wanted for a long or short time.

An idea that will say whatimprove your life.

THEN, take this thought one more step. Think how this idea would improve your family – loved one – or community.

Take this idea and share the idea and how it will change your life and help to change your family, loved ones or community, share this idea with others.

Ask your family, loved ones or friends for one idea to share in the same fashion.   How will this idea affect their life and those around them, and their community. Share it! And see what happens.

All ideas come from our imagination, and that image is more than plausible, you and everyone else working together can make that one imaginative idea into a reality. This idea is to augment your life and others.


Once we begin to share the idea, continue to ask the same of others – ideas that augment our lives and the people around us to have a better life with every thought. Just one per person. These ideas could sweep across your town and state, your country and around the world.

The purpose is to enhance your life and then the person with whom you share the idea. That person does the same and share, continue to share.

Making the world a better place to live and enjoy. Remember, the idea must be one that makes your life better from the start along with each and everyone else that you share with, along with their ideas.

  I wonder if our Planet Earth would shine more brightly in our universe?

Think of 1 idea, share it and see what happens.

“Change your mind, Change your life.”

Cheers MicheleElys