2014 A Year of Change

As I grew up I was of the impression life was continuous, adapting the concept that The Finish Line  is a Starting Point,  seeing new beginnings where we might see only an end is Opportunitynew adventurenew people to meet and better our current relationships.

No moss could ever grow on my feet. In part this was due to being a Military child growing up on three continents. We are commonly known as BRAT – an acronym (British regiment attached traveler) coin in a book in 1921).

A few or so months ago I noticed I was not happy for an extended period of time (some moments were reasonable) – this meant I had to do something about my wayward self. It was time to fully employ the reinventing of my life (that was in formation). A major part of this change is in moving back to Colorado, a state I have always called home. This made me happy and my internal reaction became a watershed of appreciation and gratitude for what I was given here in New Mexico and the thought of going home to a green snowy – wildlife filled state. I became HAPPY! The elation bubbled from my body and streamed through my fingers, I began to write and realized in a moment, I must designate” 2014 HAPPINESS YEAR”

Get a piece of paper and start writing what makes you happy. These happy moments may not be in your life at this time, however once you write them down you will see what you need to change to allow your happiness to flourish. Today, Pets Mart gave me a (free) blue lead I needed for my dog. This made me happy. The older one fell apart and was thrown into the trash. One small gesture made me happy in millisecond of life. I went smiling to meet up with a friend, my smiles made her smile. At the counter I ordered soup with a smile, this made other people smile.

  • Happiness is feeling an abundance of gratitude
  • Happiness is owning my own home with pasture for my horses.
  • Happiness is watching my horses graze outside my window
  • Happiness is when my dog Sweet Sade speaks in her Blue Heeler voice – woo Woo woo
  • Happiness is when others’ pet Sade, she falls on the ground doing the doggy dance on her back
  • Happiness is watching my horses mulling around the barn when a snowstorm fills the evening skies.
  • Happiness is curling up sitting by a blazing listening to the hush of a snow storm.
  • Happiness is waking at sunrise watching the sun wash through the bedroom window, feeling the warm skin of a lover, his breathe on my neck, listening to his voice softly asking – are you awake.

I revel in meeting new people and changing up life. New people have little to no judgments to project upon you/us. In meeting new people, everything is fresh – a fresh start. This is wondrous, especially if we have gone through major personal and physical transformations. Appreciation flows with laughter and smiles. Adding these new people to our lives, bringing them into the fold of our current meaningful friends we currently have. More important, telling everyone how much they mean to us and our lives, what they bring to our lives creates trust and closeness. Give the best of yourself that you are able to offer – BLOSSOM this year.

  • ImageHappiness is watching my horses frolic freely- jumping – tossing their head or hearing their hooves pound the earth as they run home to feed.
  • Happiness is my cat curled up on the blanket at night by my side, warming me through the night – feeling his vibrating purr.
  • Happiness is having many stairs to climb each day keeping my legs and butt in shape­
  • Happiness is friends coming together laughing – sharing in conversation – caring about each other.
  • Happiness is seeing my black cat curled happily in a sunny window sleeping
  • Happiness is being appreciated for your work and told so by others.
  • Happiness is my close reading Shakespeare class and understanding the plays.
  • Happiness is hearing horses in a barn eating their hay in the evening, the crisp night gives way to the earthy aromas of hay and horses as I sit silently listening to the horses.
  • Happiness is meeting new people, engaging in conversation that broadens our minds and open us to other cultures.
  • Happiness is riding my Arabian for hours all year round.

Forward motion – instead of “feedback” why not “Feed-forward”. Instead of correcting all the childhood traumas now that you are in your late 20’s to 80’s why not take the adult you have become and reshape these parts, make yourself better from the skills you already own. Instead of others criticizing, why not see a future idea and become your better future?

  • Happiness is playing fetch with my dog as she beams with bright eyes.
  • Happiness is helping a stranger as they smile with unexpected gratitude for lifting that 20# turkey into the car on a cold winters’ day.
  • Happiness is finding a live Lady Bug in the mid of winter before a storm, bringing it inside to live in my orchids beds.
  • Happiness is air-conditioning in a car during the summer heat
  • Happiness is watching my Sade smile with her head out the car window as I drive
  • Happiness is children playing – laughing with no adult telling them to do other than enjoy
  • Happiness is feeling pleasure eating chocolate
  • Happiness is winning the lottery however small or large
  • Happiness is being paid well for our hard work and the boss that says thank you.
  • Happiness is getting the great career job, the excitement that comes in anticipation utilizing our skills to make this world a better place for others.

“We all need a pep talk, as Kid President tell us on TedTalks.com, “Don’t stop dreaming unless your dream is stupid, then you need to get a better dream. “Journey” If we all are on the same team, lets’ start acting like it. We were made to be awesome!”

  • Happiness is having supportive friends that call to tell you they love you
  • Happiness is trusting – loving – being joy-filled – giving and receiving all our needs
  • Happiness is sharing integrity – humor – honor knowing we have different belief ideals in life
  • Happiness is a loving family – human or fur or other
  • Happiness is being debt free and cutting up those charge cards
  • Happiness is working out, making my body sweat then looking in the mirror with a smile
  • Happiness is a candle light dinner, soft music in the background
  • Happiness is a loving whisper in our ears, a soft kiss on our lips
  • Happiness is a warm pat on the back and a smiling face to gaze upon
  • Happiness is a second and third or fourth chance at getting something right
  • Happiness is being accepted for the simple parts of ourselves
  • Happiness is the bank admitting they made a mistake
  • Happiness is the person you are calling answers the phone with a happy voiceImage
  • Happiness is moving back to Colorado – finding our new home with green grass and trees.
  • Happiness is the flock of blue birds and robins that come in the spring to sing outside my window
  • Happiness is finding a new Hummingbird nest filled with babies
  • Happiness is watching a myriad of hummingbirds feed as I watch through the window
  • Happiness is the sun breaking through the dark clouds after a wondrous thunderstorm
  • Happiness is cute giggle that makes me begin to giggle and then others around me begin to laugh and smile
  • Happiness is seeing a person sitting on a bench soaking in sunshine while their dog poops on the green grass (relax – later offering a plastic bag). Happiness is seeing green grass.
  • Happiness is getting out of bed bare footed then touching the warm radiant heated floors
  • Happiness is a getting to watch all three seasons Downton Abbey for the fourth time, enjoying the relaxation and seeing the nuances I missed.
  • Happiness is a riveting conversation of ideas, no complaints. (this is dedicated my friend Lisa)
  • Happiness is a romantic candlelight dinner flawlessly executed, leaving arm in arm.
  • Happiness is a cute kitten playing
  • Happiness is puppy breath as they lick my face
  • Happiness is opening a window when my dog farts from the new treats I bought earlier – ahh fresh air
  • Happiness is simplicity and complexity – understanding the difference
  • Happiness is seeing an unexpected falling star out my window at night. Walking outside letting my dog do her thing, looking up and BOOM – thousands upon thousands of stars holding brightly in the skies.

Do you have your piece of paper? Start writing – no need for New Year resolutions. Review your thoughts, now write those thoughts and go live your Happiness!

I am, I am moving back to a state I loved for over 20 years, Colorado. My horses will graze on grass – I will be working in Denver and rebuilding my coaching practice and continuing to give presentations. Reinventing from a Finish line to be my starting point.


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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

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