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ImageLife needs to be changed up! This is short and sweet; It is time to Change up life.

New blogs that I am following, more inspiring, more eclectic, more educational, MORE LIFE!

One subject I have been avoiding and that I need to write about is TBI, Traumatic Brain Injuries. Yes, this is a trauma story. Nonetheless it affects millions of people including myself. The aftermath and grueling recovery through TBI is more than possible, it is a fact with innovative findings every day.

Other subjects I love, FOOD – GOOD FOOD. Yes we have the Iron Chefs to watch on TV, but let’s check out Tim Ferriss “The 4 Hour Chef”. Completely out of the Box, there is no Box – he is universal in thought and living. Nothing stands in this mans way of living. His stubbornness is his genius way to adventure in life.

We all can get stuck, it is the unsticking and changing the way we think and view life that opens doors. This means I am changing what I read – there is no TV, rather selective viewing via articles and streaming with writing each day new goals – and how my timing is being handled to accomplish a rich life.

Time to change up! What do you need to change in life. I had a major accomplishment, getting beyond 1/2 dozen TBI’s and many surgeries. This may be in the past for me, but how did I do this. It was an exhausting endeavor, and I did this because I want to live life!!! Live life with all the exuberance and adventure one could squeeze into our short years here and then let the world know about healing, fun, joy, love, my Arabian horse and his part in my healing and my great Blue Heeler and her part. Also a plethora of people who came, helped and left. We all move on…….

It time to Change UP

More to come

Ta Ta MicheleElys