Brainwashed: Use Your Brain, THINK!

Religion- Homeless – My Body and Who’s Rights – Freedom of Speech, Use It. All this in this days’ article: I wish for you to think! Please use your brain to get out of the brainwashed figment illusion we live in. Use your the brain to think; firing up the synapses and neurons, use your entire brain.

Think on your feet, think of all sides of every subject;, expand your mind; think of others’ point of views, expand yourself and your brain and how you see this world. Save those projected limitations that we impose on  others; get beyond these confines and impediments, take a stand by Thinking!l.

Think of some great leaders in this world, you may not like them, but due to what reasons? I can’t imagine, unless you know them personally. But look at the change they are creating for our world. For a second put down that pointing finger of disparagement and observe – Elon Musk, Nelson Mandela, Angelou Maya, Bill Gates/Melinda Gates Foundation and more…. They admit to not knowing it all; they hire people who know more than themselves for this very purpose and they all create phenomenal success for millions of people. Think for a second about these few mentioned and what they are doing for all of us in some small fashion.

Think out of the mainstreams’ context: away from religion and politics, what we think of *being Homeless* and how this factually happens to individuals. Squeeze that box you are in – in different directions. Look at life with a realistic eye and some common sense. Get out of the brainwashed box! Use your whole brain – both sides for a moment and then more. Take a closer look at what we allow in our world? What we justify in our lives, what we ignore and live in abject denial over?

The crimes people commit daily and do not atone due to religious beliefs, or some egregious law such as those in Texas, shoot first if someone knocks at your door cases (remembering a black man needing help and was shot dead before he was asked a simple question, “what do you need?” Free speech is for you to speak you mind honestly! We have the right,  freedom of speech; use it! Don’t make your words complacent or personable to be liked, use your mind and help some of us change these living factors we seem to be repudiating over. Do you think about who is allowed health care or a home – a simple place to live with a roof, heat, running water – is it justified that we are reduced to begging for our very existence? The law, no longer is law, it is based on great arguments and manipulations – a great lawyer can argue justification for any crime.

Then we might traverse onto the use of brain through “chi” and how natural this natural energy, Chi, come to us and we do not observe it,  yet our thinking will cling to a fearful side. Do we make a muck of life or is it the wrong way going right? Do we know that possibly decades later we will discover we did the right thing and yet it was gut and heart wrenching in the moment. Do you know how to live the truth within when all men doubt you including yourself? Is this the deepest recesses of our integrity. The action might leave us hollow feeling alone, unloved, filled with doubt. Faithlessness in ourselves. Listen to such people as J K Rowlings, with over 100 publishing houses who turned down Harry Potter (whether you care to read them or not)!! She believed in herself when all people doubted her, and for moments she had grave doubts but continued with a new form of idea, wealth to give to millions.

What is Doubt? Is doubt the essential ingredient to Faith and its development?  *”Or do we become self righteous and have all the answers, believing in a doctrine”, a moral epitaph that someone contrive (but is it correct and true to facts) about a brave soul who once walked our earth? “Some are overbearing with pride in being so right, only leading to arrogance”  When one questions their own beliefs, stretching to see what truth is (that does continually transform itself) then we question our lives as a whole.

Those who act in violence or state that rape is advocated – sanctioned by some god and a fetus should be born, out of rape. Who are these strangers that seem to stretch an arm of Blood thirst admonishment to those they will never meet? Or kill for the sake of a religious belief – stated as a quest for the greater good; of whom is this great good? Condemn others for a personal way of life that is loving and yet different, segregate them in some “heretical culture as if homosexuality is indecent or immoral.”

Please refer to, Andrew Solomon – Love no matter what.

Politicians decide the medical needs of a complete stranger, a person whom they will never meet or cross by on a busy city street. People are bombed, burned alive, left to die in a streets (as one has seen on UTube a toddler of two years of age, in China hit by a car, left to die as people pass her by with not a glance or concern). We are Blinded into complacency, blinded by the news and media spins. (I must state that Fox News Dust Bunny brains are more of a comedy show than news worthy).

These actions are not moral nor have no basis in religious or spiritual context. We have become misogynist acting in hypocrisy, arrogant righteous bigots. As stated by Lesley Hazelton on (above link). They are militant Blood brothers, not faithful in integrity, rather fanaticism! Extremist who taunt the idea of faith in the name of their religion. Damned be the damned; their beliefs are to relinquish self responsibility and blame, to that which is faith. Their actions are not one of righteous indignation, rather one of Bloody brotherhood. No matter what doctrine you abide by, stop confusing the two.

Faith is an ongoing struggle, continual questioning of what we might know, wrestling with issues of cultures and ideals, continual doubt leading to exploration. Doubt that takes us to the uncomfortable edge of contentment and dangles new, possibly horrors in front of your life’s vision. Do we leap when it is gut wrenching? Some do and life can become unbearable and yet the faith grows; how? Look at those who have lead in the past and some who are still alive; Nelson Mandela for one mention, and his faith and what he endured for 25 years! It was faith and doubt that made this man so great.  Yet we insist upon faith in each other, ourselves as humans and along with faith comes our doubt and questionings.

Yet I look at, if we continue to believe in something outside ourselves that will take care of the problems of our world, our personal lives, feeding the hungry, ignoring the child or woman who is being abused, saying a pray for the homeless people – do you really think a prayer is going to help that starving or homeless (or both) person. They are not soulless! They are in human need, food, shelter a JOB! This all is a delusion of apathy. Do you look upon them with disdain or wonder – what did you do that went so wrong? Deceptive delusion and arrogance if you do so!

It is upon our actions of compassion and caring does our personal lives, and world at large, blossom. Could we see a world of peace, a world where plagues, disease and hunger are eradicated; some believe and are acting in such conscious demeanor; such as the Gates Foundation. This takes action, action from each and every one of us. Make life easier for yourself and all, it only takes one moment of action, one jester of kindness, compassion without pointing the finger of blame.

We would like to think we have great control in life, but do we? Think about all the factors in life for one moment. Health Insurance; do you have a good plan or has this been a far off reach? Are your medical needs met, dental also?  Housing, do you own your own home – or were the school costs, that you thought would bring a great career – still not paying you enough in that job to pay each month in school loans? Do you have a job? Many are told they are over qualified for most jobs these days, but they are willing to work for less to have a job. Was it over qualification or age discrimination? Did you see who got that job you interviewed or applied for?

Now lets delve a bit deeper into what we call religion and beliefs and behavior all over world. A personal piece I will share: a Christian man saw that I have a couple smiling little Buddha’s in my car, and I am an theist. Nonetheless, I like the smile on these two little Buddhas, he asked me “are you Muslim?” What difference does it make I thought. Then he went into a tirade about what he thought of Muslims and the only bearing factor condoning his hatred was, in his words and mind, they put bombs on kids and have them blow up people. Thinking for a moment of his brains distorted views of other countries and cultures and the twisted facts he just spewed.

Unfortunately he was in my car at the time; I was driving us to pick up my horses to board at his stables. YIKES was my thinking internally.  Attempting to give the subject more validity, I stated children are abused all over the world; they are kidnapped, raped, parents abuse them, they are sold into slavery…. Etc…. This man could never relinquish that I might be his “subject of hatred” Muslin. I know many Muslims and Buddhist and some good Christians, Jews, Hinduism, Spiritual and Metaphysical (many whom I do not agree with, but do not hate with such vehemence). This man, well he is well known, he is well respected, but how he treated me for that year and half was an abomination.

This leads me to what we (think or have become complacent in thought) accepting our societies statements regarding Wars! How has the wars affected your life? It has, whether you recognize this fact or not. Health premiums, cost of food, and homes, schooling all have been affect and more. It is shameful we place such an importance from our congress on a women’s body. All those monetary costs and energy consumed, instead of placing this time given efficiently to our War Veterans.

We all know, if we took (just a figure) twelve weekends, outsources to IT – Computer geeks, hired them for each Veterans Administration building. Gave them a portion of the millions budgeted to set up every desk in every building across our nation – within a three month period we would be up and running via computers. Yes, ninety days, up and running, no more waiting for our Veterans, eradicating the belief set before congress it will be another two years. Hogwash!

Scanners could alleviate all the paper work which is now collapsing some administration office floors, threatening to be lost forever in a violent cataclysm, leaving thousands of soldiers not knowing if those were their files. Must our soldiers, who gave their lives for our country – for every person living, every child and adult has profited in some way. Some grieve the loss of a solider killed, worse maimed for life and is not capable of working, earning an income to their household. Do they get disability or are they made to wait until the VA is computerized?  Many more, are not finding jobs, worse their promised job by law was not held for their return from war, the duty they gave freely in service. Another issue is to be not hired for a disability when they are more than capable and effectual. Worse, some do not have a specific degree for their specialties. Hogwash,  all a lie from the business owner, denial, complacency. Now the homeless rate increases and so do suicides!

Homelessness: Do you cringe with fear, or do you pass the homeless with discuss. Are you aware that the person you brushed by in the grocery store, well dressed, clean and personable is homeless? Do you help a friend that is in dire straights trying to make a new life for themselves, maybe hungry, starving who will feed their dog before they eat? But while you are safe in your comforts, they are about to go live in their car if they have one. Do you speak to them and ask “how are you doing, can I help, buy them lunch, toothpaste-deodorant a shower? Do you look at them in discuss or do you offer a place to clean up and do laundry. Are you concerned?  Worried or fearful what will become of them? Jobs are difficult enough to attain with all senses focusing on resumes and interviews; what happens when a person becomes homeless, due to medical costs that took their entire life’s saving or abilities for years. Life obliterated in a few years, that which took decades to build. Where do you stand? Is it compassion or codependency to help another person to get back on their feet?

Where are you fingers pointed? At an agency, the person whose life took wrong turns due to what circumstances? Oh yes, we can blame and blame and criticize agencies, medical system, no computers in the VA, the government, our President, alcohol or drugs. What does this gain?  Blame gains nothing; however taking action does, such as helping one another. Do you know what it takes to rent an apartment these days? Or share a new room mate situation. Everyone is searching for that new person to be their new bank, with pet deposits, first and last months rent with a damage deposit. Who has these kinds of funds in Middle America during our difficult times? Do you know how many children are homeless and go to school each day hungry? Our times resemble the stock market crash of the late 1920’s. As one rental closes, another place may not open up for a month or two, finding the funds are impossible – then terror strikes, they are caught in a homeless milieu.

My brain is dizzy with all that needs to get done these days. One day I almost fell on the floor the pressure is mounting in life. I got rid of my TV, could no longer watch the horror of our world, Greece, Israel, Iran, Wars, disfigure war veterans not able to know, (not attain) rather know if their wounds or injuries will be cared for. Rather I wanted to do – take action, not watch the suffering.

One day in astonishment, someone utter a few words, I was incredulous. It came from a metaphysical person stating: do not use the word “want, need or try” it will lead to lack of abundance. What? A word…….. Are we all this lame that we hang our lives in the balance of some four letter word? As I look around her room filled with Feng Shui items, screaming of her want, desires, wishes and lack. We all want and desire abundance. And there is enough abundance on both sides of the fence – poor and rich! Which abundance are we living? And why? Think, do think!

Last Think of the place you have made in life for yourself. Think about this with great fervor. Are you satisfied? This is beyond having a good life or having an average life, this is deep inside of you, the drive – the determination – the predisposition that you were born with – part. Have you reach this person inside? Are you truly in contact with this person deep inside of yourself or are you still caught in the imagery, the four letter words, and the politicians, those who say you can’t. Can you see flickers of your childhood and how you were in accordance with the person you are now? I want, I need, and I try every day – I work at all these and more. Life is harsh these days and I remember when they were wondrous. Now I work harder than ever to gain some of me, more I want to gain a free mind from the Brainwashed life I was brought up in. I was a ranking officer’s daughter; I was a Sister in a holy order in my early twenties after the guru’s and swamji’s. It all started there and I revolted! My brain, is one of the greatest gifts I was given and I use it to think beyond the rhetoric I am told, now – here I am passing it along to you!

Next thought………….



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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Storm says:

    Thank you MicheleElsy,

    But my tears are not for me, because I learned, through war, that you should be more respectfully of the life you have, before you think that your life is bad, and before you think that you have no reason to live, remember this, the terms of life are simple, you respect yourself, you respect all other life, you respect Mother Nature, you give respect to the things that have a spirit! Most people tend to believe that respect is earned, but how do you earn it unless it is first given through trust. Vets learn this every day over and over again and again, when you are willing to put your life in the hands of someone else as much as we are trained to do, you also learn to protect that other person the same as they must trust that you will protect their life, and in the worst possible and under the worst possible conditions. If you faced this through war, and through the jobs that our police and firefighters do then you understanding about the value of life, and it changes your believe about it and it give you a different value of the term called life, but life is not without it’s cost to the human spirit, life becomes stronger of weaker depending on what you learn from that type of lesson. That is why it’s easier to talk with someone that has faced what you have, then to explain how you feel and what feel to someone that has not!




  2. Storm K says:

    I would like to reply to this but my thoughts only cause me tears and anger, because, I am one of those war vets, with 21 years of service, and I have see and done more then I would care to remember and yet at the same time I can never forget, just deal with it as best I can. My tear are for the ones that I know will not be as lucky at handling there stress and pain, and not because they can not of will not learn to deal with there PTSD. To all service vets. I honor you all!


    1. MicheleElys says:


      I honor them also! I was a military child and my father a great commander, military attache’, commander at Langley and more; he never spoke of the wars he had seen and yet I could see behind the facade the anguish of loss.
      PTSD and TBI’s are subjects I speak on publicly and have worked with 100’s working through the trauma. I do understand. On the other side, I think war is not useful, has not place in humanity and we still have a long way to come to being authentically human with compassion and understanding.

      Cry your tears for your deserve them and some day you will find those memories are not just of the lost and killed but memories that might transform.


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