JK Bridges joins Women In Business Thrive

Here are some successful suggestions from JK Bridges along with her YouTube.

JK, is successful, humorous and downright likeable: Enjoy her YouTube please and do let her know how much you enjoy her wisdom.



By watching the successes of my parents: Mom, an educator of 36 years and 1/3 owner in a successful catering business and my Dad with an Army career of 28 years and a general contractor for nearly 36 years, both of them successfully navigated dual simultaneous careers. THAT, drove my initial passion to entrepreneurship and “teaching” (training). At first thought, I too would walk in our Mother’s footsteps, and for 3 years I was a special education teacher and quickly realized I wanted to teach but a different kind of teaching. I desired to “teach” on a corporate level and therefore pursued Learning and Development and Corporate Training.



  • Co-Owner
  • Consultant
  • Senior Partner
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Associate Certified Coach – International Coaching Federation
  • Corporate Trainer Certified – Management and Strategy Institute
  • Certified Professional Performance Coach – Source Point Training

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