Rebirth by Upalparna

Upalparna writes from India. It is a great pleasure to feature a beautiful writer in Upalparna! Her words dive deep into the hearts of individuals; touching forgotten recesses of Life and Death. No matter the subjects’ difficulty, Upalparna brings tenderness along with a different view of each subject. In Upalparna’s words – with pleasure I present to you Upalparna ~ MicheleElys ©

At one point of time in life, in 2016, I knew I was dying.

I was told that if I finally survived, it would be a miracle.

Whether it was miracle or something else, I am still alive today and doing well.

Nature’s Healing Power

The life threatening issues was like a blindfold. I barely realized, amidst all the chaos, there was something beyond that thin line – of the body and the mind; rose to live again.

2017, I had a rebirth.

Rising up from the comatose state, standing on my legs after months, looking out at the beauty of life, I was reborn.

I peeled off the dead skin with a tingling pain within. I knew it was time to give back to life. I learnt to carry the pain and scars with grace for once and for all.

Thrown to the grounds by life situations, for some time I was stuck in a rut. I was only going round and round in circles. No logic or reasoning worked. The devil, being the parasite, was silently devouring my mind and body. But the will to live, survive and give back to life has a stubborn passion to push through all evil and surge ahead. And I did that, exactly.

There were too much inside me and somehow, at that point, I just refused to be patient. But time always has other plans for life. The moment I realized that being impatient is not helping, the knots started untangling one by one. They still do.


“The Death of Yesterday is the birth of Today.”


The moment I held myself, there was no reluctance. The grip was strong, honest and firm.

I boarded a bus and headed to the hills. Again, no matter how many times I write about the hills, I am never full.

Here as I write about rebirth, deep healing and self-acceptance, I must admit that real life lessons learnt through the path has so much to teach to do it all.

Life gives abundantly, in innumerable ways. Knowing that I was going to die and looking at the faces around me was probably one of the main reasons why I headed to the hills to challenge myself.

The hills, as always, hugged me without hesitation. It let me to stand in front of its grandeur, silently healing the mental and physical scars.

After the long trials in the hospital, I wanted to take a long deep breath. I did just that.

The hills embraced my pain. It let me cry out loud. It let me sit amidst its beauty and ruggedness for endless hours. The hills told me in unknown words and languages that it was time to set my soul free. It was time to fall in love with life again.

I get a calling from the hills quite often. I am assured that I can bare myself amidst the hills.

Life stands tall in front of me, giving abundantly. It never ceases to give. The lush green forests, the reckless growth of trees and the full bloom of the wild flowers – hills have untold stories, hidden mysteries and untrodden paths.

All this will never stop unfolding the mysteries of life, offering futilement, one moment at a time.

Real life lessons to take back home. I missed going back to my love story with the hills. I was again getting impatient, being thrown to the ground by situations in life. And that’s when a few friends shared their journeys to the hills with me. They kept sharing pictures, live videos and I forgot that I was not physically present.

The patience set in. The job anxiety faded away with the mists, the financial crunch took a backseat and I rose from the ground, from the basics and remembered that I had a rebirth. That’s what life does  – it gives back in uncountable ways.

Two old friends left on their bikes towards the hills. When I asked them where they are heading to, one of them replied, “Heading towards the hill. Rest is unplanned. That is our plan said Subrata Kunda.” there was this madness in the journey which again gave me a reason to believe in rebirth.


Amit was a recent connection about a week back, shared his video of motorcycling trip through the old silk route- Sikkim, India. Amit was a stranger when he shared the video, but we connected instantly through the hills and became friends. A Hill trip close to his heart gave so much to life.

I wish to share this marvel video by Amit with everyone. To me it is just not his trip, but a deep soulful journey we all experience in life.

Anytime I have experienced situations in life when the doors close on the face, there is always some reason to believe that other doors are opening.

That is the gift of life, the gift of giving.


Take me or leave me. Writer, communicator, traveler, gypsy, listener, dreamer, photographer, motivator. There’s more to me; I run and hide and play and fall, Twist and Turn inside and out.

Life is the way it is. I am the way I am.

Born of a simple middle class background,  raised in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I am hopeful my country and my city will grow out of the shadows, a hindrance in its development. To know more about me, visit meEmail , BlogspotLinkedIn © All copyrights Reserved by Upalparna Dey


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