#JOBS #JOBS #JOBS run the world economy and there are millions of jobs, one has to look in the right places and get on mailing lists.

An article written by Daniel Roth Editor in Chief of LinkedIn recently published: LinkedIn Top Startups 2018: The 50 most sought-after startups in the U.S. These companies are all hiring, some in-house and many remote jobs.

Also listed, check out all these links for global jobs: LinkedIn Top Companies list Canada, Australia,  GermanyBrazil and India, and stay tuned — we’ll be unveiling lists (states Daniel Roth) for the U.K. and France in the coming weeks. Connect or Follow Daniel Roth on LinkedIn for weekly updates on all these jobs.

Key people to connect with, some having best selling books, others follow their blogs and videos; here are a few and direct links

Brigette Hyacinth,  Author of  Best Seller; “”The Future of Leadership: Rise of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence”” Website:

Liz Ryan,   Founder and author of Human WorkPlace Blog, features articles on landing that job, how to search LinkedIn and companies websites to reach key people.

Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES, Writes multiple posts weekly on varying degrees of resume writing, getting into see key people and landing positions.  website:

Rob Deptford, Professional Career Coach. I know Rob personally and can say he is one of the most down to earth authoritative and trustworthy coaches I have met on LinkedIn.

Chris Walls #TheFreeKid, excellent for video education and #JobAppVideo

Entrepreneurial Leaders to follow from around the world, such as Hammed Kayode Alabi, who started from poverty and never stopped. His stories will dumbfound you, most recent “SKILL2RUALBOOTCAMP


Other venues for job seekers:

Listen to local and international TedX and TedTalks. Their innovated speakers have companies, look up their Dot.coms. Colorado local, Patrick Bultema founded and is Executive Chair FoodMaven. Being an entrepreneur his research found “”40% Of Food Grown In The U.S. Is Thrown Away — Here’s A Solution””

There were so many resumes sent to FoodMaven, it was overwhelming, “it took weeks to reply to every person.”

Be different, read about a company and imagine yourself in the role of choice, become that employee at that job. Find the hiring manager as Liz Ryan suggests, send a short letter of how you are taking on the position, as if you are already an employee. 

Sign up for Job emails

Here are some positions listed in an email sent from National Conference of State Legislatures – Denver, Colorado – Washington, District of Columbia. Signing up is rather easy: For a complete listing of available jobs, visit our career site

Committee Director, Budgets and Revenue (BNR)
JOB TITLE: Committee Director, Budgets and Revenue (BNR) PROGRAM: State Federal Relations LOCATION: Washington, D.C. SALARY…

Committee/Policy Director – Financial Services & Interstate Commerce
JOB TITLE: Committee / Policy Director Financial Services & Interstate Commerce PROGRAM: State Federal Relations LOCATION: …

Research Analyst II- Health Program
JOB TITLE: Research Analyst II PROGRAM: Health Program LOCATION: Denver, CO SALARY: …

Hospitals need more employees than surgeons; from accountants, utility management to CEO’s. Non-profits need innovative thinkers. Government jobs – city to state all require a variety of skills, sign up for their emails. will give you employee perception of the companies and jobs availability, same for Sign up for email job searching that will come to you daily, such as GE Frisco Company, Inc. 

Environmental Jobs!

There are companies exploring all Global regions and the need for Entrepreneurs is massive for a cleaner Earth, Ocean and Air. Here are a few you may research.

Britain’s new deposit return scheme (DRS) for bottles and cans

German Pfand: Germany’s recycling program and commitment ,

Scotland announced its plan for a DRS in September and the Westminster government  plan for a DRS in September

Tanya Steele, WWF’s chief executive, said: “Plastic waste in the UK  Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)

The plastic BankFounder David Katz

CEO, Michael Murray turns trash into transportation

The Earth needs ENTREPRENEURS!

 Love a clean home, office, home? This Method product is amazing, the backstory is even more colossal. Method products are sold everywhere, Target for one, and they are reasonably priced!

Viennese “Beisl” a small restaurant with a nice shady garden, they make their own straws for drinking beverages from Pasta!

 Are you innovative, and wish to work creatively in the “Cleaning of Earth and Good Stewardship”here is a way, if you have a great mind for cooking, eliminating one of the worst violators in single use plastic, “STRAWS” We need entrepreneurial innovation, NOW!

Interested in joining the Environmental Clean up: Study 

Rwanda is one of the very few countries that have ban plastic bags. Rose Mukankomeje, Director General, Rwanda Environmental Management Authority.

We CAN undo the damage we have caused, the earth we inherited can once again be a beautiful bountiful garden. Everything we need for life is here. As in China has found some incredible resolutions. Get on Board!

Our Rainforest is nearly ½ to all the species found on Earth, shelter from sun and wind by the great moist canopy. People depend upon the rainforest for food, and rare medicines its plants produce. Almost 1 acre of tropical rainforest is destroyed every second. Up to 200 species most of which we’ve never ever seen, are driven to extinction every day.


Are you an Architect? Do you like working with idea and innovative people, taking some ideas from other countries and start a new revolution in your own community being GREEN?

Check out some of the designs in China where 100’s of building have been transformed to feed our polluted air, including public spaces and office complexes.

Watch Documentaries such as The Plastic Ocean  if you are interested in Environmental Changes and wish to get involved, there are a host of companies mentioned, study up on them and see if there is a place for your skills. Or if you are community minded, in stopping violence in a different venue as a The Interrupters,  from Scotland to Chicago treating crime as a Mental illnessinstead continued shootings and jail time, which serves no one, there is no cognitive rehab or decreasing violence in prison where TBIs are compounded.

Get on the community boards, studying neighborhood demographics; some adults and children have had no food for days, others no heat or a home. Many factors cause violence and crime. Become proactive, best way to assure you care about your world.

There is a job waiting for you to move into or discover an entire new way of thinking productively in your community, you have the innovation to start the idea and talk it over with a group in a barber shop, as one TedXMileHi man did Theo E.J. Wilson, as he went viral.




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