How Do TBIs Happen??

Over 10 million people are affect by TBIs on an annual basis, around the globe!

Yet, most do not know what to do, nor have an idea as to the symptoms of a concussion or TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury].  In the forth coming weeks, after an  injury – a deluge of symptoms will reveal themselves. Nevertheless, there is much confusion! [pun intended]

Most cases of TBIs are due from falls, as this picture shows, many of us do not recognise the symptoms after such falls, especially of high functioning people.

They MUST get on with their day and mission, while seeming to be oddly fine! 

I am one of these types!; ignored the pain I was in and was completely unaware of my confusion, 14 years ago. Even after some of the people who saw my critical fall and helped me to my feet, and asked if I wish to go to the ER! NO, was my answer [we are idiots]!

Next comes the growing car accidents due to cell usage!!!

A minor whiplash will leave a person with a mild concussion to a serious TBI!

Then we have falling objects that hit our heads, or violence, family abuse, assaults etc.

On the lower scale of percentages are the Arm Forces! This is not to be taken lightly, for many times these TBIs are compounded with PTSD, and others mentioned above might acquire PTSD in time due to frustrated emotions.

What is most important after an ER visit is:  SLEEP & REST! 

Due to the complicated neurological enigmas, medical lack of knowledge, and lesser informed therapeutic professionals not understanding the behavioral process of rewiring the brain, this is all very complex and complicated; few have knowledge in!

Next on the lower scale are sports!  Nonetheless, these are in the Media spotlight, more than soldiers and regular people who fall.

Arm forces offer, [sometimes] their own recovery systems and education as we do here in Colorado through – Robin R. Wininger, MS, CBIS , Regional Education Coordinator, Supporting the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC). Ft.Carson, CO, 80913. Offering free webinars. 

Each example requires immediate attention, most of all SLEEP – REST! REM SLEEP!

Immediate symptoms to watch for:

Unconsciousness: this will be a serious to severe TBI.


Call your nearest emergency and keep your voices low, keep the “panic feelings away from the injured person.” Why?

Although a person might be unconscious, they can feel and hear your panic!! Tell your first responders and emergency call in, you believe the person has a TBI, do not touch the body, make an assessment if you are able, for broken and bleeding areas, or exacerbating bruising occurring. Cover the body if it is cold out, otherwise; Do Not touch or move the body!!

If a person does get up and experiences dizziness, severe headache, or is enraged! Call your emergency numbers.

“Do Not Tell” the person to calm down!!

Sit with them, ask if they would like some water.

Be a good LISTENER! Take notes of behavior or any bruising and what complaints are stated, let your first responders know.

Next: That “A” personality over-achievers (that was Me) types! Horrible fall, in pain and “I got to get into the office, I have lots of work to do and get done, I am fine, just a little pain in my hip and shoulder! UGH!!

We are the worst to deal with!! For these people “seem to be fine for their brain is focused on a mission!”

Make sure this person is comfortable in the office. These types of people will insist on being “just fine!” Check on them periodically.

Watch for, are they standing and walking easily, or are they bumping into walls and watching a blank computer screen. [This was me!!]  Ask them where it hurts and suggest a chiropractor or maybe their PCP. These are mission driven people!

Why I state this, these people are more likely to be a health-workout nuts!! And needing to see a doctor only cramps their life!

Me again, all I thought about was work, getting through a serious financial problem I knew about and my horses who must be fed at the end of the day and my two Rotties and two Cats!  Yeeuuupp Over-Achievers are a Pain in the Ars!

Some people will not lose consciousness! Again, type A’s over achievers! They still could have a serious TBI.

Luckily for myself, it was a Friday and I worked all day, went home to care for my 3 Arabians and 2 Rotties, and 2 cats, showed up to work at 7:00 AM on Monday, watching a blank computer screen!

My co-worker asked me how I was feeling, and then asked about my work. “Susan, I can’t make my brain work and I am shaking!”

Having a “Chiropractor” appointment that coming Wednesday, I continued to work at the Oil & Gas firm for 4 more months. I also had a wholesale Gourmet Food business, which had orders to fill.

My doctor and I fought for Hartford Insurance Co., for over a year; that is when I lawyer’d up. It took 1.5 years to get into to see a professional and start the long process of no one understanding how to handle an Over Achiever with a TBI!

Now, a growing amount of professional do understand neuroscience! Because of people like myself, who come from the inside out, study neurosciences and offer as much information in Keynote speeches, regarding the process of recovery. 

Find knowledgeable people who do work with and understand TBIs!!! Do not settle for less!! This is critical and get profound amount of SLEEP & REST!!

Change the lighting in the house to frosted 60 watt or lower bulbs, all of them! Use frosted Pink bulbs, night lights are to be used at 4 watts to guide through a home only, not in a room. And for some, frosted Blue bulbs help as well.

During sleep and rest time, use earplugs even if it is quiet. While sleeping use a long [14 inches or so] light weight black or very dark color cloth to cover the eyes to induce REM Sleep!

Animals are the best therapy! Dogs, cats and “Hippo Therapy.” Highly recommended!

Horses! There are many knowledgeable Horse therapist around the world.

Riding, activates the entire spinal column and cord up through the brain stem. Reparative therapy! This activity engages the brain in a positive motion.

Stay in touch with well known doctors. Call near by hospitals who have a neuroscience divisions and get references. Especially if the person begins to experience a severe headache, call your doctor or go to a Neuroscience emergency room, call ahead letting them know, you have a patient with a TBI.

Trauma is tricky to deal with and TBIs are agonizing, to frustrating , easily thrown into panic attacks without warning.

A person may lose the ability to express themselves, this is call “Aphasia,” learn to LISTEN Carefully and do NOT interrupt! Over caring leads to more difficulties.

The list of symptoms is long! And the requirement to find knowledgeable doctors and therapist might be very frustrating, for this is a new frontier in learning about the brain and TBIs.

One last mention: if a TBI patient is experiencing dizziness, especially when in bed turning over and or walking, their balance is off.

These symptoms are related to vestibular problems.

The microscopic crystals in the inner ear have floated from the inner ear sac into the inner ear canal. Find an excellent vestibular therapist who has studied and understands the recent findings and equipment from France. Normally this will take only a few visits to stop the dizzies, however, there will be more therapy necessary; not much, but enough to help a person regain a balance in walking.

Remember, “Laughter” is always a great remedy with fresh air!

 March 2018 is TBI awareness month; “Brain Matters!” 


More to come!! 



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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery model for Trauma/TBI Improvement, Recovery to maintenance, Need a Consult? Connect with MicheleElys email LinkedIn, 

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