Inner Voice and Self Doubt!

I have Trust & Faith in myself!

A tiny little voice came knocking at my Inner Door this day,

How does Self Doubt creep so faintly in?

What is this faint feeling?


What of this tiny odd sensation in my gut.

I ought to look deeper and see, what is about my life that needs my attention!

Trusting for many, is an acquired – Learning Factor.

Having Faith in our self, does develop Trust. But what of these moments of  gnawing instinct from my Inner Voice that is not a directive, rather an oddity?

First, how do we develop Faith in ourselves?

An exercise starting with each tiny step, building trust. Learning all the avenues of self. Hmmm, that sounds easy enough; the horizon is clear with no clutter, expansion over a mountain range, what could happen, by all appearances, it is glorious!

The faint knocking continued, for a tiny little problem hit me where I live, my home!! My place of safety; I must find out.

An early warning, simple acknowledgement, look around, am I prepared? For what? Good question. It might be, too much to do about nothing!

Be prepared, again the whispering prodded deep and uncomfortable. Trust, remember long ago when very young, we made a commitment to Trust our Inner Voice. I am confident now, the Inner voice has multiple sides. 

Searching for the greater rung in the ladder appears to climb deeper into the depths of self.  A wondrous Art;  Instincts, Faint warnings, Be prepared something is at your door or on the horizon.

I asked, are you Anxiety?

No, a different instinctual calling do not dismiss the notion.

There were some problems to resolve; this caused a bit of a chain reaction.

The Art of life, handling Emotions.

How do we get to the place of Confidence In Ourselves?

A continual development over years, being aware of our Inner Voice and the Whisper of Faint Doubts.

You want to grow strong, spend time alone! In nature!

Listen ~ Watch ~ Learn

Mindful living, quiet meditation.

Keep your Dog beside you, they have more instincts to teach us, than all the tricks we could teach them.

 Anxiety, how are you to be in my life? “To be Forewarned is to be Forearmed!”

Anxiety is a little Beast of its own; a form of self doubt, from many foul experiences and lack of trusting support.

We confuse anxiety and instincts all too often, here is what to look for: Anxiety and Worry! Very difficult to control, symptoms are: Restlessness, Edginess, sometimes hostility, addictions and more. They interfere with our Inner Voice and Faint Voice of Doubt. Oft times resembling our Faint Voice to Grow.

Causes: ~Lack of consistent solid REM sleep ~Lack of Self Esteem from past abuse or violation, cruelty or horrible words, “you will never amount to anything in your life” we believed the person that ought to have been trusted, [it was their fears and unresolved lack in self-esteem].

 The fear of not measuring up to fit in with the right crowd; but they all dress the same. Ahhh-Ha!! They have Self-Esteem dilemmas also!

~Sensing you do not capacitate to others is an illusion! ~Listening to others telling you how to be, be yourself ~BLEND OUT!

~Constant Anxiety and Worry can lead to “Panic Disorder~PTSD or Suicide Intention you do not want go here! No magical cures beyond speaking to a knowledgeable person, awareness, honorable support and rest, taking care of ones self. Developing inner Awareness!

The perspective of others flounders the real Inner Self.

LISTEN to who? YOU!

Remember:  Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly Einstein!

Testing the Emotional waters to differentiate our true selves: growing in Trust, Confidence, and Assurance.

These are “Opportunities” from negative times in life, may they be long [decades] or short, the roads return with a gift, if you are willing to battle it all out: Confident ~ Self-Esteem byway of Listening to Yourself!



Dang it!! I failed again.

BOOM goes the slightly built confidence!

Second lesson! Self bashing must cease!!

A Monolithic Hang UP!!

We must learn to distinguish between the array of emotions and our Gut Instincts.

Believe In Yourself: Waking in the middle of the night with a resolution and brilliant ideas; do not dismiss these Pure notions. Have a pad and pencil, write them down and return to sleep. Opportunity came faintly while sleeping!

Acting on these small moment builds the Instinctual-Intuitive Voice and Faint Whisper little Doubts grow; developing Faith in ourselves!

There is an new adventure on the horizon.

The small Inner Voice and Faint Doubt, an invisible adventure on the horizon of internal growth. Time to climbed new depths of heights. Time to grow, and expand unknown Confidence. We reach through a haze not seen, internal growth is often a mystery; are we willing?

Ahhh~Ha, more Confidence is Owned!

My Inner Voice and Faint Doubt proved itself, spot-on; especially when I  did not listen, saying to my young self, “Dang, I saw it, I heard it, I felt it and did not trust myself!!”

If we continue the self-bashing what befalls us, our confidence fails, self-esteem plummets into Anxiety.  BOOM, shot my foot, here comes the Anxious voice.There are consequences our brain follows patterns when warning signs appears.  Alarms thwack, like Robbie the Robot flailing his mechanical arms. Enough of a warning from my Inner-Voice to Me!


This little Doubt Instinct is only a message, not loud, telling somewhere there is growth.

Whispering, “I’m here with a message from our Instincts, we need to grow, there’s someplace to develop, it’s not an omen of harm, through our growth, will inspire others. When we climb from adversity, this is our Rebel Call!

No one is exempted.

Life has many changes we will never expect; tossing us curvy detours, sometimes over decades. Out of these times when we listen to the Inner Voice ~ Inner-Faint Whispers of Doubt, as we listen we find, It is ourselves!

A greater knowledge born to us the moment life was created. Our abilities will flourish – steadfast our confidence; life is willing to have us travel every road possible.

Our Fortitude grows as Red Wood Trees, yet never unshakable nor indomitable to crumble.

Be ready for life! Be Yourself – Be Brave with Fearlessness.

Step out in quiet and listen to our self. What is to come will never be seen with outer eyes or heard with outer ears.

Wise men listen to the quiet serenity of life. Our brains remap neural pathways, with new ideas, flourishing to be born. We walk into the creative scenic, where life is ART and begin creating a wonder never seen or heard. This is our own magical sphere, we bring our uniqueness to our world.

Then who am I? Asks the small voice.

Great question? Go and find out!!

Do not tarry about others opinion, letting our self thrive, is our life’s Art.

For what might come now, could have shattered us earlier. Developed confidence, ready to face the throngs of naysayers and negative judgements, a stalwart stance, knowing in Faith of our self and exclaim to the world; I am! I Blend OUT!

We have had millenniums of judgement as to how life ought to be! A climate of unrest with our uniqueness growing, telling us, go this road – it is far different and will expand as you travel, knowledge and wisdom will be your guide.

Confidence I need you!! Travel forward, take each curve, every climb will broaden your horizon. yes we are different, and yet, we are all the same.

Go now and Travel your Life, Says Confidence, we will evolve and become tenacious being our selves.

Fill your bag with Courage, a best friend of Confidence. Be your own teacher. Be Resilient and Adapt, an unimaginable expanding universe is about to greet our new life.

Each rung in the ladder will bring a new attribute to hone, fine tune to your magnificent Inner-Self. There are times we all fall; falling is part of learning to walking forward, climb higher, higher into our depths as it appears in our outer life.

The next detour ahead might well shock us, Confidence and Courage, Faith is our fortitude.

Courage to Listen to ourselves takes a major detour when we are faced with our True Self!

The Courage in discovering who we truly are.  From Denver Mile Hi TedX, I sat in the audience tearing up, excited, ready to jump up with huge applause as all 4700 plus individuals after hearing Paula’s tenacious bravery; a lifetime altering decision! She knew as a child!


Courage, Faith, Listening, all develops Instincts & Understanding our own Doubt.

These parts of our lives will be with us until we die.

My assurance to myself:

I have great Faith in myself and a growing amount of Faith in Humanity.

FREEDOM is our place in life, once we earned – in believing in our selves.

Your Faith  has Grown; Now give your all to the World!


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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery model for Trauma/TBI Improvement, Recovery to maintenance, Need a Consult? Connect with MicheleElys email LinkedIn, 

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