Let’s Talk About Recovery!!

RECOVERY!  is hardly or never mentioned in many cases!

All to often we hear in many health or injury dilemmas: “You have a serious [brain injury], you will need to adapt your life style permanently.”

Would Death be more of an option, bringing a sense of relief from life’s agonies? If we could remember once dead, then to come back to life?

While we live our lives; We want to experience the Joy, Love and relationships, with a healthy painless mind and body!

Why are we not talking about, RECOVERY?

A little history, for All to understand why we have a broken system.  Let’s go back many decades to find where this crisis [sort of] began. There are links provided if you care to read further.

“”And: Promises made of the “Greatest Effort in our History”  in February 1971 President Richard Nixon’s National Health Strategy proposed more limited health insurance! “”

“”The Comprehensive Health Manpower Training Act of 1971 and the Nurse Training Act of 1971,  helping to close one of the most glaring gaps in our present system. –The Congress also passed the National Cancer Act which I proposed last year. This action opens the way for a high-intensity effort to defeat the No. 2 killer and disabler of our time, an effort fueled by an additional $100 million in the last year. A total of $430 million is budgeted for cancer programs in fiscal year 1973, compared to $185 million in fiscal year 1969. And…  –The Congress responded to my statement of early 1970 on needed improvements in veterans medical care by authorizing increased funds in 1971 and 1972,””

“”Resounding in statement Nixon also claimed: This offers every American an opportunity to obtain a balanced, comprehensive range of health insurance benefits;. Second, it will cost no American more than he can afford to pay; Third, it builds on the strength and diversity. Nixon proposed a national health insurance plan built heavily employer private coverage. Senator Ted Kennedy proposed what would today be called a single-payer plan. In 1974, the debate morphed into Nixon vs. Kennedy-Mills vs. Organized labor. [YouTube]”””

We are worse off here in 2017, due to these 1971 principles in HealthCare; egregious escalating costs, less time in speaking with our doctors all due to “For Profit Insurance Companies” starting in the Nixon era.

We think we lack options and alternatives!
There are many options! 
Some treatments are millennium of years old, with legitimate results.

Are you being told about Recovery? Why not?  Answer: Simple, nefarious insurance companies and their million dollar profits, legal ramifications in our medical world due to litigious claims; placing the burden on doctors while insisting on high cost Malpractice fees and less time spent with patients! Adding, an outrageous cost owed from medical schooling.

We live in a Litigious society of FEAR!

Doctors have been under the proverbial gun, while wishing to protect patients, our caring doctors are trapped in telling patients the  worst case scenarios.

Interdisciplinary approach to education is highly important and has been widely undervalued. This is no longer the case, we are changing our thinking.

Doctors and therapists are now LISTENING to patients, with expanded knowledge, from a broader spectrum of Eastern ~ Western philosophies and practices.

Suggesting other medical alternatives and remedies to assuage such habitual side affects as opioid epidemics. The brain and our emotional upsets do not heal on drugs! If the brain does not heal, the body does not heal. Drugs are a tool Only, if necessary.

Make your own choices and speak openly with your PCP!

There is HOPE in your Determination!!

What does work when we want Recovery?”

Dedicated scientists et al, are finding remarkable advances in neurosciences, neurobehavior, neurophysiology and more; listen to TedTalks! There are many practitioners who truly care, learning from multiple Universities and other disciplines, who are dedicated to improved health and well being.

Our brain is a brilliant running engine, a universe unto its own, more remarkable than ever imagined, and we are finding further phenomenons daily. A common word being tossed around, Neuroplasticity has great validity!

Do you understand, you have the capacity to recover from almost all ailments and injuries?

Let’s start with some suggestions:

For emotional trauma therapies: EMDR, Brain Spotting, CBT (cognitive behavior), CNB (cognitive neurobehavior) and more. Our brain, our emotional experiences do not RECOVER on drugs.  Drugs are a temporary tool only, if you must have temporary relief in seeing your brighter future, develop and depend on your own inner strength!

TBI – Traumatic Brain Injuries:   EMDR, Brain Spotting, Hyperbaric Chamber Oxygen Therapy   CNB (one of my discoveries in cognitive neurobehavior).  Vestibular Therapy! Rehab will include and limited to: Dizziness, Inner ear canal disorientation (the microscopic crystals need to be re-aligned non surgically), MS, Parkinson’s, brain injury, pain/joint problems, amputation. Chiropractic, Chinese therapies include Acupuncture ~ Acupressure, Tui Na, Cupping/Scraping Chinese, mosca; all massage related. Adding movement, Tai Chi, Chi Quong, and one of my favorites TaiJiQuan. These aid in heart conditions, weight control, sleep disorders, body pain and muscle spasms.   Homeopathy or Naturopathic practices, the list and options are endless.

One of the most effective therapies maybe in your own home or backyard! Your Dog or Cat (Bird) and Horse!

Hippotherapy! Means, treatment with the help of the horse from the Greek word Hippo.

Hippotherapy – Hippocrates in ancient Greece wrote a chapter on ‘Natural Exercise’ in 460-377 B.C.

An important part of “Recovery” is the food we eat. When we consume food, all nutrients travel immediately to your brain and blood system. The brain communicates with our spinal cord  which is your body’s central nervous system. Our brain is our command center for our body, and the spinal cord is the pathway for messages sent by the brain to the body and from the body to the brain.

I have been through this horror; I know the misery of doctors not lending hope or acute medical knowledge.

Luckily, I am extremely defiant!!

Some of my Imposing doctors ordered me to take DRUGS! I refused and was called a “difficult patient,” words and people do not intimidate me.  

I have Choices, We all have Choice. I know the “Brain is my own pharmaceutical store. The doctors called me difficult; I told the doctors, I am Not here to please you, I am on a recovery track! And I recovered over 100% from all devastating injuries and surgeries.

This final year, developing my own devised maintenance program, working with my PCP who listens to me.

Given my background in research and due to the magnitude of my injuries, I told my doctor, “my cat is “therapeutic.”

Dr. Tiddwell asked, how?

What I reported to my PCP, Dr. Tiddwell eyes, snapped widely open.

“His purring sounds are extremely relaxing to listen and feel as I place my head to his tummy or when he sleeps by my side, I sleep the entire night.”

Dr. Tiddwell eyes widen further, and stated, “You may have something here!”

“Yes, I know, possibly for many who suffer from TBIs, Panic or Anxiety disorders!”

HOPE is for Everyone!

Many individuals, as I have done, take their Recovery into their own hands by reading, asking questions from university studies and findings, or other people who have recovered.

People who have recovered primarily on their own, have inspiring stories, and speak to education and scientific research institutions.  Also, we speak to other non-medical people who are in the throws of recovery.

This is Your LIFE, Your Health, Your RECOVERY.

“How we move on with what we have, making every other skill and talent shine, creating our new mental reality, is Art.”


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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

Concussions are a huge drain in the workplace!” 4-6 week training program relieving the agony of TBIs and concussions. 

Founder of NBR [neural behavior recognition]. A recovery model for Trauma/TBI Improvement, Recovery to maintenance, Need a Consult? Connect with MicheleElys email LinkedIn,  MicheleElys.com 

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