Women Leaders: Acknowledging Differences

“A Legacy Of Women: Pioneers – Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Recently, my friend Tanveer Naseer wrote a great article, Women In Leadership Is Not a Zero-Sum Game, where he quoted, Chelsea Berler, CEO of her own marketing business.

The article is a tribute to women leaders and Tanveer excelled in representing Ms. Berler’s point of business, her private life, which had been the stimulating incentive for success. Many entrepreneurs follow  these ursulafootsteps; “from dire distressed, to success.”

There are only a few successful women as corporate leaders or heads of state; such as Ursula Burns, Sheryl Sandberg, Hillary Clinton, maybe a dozen or more, whom have risen to the top with grace. Continue in these formidable leadership positions, with stalwart conviction, in the face of public grumblings and debasing attitudes throughout their careers.

These few aforementioned women who have held CEO, COO, CFO and Presidential State positions, fight to keep those positions and their sanity! While millions, now laud their decades of work, millions more still begrudge their positions.

Shining the light on Hillary, who has undergone immense public scrutiny, starting when her husband took the office of Presidency. I would see bumper stickers stating “I didn’t vote for her.”

At the time I had to ask the construction men who were renovating a bathroom in my Victorian home, “what does that mean?” They scuffed with a retorted one name, “Hillary.”

Still dumbfounded, “I’m confused, Hillary is not holding a political office position. I don’t understand your bias.”Well she acts like it,” was the retort. When the disgruntled crew completed the bathroom project, I did not re-hire them for future renovation projects.

Upon paying them, I reminded them, their payment came from me – a business woman, my earnings were paying for their time, of which, I the woman who hired them, and not a man of the house, but lady who owned a Historical Victorian home!

I have had the opportunity to be on both sides of entrepreneurial and corporate sector, where I did have a few great men enriching my career. However, the constant acrimony which filled the air silently loud, was shameless. Admittedly more on the sides of my female coworkers. While my assistants were grateful; for I would mentor them in bettering themselves through educational classes and challenging workloads, sometimes with a forced hand in admitting further education would augment their current knowledge. Later they returned with, “Thank you so much, I learned more than I did not know; I didn’t know I didn’t know!” This would exacerbate giggles and “let’s get to work,” from me. However, I could see the advancement in pride and confidence in their personal demeanor and daily work thereafter.

Where did I learn these tools of elevating to accomplish more? Viewing differences as a gift in wisdom. From my father, a great commander and Military Attaché. He was a great leader and politician. I grew up on three continents and my father never told me who to befriend. Allowing me the privilege to grow up independently, in thought and life experiments. Where I failed many times, he would smile, knowing I had learned a valuable lesson on my own.

He taught me a gracious respect of all people; yet never allowing any one person to dismiss my strengths. To listen to others and always take the higher road when life was most difficult. I have failed many times, each time I picked myself up, sometimes apologies were warranted, and I moved on. Being a military child developed a greater adaptation and resilience in every parcel of life.

My father elevated every person that came into his view, engaged them in a conversation, most often they were smiling as they left his side. He was a gentleman of engaging deportment; intelligence, spoke nine languages, fought in wars, flew bombers to free POWs, most of all – he was poised and humble.

He was my father and, I am my Father’s daughter.

Entrepreneurship has its demands; countless hours and continuous pursuit in further education – reading material, others’ articles, and a greater allowance for creativity. We allow ourselves to stretch, fail, regain with agility, move forward, explore, capturing opportunities and ideas when presented. The earning power is up to our own self-worth. Appreciation is often given more readily, for I am not here to dictate to anyone what they know, rather find resolutions and inspire where they are stagnated.

Entrepreneurial ventures is our current and future course in life, and trend worldwide, not only for women, but as a solution to our employment and economic status.

We seek resolution, taking Lemons and turning the sour into Lemonade.”

One example of a formidable ex-corporate fortune 500 HR mega star, liz ryanLiz Ryan. Leaving the corporate world and creating the best of small companies: Human Workplace. Setting up as a human resource coaching team; publishing articles, career coaching – revealing the secrets in obtaining “That Job.” Not getting trapped by the “Darth Vader” black hold – devouring resume vacuum. Instead, taking all her past resources, collaborating with a few and then reaching globally in exposing the old ways, living by example: “there is a change, and change is now, work is for humans and we all must change including the corporations who hire.”

Our world is exploding with innovative people and their ideas. Taking all talents and skills from past experiences and urgently pushing forward. Hop on board this great movement into our own future. There are no allowances for “complaining or blaming.” If one complains – it is their responsibility to create the change they seek. Blaming only creates drama, look for the solution and resolve the problems.

We are no longer a “Me” society.

It is time to alleviate the gender bias, and all differences. A new characteristic point of view will only broaden and enlighten our mental concepts of the world. If a particular idiosyncrasy does not resonate, take the higher road and state “Thank you for your perspective,” add appreciation and poise then move forward, without the antagonism. Drama creates friction, it is unnecessary. Life is enjoyable when we achieve a harmonious interaction with each other, allowing the state of individuality to thrive and work together.

As Mahatma Gandhi stated: “Honest disagreements is often a good sign of progress.” Let us all progress!

We are on a global reach. Life is no longer sequestered to our homes, or little neighborhoods and communities. Each person and their actions have a global affect. Think in terms of the ripple effect when a stone is thrown into water; each action has a lingering ripple of change. Make these changes a momentous ripple, consecrating the “Human factor back into Humanity.”



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About the Author: MicheleElys is a Neurobehaviorist ~ Writer ~ Educator ~ Keynote Speaker.

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  1. Lan Tran says:

    Enjoy reading your article and I admire the ideas of globe effect and life harmonious achievement in women pioneer, leader & entrepreneur. I highly respect of your father great characters.


    1. MicheleElys says:

      Lan, Thank you for reading and appreciating my article. And appreciating my Father ;D


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